Saturday, February 2, 2013

2/2/13 February is sire rating time

It’s February!  As a loyal reader of a number of Saddlebred publications, that usually means the sire ratings come out in the February issue.  As I’m waiting for the results of this year’s tabulations, it’s fun to look back and see who has been at the top in the past. 

2003 – On the cover of the magazine was the gorgeous black stallion, Rifles and Roses.  Topping the sire rating was Supreme Heir. 
Supreme Heir
Supreme Sultan X CH Supreme Airs BHF

Rifles and Roses
Carey's Night of Love X Symbol Song
1993 – on the cover were the stallions of Scripps Miramar Ranch, Sky Watch,Chubasco and Buck Rogers.  Topping the sire rating was Chubasco

CH Sky Watch, CH Buck Rogers & Chubasco

Fountain of Youth X Tropical Gale
1983 – On the cover was Flight Time and the sire rating champ was Supreme Sultan.
Supreme Sultan
CH Valley View Supreme X Melody O'Lee BHF

Flight Time
CH Wing Commander X The New Moon

1973- on the cover was Colonel Boyle and topping the rating was Stonewall Premier.
CH Colonel Boyle
Kalarama Colonel x Abie's Baby BHF

Stonewall Premier
Stonewall King x Our Birdie

1963 – On the cover was Ridgefield Denmark and Starheart Stonewall topped the chart.
Ridgefields Denmark
Anacacho Denmark X Reverie's Desdemona BHF

Starheart Stonewall
Stonewall King x Queen Anne of Windsor

1951 – Sorry, I don’t have 1953, this was as close as I could come.  On the cover was Leatherwood King and Noble Kalarama was the top ranked sire.
Leatherwood King
King's Genius x Kate Haines BHF
see his full brother below

Noble Kalarama
Kalarama Rex x Daisy Reed

1945 – This is my oldest sire rating.  It is missing its cover, but inside, it states that Bourbon Genius was on the cover.  Topping the sire rating was Kalarama Rex.
Bourbon Genius
King's Genius x Kate Haines BHF

Kalarama Rex
Rex Peavine X Nancy Thurman BHF

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