Friday, January 25, 2013

1/25/13 Dub's famous tongue

Recently I had quite the shock when I came across a picture of one of my horses on a website.  The picture shows his attitude to a "Tee".  Actually, my daughter just happened to be snapping some photos of him when he was in his stall and caught him with his tongue out.  She replaced the background with a picture of one of our hayfields.  It may not be his most flattering picture, but it did catch his personality.  Here are a couple more photos of my boy.

Dub giving the raspberries.

Dub less than a day old with his Mama.

Dub as a 2 year old just playing around.

Dub learning to drive

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  1. I found his raspberries pic online a while back, when I googled "funny horse pic". I have several saddlebreds, older lines. I am slowly but surely converting the local cowboys.