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6/28/14 Truly Time for The T's

The time has finally arrived to traipse back to the alphabet to tell about more terrific horses.  They are truly a tempting bunch.  Now we can view twenty more  totally typical topics.  Enough alliteration for one day?

Starting with Truly

Truly Genius
Ridgefields' Genius X Wild Princess by King's Genius, 2nd dam Wild Wind (BHF)
This well bred stallion stood in Ohio under the direction of horseman Roy Pavey.
He sired Truly a Princess (BHF) and CH Happy-Tu and a bunch of other Tu's.

Truly Stonewall
Stonewall's Beau Peavine X Truly a Princess by Truly Genius
Another Ohio stallion, he was owned by Emerald Farms and A.E. Knowlton

Truly Gifted
Birchwood Supreme by Supreme Sultan X Precious Fancy by CH Fancy Brass

Next in line is Time

Time Willing
CH Will Shriver X Cora's Time by Flight Time
With two WGC's for parents, he was bred to be brilliant.
His son In Due Time is still showing at age 20 and lives here in Michigan.

How about a To

CH To Die For
Fox Creek X LL Amazing Grace by Leslie Lane's Grand Slam
This handsome gelding showed into his teens.

And now a whole bunch of The's

The Genius
King's Genius X Kate Haines by Sun Flower
There is a lot more info on this stallion and his sire & dam elsewhere in the blog

CH The Bess Yet
Supreme Heir X Big Brown Bess by BNB's Rambling Folly
All of Big Brown Bess's colts had cute names, and this mare was also very good in the show ring.

The Caveat
CH Courageous Admiral X Eliana by Classic Stonewall
He was a full brother to Periaptor.

The Fire Fox
Chubasco X She's a Sweetheart by Supreme Sultan
This gelding amassed 66 champion points

The Karankawa Chief
Pride of Ridgefield X Dear Miss Allison by Denmark's Bourbon Genius
He is the sire of Phi Slama Jama, but I found out recently he'd already
been gelded when turned out with Wild & Lovely PH, Phi's dam.  
That was a whoops that worked in the saddlebred industry's favor.

CH The King of Highpoint
Sultan's Contract X Indiana Flame by Indiana Peavine
He sired a lot of good horses including Cherished King & CH Coco Loco.

The Knight's Reflection
Black Knight on Broadway X Lifetime Revival by Revival

The Silver Lining
CH Yorktown X Frosty Fawn by Faustiana's Top Brass
He was owned for many years by the stable that named him, Silver Lining Stables.
But could he carry a tune?

The Talk of The Town
CH Yorktown X CH My Starlight Hour by Starheart Stonewall
Wow, he sired CHampions Jaunty Janette, WGC Breaking News, Quidditch, Talkin' To You,
Well Spoken and also Hall of Fame Broodmare Carol Lynn.

The Chairman of The Board
Supreme Sultan X Supreme Fascination (BHF) by Stonewall Supreme
His dam was a full sister to Supreme Airs (BHF), making him a full blood brother to Supreme Heir.


The Sky King
CH Sky Watch X Leslie Lee by Santana's Charm
He sired some really nice futurity colts.

The Kentucky Wildcat
Captain's Kingdom X Hasty Honey by CH Wing Commander
He sired CH LaGuardia

The New King
Beau Peavine X CH Roxie Highland by Lord Highland
He only lived a few weeks, but he made the cover of a magazine.

"The" is a pretty popular beginning for horse names.  Already pictured earlier in this blog are
The Silver Orchid, The Lancer, The Coal Train, The Supreme Ace, The Handsome Ghost,
The Yankee, The Magic Moment, The Mean Machine, The New York Times, The Invasion,
The Love Charm, The Replica, The Sundrifter, The Cheetah and The New Moon. 
Use the search feature to find their post and see their pictures. 

And ending up with more alliteration

Talent Town
CH Yorktown X Ch Chantilly Rose by Denmark's Bourbon Genius
Breed by Jean McLean Davis and owned by Ruxer Farms for most of his career, 
he sired CHampions Candle Dan, Mr. Snuffleupagus and Ramses among others

Tom Terrific
Chief Beauchamp X Rhythm Menard by Crystal Lee

Saturday, June 21, 2014

6/21/14 Summer has arrived

In celebration of the arrival of summer, this week looks at horses with Summer themes.

Desert's July Fourth Celebration
Born on the Fourth of July Memories X Reagan's Desert Sunshine by Whyworry Reagan
This lovely mare wasn't born on the fourth of July, but her sire was.  

Maryland's Summer Breeze
American Ace X Winifred Dare by Maid's Rex by Rex Peavine
She was the dam of Georgie's Miracle

My Summer Bouquet
Good Spirits by Wing Commander X Charlotte Caprice by Valley View Supreme
She was the dam of 5-Gaited World's Grand Champion,  SS Geniune

Summer Lights
Sandalwood Supreme X Penny Lane by Truly Genius
Shown here as a four year old, she was gaited the following year.

CH Summertime Colors
Secret Selection X Autumn Colors by Genius Bourbon King
He sired the beautiful gray CH Absolutely Fabulous

Oman's Desdemona Denmark X Sandalwood Stonewall by Golden Stonewall
She was a half sister to New Yorker and Sandwood Supreme

Winsdown June Night
Winsdown Westinghouse X Walks in Beauty by Hi Lite Success by Supreme Hi Lite
This pretty filly was a futurity winner as a weanling.  

Summer Waltz
CH Star Waltz X Summer Lights by Sandalwood Supreme
Whoops,  almost forgot her.  Her dam is pictured above. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

6/15/14 Minton - Hickory Farms, Miss Nola and Milady (BHF)

Rarely is there a plan in place when I decide on the topic for a post.  If nothing strikes me, I can always fall back on the alphabet method.  The "T" horses have been waiting patiently, but Thursday night when thumbing through the bound edition of 1940 American Horseman, the "T's" were shoved aside yet again.  On the cover of the June issue was a pretty walk trot mare with the roached mane and tail fashionable in that era.  Her breeding was listed under her name, Pure Denmark X Milady Minton.  The Minton name had to come from the Minton Hickory Farm of Barbourville Kentucky, so once again, the topic was sealed thanks to the picture of Milady Betty. The title for this week's post is a "same name" category from Wheel of Fortune:  Minton Hickory Farms, Miss Nola Minton and Milady Minton (BHF).

Ten horses were registered by the Mintons of Minton Hickory Farm in the first volume of the American Saddle Horse Register way back in 1891.  The Minton's had a daughter named Nola.  Born in 1884, she grew up in the environment of a Saddlebred breeding farm and continued working in the industry for decades.  An expert in bloodlines, she was often called upon to help select breeding stallions from farms including Nawbeek, Crebilly and Carolanne Farms. She ran her breeding and training barn at Minton Hickory Farm for years, and was a sought after horse show judge and breeding consultant.  She registered her last horse in 1967, not long before she died in 1975. 

Minton Hickory Farm was responsible for either breeding, developing, showing or selling horses such as The Feudist, Vendetta, Flashing Glory, Mountain Laurel, Born to Treasure, Born to Delight, Fiery Crags, Born to Love, Wonderland Sensation, Gallant American, Meadow Wisp, American Maytime, Sweet Lavender, Golden Sensation, American Buntee, and Mountain Highland Dawn.

Milady Minton (BHF)
ridden by Miss Nola Minton
Crouch's Chief by Bourbon's Best X a daughter of Monte Mark by Monte Cristo

Looking at Milady Betty's pedigree a little closer, her dam Milady Minton now has the Broodmare Hall of Farm (BHF) designation.  Here is a summary of Milady Minton's pedigree, the stallions she was bred with, and her offspring.  Milady Minton's sire was not well known, and only sired about 20 colts, but he traced back to Bourbon Chief on his top side.    Milady Minton was one of Miss Nola's three gaited show horses before she became a broodmare.

Milady Minton (BHF)
Crouch’s Chief
Bourbon’s Best
Bourbon Chief

Judy Oliver

Helen Gardner
Weissinger’s Chestnut Squirrel

Hazel Eyes

Bessie Wetherille
Monte Mark
Monte Cristo

Minnie Bay 

Dandy Washington


Milady Minton had some of these horses in her pedigree.

Bourbon Chief
Harrison Chief X Belle by Latham's Denmark
The sire of Bourbon King.
Monte Cristo
Montrose X Fannie Giltner (BHF)

Diamond Denmark X Sallie by Hall's Glencoe

After her show days were over, Milady Minton (BHF) was bred with many different stallions.  They were San Juan, CH Chief of Longview, Valencia Don, Pure Denmark, Green Valley Fox and Halleluia Mc.   Her first foal born in 1930 was by Chief of Longview, the reigning World's Champion Five Gaited stallion when she was bred to him.  Next was San Juan, a good sire tracing to Rex McDonald on both his sire & dam's side.  The stallions Green Valley Fox & Halleluia Mc were both owned by Minton Hickory Farms.  Milady Minton also produced successful horses when bred with Pure Denmark.
San Juan
San Vicente by Rex Peavine X Black Belle by Rex McDonald
He sired Hall of Fame broodmares Dona San Juan, 4th dam of Designed
and Lena Juan, 2nd dam of King Dell.
CH Chief of Longview
Independence Chief by McDonald Chief X Myrtle Dickey (BHF) grand daughter of Harrison Chief
He was  owned by Mrs. W.P Roth of California, but two of his daughters Plumieria and Whyworry Chieftess both lived at Ottawa Creek Farm, just a mile down the road from my home.

Green Valley Fox
Guided by Love by King Lee Rose X Mary Yandell Fox by Rex Prince Dare
He sired Born to Love,  Mountain Dawn, Born to Delight (BHF) and Heart of Glory.
Halleluia Mc
McDonald's Majesty X Dapple by Rex Bernard
He sired CH Dictator's Master, Queen of Glory (BHF), and
 Mountain Mistress (BHF) who produced CH Miss Nola.
Pure Denmark
Peavine McDonald by Rex Peavine X Agnes McDonald by Ben Rex
Sire of full sisters Milady Betty and Miss Chatterbox (BHF) as well
as the stallion Denmark's Corsair.

Some of Milady Minton (BHF)'s more famous offspring:

Country Gentleman, Milady Minton's stallion son by San Juan, stood in California and was the sire of Country Flicka, the equine star of the 1943 movie, My Friend Flicka.

Country Flicka
Country Gentleman X Encinas Peavine a grandson of Edna May's King

Milady Betty, daughter of Pure Denmark, was a  World's Champion in the 3 gaited division as a junior horse in 1939.  She was owned by Stonyridge Farm in new Carlisle, Ohio and produced several babies by their stallion, Genius of Stonyridge.
Milady Betty
Pure Denmark X Milady Minton
Genius of Stonyridge
King's Genius X Kate Haines (BHF)
He sired all of Milady Betty's five colts.

Proud Eugenia
Genius of Stonyridge X Milady Betty
Helter Skelter
CH Gallant Guy O'Goshen X Proud Eugenia

Another daughter of Pure Denmark was Miss Chatterbox, who also earned her BHF designation.  When bred to Cameo Kirby, she produced two CHampion horses.  One was the Fine Harness horse Bit O'Chatter.  The other, originally registered as Master Chatter, was renamed as a 3 year old.  He will always be remembered as the iconic CH The Lemon Drop Kid.  He was the only American Saddlebred ever to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine.

CH Bit O'Chatter
Cameo Kirby X Miss Chatterbox (BHF)
He was the WGC Fine Harness horse in 1955
and shown under the name High Button Shoes.

CH The Lemon Drop Kid
Cameo Kirby X Miss Chatterbox (BHF)
He won the WGC Fine Harness stake four times and was arguably the greatest
Fine Harness horse of all time.

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7/27/24  I found this interesting info about Miss Nola today.  It is on a commemorative plaque
on the Nola E. Minton Memorial Bell at Union College in Barboursville, KY.
"The Minton Memorial: The Union College Bell was preceded by five others, the first being installed in the original administration building in 1880. This memorial honors Nola E. Minton, 1884 – 1975, for her contributions to agriculture, livestock, lumbering, and saddle horse breeding, Miss Minton sponsored the first charity horse show in the United States, initiated the use of the white cane for the blind, and served as the first woman on the Kentucky state fair board. In 1968 Miss Minton was named to the Kentucky horse show hall of fame. In 1978 west hall at the state fairgrounds was renamed Nola E. Minton Hall. This memorial is given by the Barbourville Kiwanis Club, family, and Friends."

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6/7/14 June 1954 Saddle & Bridle plus 60 years

One of my recent purchases off Ebay was this 60 year old treasure from June of 1954.  What attracted my attention to this particular magazine was the cover.  Ottawa's Master Mind was foaled at Ottawa Creek Farm which is one mile down the road from my house.  It is the same farm where I purchased my first Saddlebred, Ottawa's Idol, aka Buddy.  In paging through the issue, how many of these horses, riders or farms shown are still making an impact today?  

 On the cover from 60 years ago was 
Ottawa's Master Mind
Grey Mac X Korena Juan by San Juan 
I have another picture of Ottawa's Master Mind being ridden by Dr. Elrod and I will post it 
sometime in the future when I do an article on Ottawa Creek Farm.  Some of the Ottawa Creek horses are still showing up in pedigrees today.  The rider in this picture was a young Alan Leavitt who no longer owns Saddlebreds.  He owns Walnut Hall Ltd, a Standardbred nursery located in Lexington Ky.  

Autumn Dawn and Jolie Richardson
Sired by Torcido Chief by Douglas Chief by Bourbon King
There was no Autumn Dawn in the ASHA registry, so this could be Torcy's Gold Dust, or Torcido's Torch.  The name of this five gaited gelding may be uncertain, but Jolie Richardson, shown here in her first year out of the juvenile division, has become a legend in Saddlebred history.  She owned the multi-time 
World's Grand Champion Five gaited horses CH My-My and CH Lady Carrigan.  

Buttercup Meyer
Cream mare sired by Golden Meyer by Palomino Mack
This pretty Palomino mare never produced any registered Saddlebreds. 

Magnolia's Jacque Highland
Nancy Highland's Chief X Magnolia's Latest Fashion by Jaque Chief A
Here is another high headed five-gaited gelding who has slipped into obscurity.

Mary Lee Baltimore
Lord Baltimore X Marraine's Star by Harmonious Rex by Mercer Rex
Her sire, Lord Baltimore, was also the sire of Conowingo, but under his original name of Rex Lee Lewis.
I'm so glad horses are no longer allowed to changed their names once they've reproduced, 
and can no longer show under a pseudonym.  Way too confusing.

My Mercedes
Noble Kalarama X Susie Kettman by My Kentucky Red Bird
This dainty three-gaited mare never produced any foals, but she is shown here by Marty Mueller.
Marty was a successful trainer who lived well into his 90's and just passed away a few years ago. 

Mighty Prince
Mighty Sensation by Sensation Rex X Our Princess by Wonderland Chief
Here is another gelding that was owned and shown by, although not bred by, Ottawa Creek Farm. 
He is shown here by a 16 year old exhibitor. 

Polly Stonewall
Stonewall King  X Polly Cason, a granddaughter of Rex McDonald
This five-gaited mare was trained by Art Simmons.  She produced a few colts and had some
descendants born as recently as the 1990's.

An ad from Westwood Stables in Clayton, Missouri
including CH Denmark's Mokanna in the upper right.
This horse was shown as Regal Aire, WGC Fine Harness Horse in 1947 & 1953

The old ads are great.  Straight forward fonts, sharp black and white drawings, the ads were to the point and full of information. Horse shows were heavily advertised since there was no internet to post information.  Well known horse farms that were advertised included Jack Thompson Stables, Minton Hickory Farm, Plainview Farms, Oman Stables, High Point Farm, Broadacres Farm, Dodge Stables, and Beallgrove Farms.  Gray Barham offered his services as an expert at tail cutting.  Carl T Fischer Jr and his parents owned Meadowlake Stables in Louisville, and he still breeds Saddlebreds today.  Still going strong after 60 years (and more), there was a nice ad for Blythewood Farms in Cleveland, Tennessee.  
And it makes you wish you could get some of the products at 60 year old pricing.  Boots and jods for $15 each, stallion stud fees at $50 or $100, annual subscription rate to Saddle & Bridle was $6 per year. 

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