Friday, January 25, 2013

1/25/13 Dub's famous tongue

Recently I had quite the shock when I came across a picture of one of my horses on a website.  The picture shows his attitude to a "Tee".  Actually, my daughter just happened to be snapping some photos of him when he was in his stall and caught him with his tongue out.  She replaced the background with a picture of one of our hayfields.  It may not be his most flattering picture, but it did catch his personality.  Here are a couple more photos of my boy.

Dub giving the raspberries.

Dub less than a day old with his Mama.

Dub as a 2 year old just playing around.

Dub learning to drive, by a trainer Dub respected,
took his time, and who gave Dub a great foundation. 

4/7/18  What a shock I received today.  Hopefully, a positive update to Dub's story.  Several months after this post, Dub was sold.  We thought he was being placed in the best possible opportunity for him, but it turns out we were wrong.  Not long after we sold him, we went to visit him and he was no longer there.  Sold again, because "he just didn't work out", without any clear explanation.  I checked periodically for his papers to transfer, but they never did.  American Saddlebred Legacy was contacted by his most recent owner.  Of course, they had no idea about his real identity.  Through diligence and detective work, AS Legacy thought they identified him.  Remember, his papers never transferred, so I don't know what happened to them.  I was contacted through Facebook asking if I could identify pictures of a horse.  I nearly cried!  It was Dub for sure.  Many states away, but with a family that liked him.  We're now waiting for further update.  

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  1. I found his raspberries pic online a while back, when I googled "funny horse pic". I have several saddlebreds, older lines. I am slowly but surely converting the local cowboys.