Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1/29/13 Now for the B's please

Finally done with all the "A" horses, so now it's on to those horses beginning with B. All the Bourbons come to mind first, but I'm going to start with the Belles and the Beaus.

CH Belle Le Rose (BHF)
American Born X Anita Auburn
She was a grand show mare and also a great producer. 
Most of her colts were sired by Beau Peavine.
One daughter was Rita Le Rose (BHF) who produced a 
bunch of good stallions. Another daughter was Sister Belle.  
She produced Saucy Eve, granddam of CH WGC Sky Watch.
Sister Belle also produced Belle La Fitte.

 Belle La Fitte
Jean La Fitte x Sister Belle (by Beau Peavine)
I have to mention that Jean La Fitte, bred by Spindletop Farm
in Lexington, was later purchased by my friend Dr. Elrod.
He sired some nice horses for Dr. Elrod, but
long before I was around so I never got to see him.  

 Belle of Grand View
I already included her in the A's since she's out of
America Beautiful (BHF), but had to include
her again since she's so gorgeous.

 Beau Fortune
Sun Beau X Anacacho Princess (BHF) by Edna May's King
He produced Ch My-My, multiple time 5-gaited WGC.
He also produced Broodmare Hall of Fame mares
Crebilly's Plumb Beautiful and Dame of Fortune

 Beau Gallant was a full brother to Beau Fortune.
He produced CH Gallant Guy O'Goshen

  Beau Peavine
Jean Val Jean x Fair Acres Vanity Fair by Lord Highland
(Just mentioning that Jean Val Jean is the lead 
character in the movie Les Miserables.)
Beau Peavine was also owned by Spindletop Farm and
they owned a lot of top mares to breed to him. 
He produced three BHF mares, Abie's Baby,
Rita Le Rose and Marie Bosace.  
Beau Peavine sired the stallion Yekcohs, who was
unfortunately named in reverse for one of his
owners, Mr. Shockey.  Yekchos is the
great grandsire of Caramac., so he
shows up in a lot of pedigrees.

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