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11/30/13 1990 Breeder's Guide part 78

11/30/13 Seems like this Breeders Guide has gone on forever!  But with this posting, we've gone thru all of the stallions listed.  I saved this group for last because this is the group of fading stallion lines.  Obviously the lines to Bourbon King through Wing Commander and Supreme Sultan are going strong.  But what about the lines tracing back to Rex Peavine and Stonewall King.  Not a lot to offer in 1990 and still not much left today.  Even the Long Grey Line Farm has ceased breeding operations after 30+ years, so there goes another group of stallions tracing through Kalarama Rex.   The influx of South African stallions has actually helped since several of them trace back to Stonewall King through Stonewall Starfire, and to Rex Peavine through Vanity's Scandal. 

Hayfield's Last Guy
foaled in 1974, by WC CH Gallant Guy O'Goshen X Hayfield's Star Lite by Bobby Sea
Appropriately named, he was in the last foal crop of his sire.  He lived to age 30 and was
an intensely bred Denmark stallion.  His sire line traced back through grandsire Beau Gallant to
Montrose.  Can't think of any modern sires left bred like him.

Hell Cat's Reveille
foaled in 1975, sired by Broadland's Kilarney by Kalarama Colonel.
His sire was a full brother to CH Colonel Boyle.
He was the start of Martha Utley Aitken's Long Grey Line stallions.
He sired several of her other stallions, Merrill's Marauder, Wingate's Chindit,
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy and  her 30 year old Our Grey Dawn. 

Spring Valley's Deliverance
foaled in 1972, sired by Night of Folly by Society Rex by Kalarama Rex by Rex Peavine
He sired WGC 5 gaited horse, CH Our Golden Duchess who won in 1987 and was twice
Reserve World's Grand Champion 5 gaited horse with Merrill Murray showing.
Spring Valley's Deliverance sired a number of good show horses with their CH
designations.  One of his daughters made the BHF and he had a nice breeding stallion son
in the very handsome Supreme Delivery.

Eventful Flight
foaled in 1975,sired by Stonewall's Main Event out of a Flight Time mare

Southern Renegade
foaled in 1980, his grandsire was Stonewall Premier by Stonewall King.
He only sired 6 colts.

Stonewall's Diamond Jackpot
foaled in 1982, he was sired by Stonewall's Copper Sea by Copper Stonewall by Stonewall King.
This guy was the ultimate Stonewall King bred stallion.  Stonewall King appeared 4 times on his pedigree and twice more in his fifth generation.  I just notice that his 5th dam was Buddy's 4th dam, so of course that's a plus in my book. 

Stonewall's Main Event
foaled in 1963, he was sired by Starheart Stonewall by Stonewall King.
His dam was by Ace O'Goshen and 2nd dam was Rachael's Genius (BHF)
Main Event, his sire and grandsire were all #1 sires on the Saddle & Bridle
Sire Rating.  He sired a lot of CH horses, including Main Glitter, Main Dame,
Stonewall's Crimson & Clover, La La Success (BHF)*.  His name appears
in lots of show horse pedigrees today, mainly thru his daughters.
*See a picture of La La Success in the 5/20'/13 post on Double Duty Mares.

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11/24/13 More on the Breeders Guide

11/24/13  Another installment of the 1990 Breeder's Guide, with one more to go.  So far we've covered the advertised stallions in the magazine that traced back to Wing Commander, and Valley View Supreme mainly through his son Supreme Sultan.  Of course, Wing Commander and Valley View Supreme both trace back to Bourbon King.  This week we'll look at some other lines still tracing back to Bourbon King, but through different routes. 

foaled 1981, by CH Greenway Commander out of Felicity by Oman's Desdemona Denmark
His great grandsire was Genius Better Bourbon by Genius Bourbon King.
He sired CH Dr. Deker.

Blackberry Winter
foaled in 1976, he was sired by Oman's Desdemona Denmark out of a Stonewall Supreme daughter.
He sired CH Blackberry Delight, who earned 134 champion points
while showing in multiple divisions. 

Blaise O'Callen
foaled in 1977, his grandsire was Genius Bourbon King
CH Buck Rogers
foaled in 1976, sired by Storm's Fury out of Rhythm's Jewel by Rhythm Command.
He was a World's Grand Champion in Fine Harness. 
His daughter CH Eleanor Rigby was also a World's Champion fine harness horse, and mother of another WC fine harness horse, CH Call Me Ringo.


Hurricane Country
foaled in 1983, sired by Hide-a-way's Wild Country by Denmark's Bourbon Genius,
his dam was sired by Hide-a-way's Firefly Supreme.

Lord O'Shea
foaled in 1974, his sire was Oman's Desdemona Denmark by Anacacho Denmark
and out of a Stonewall Supreme mare. 
He sired CH The Phoenix.

Mac's Genius Bourbon
foaled in 1975, he was sired by Bourbon Genius King out of a Secret Society mare.

Prosperity Profit
foaled in 1976, he was also sired by Oman's Desdemona Denmark
out of a Wing's Fleet Admiral mare.

Rhythm's Ragtime
foaled in 1976 by Oman's Anacacho Rhythm by Anacacho Denmark,
his dam was Wild Ginger by Wild Genius.
This colorful stallion was bred by Garland Bradshaw, who owned his sire
from the time he was a yearling until he died.

Ridgefields' Supreme Commander
foaled in 1971, he was a grandson of CH Ridgefields' Genius out of a Kalarama Colonel mare.

CH Sir Talmage
foaleld in 1981, he was sired by All Hail Columbia by Oman's Desdemona Denmark
and out of Lady Talmage by CH Wing Commander.
He was a World' Champion 5 gaited stallion.

Standing Room Only
foaled in 1981, he was sired by Stonewall's Magnificent Genius and traced back to Genius Bourbon King thru Genius Better Bourbon.  His dam was Georgia Supreme, by Supreme Sultan
and out of Lady Talmage.  So he was bred like CH Sir Talmage on his bottom side
 and like Andeker on his top side.

The Commander's Image
foaled in 1974, by was sired by The Contract's Commander by Private Contract
and out of a daughter of The Contract's Commander. 

Wild Romance
foaled in 1984, he was another stallion sired by
Hide-a-way's Wild Country. 

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11/17/13 Queen for a day

11/17/13  Today's post is all about the Queens!  There are 3290 registered saddlebreds with Queen as some part of their name.  Queen, Queen's Genius of Belemar and Queen of Glory were BHF's, but none had pictures.  Queen was foaled in 1852 and dam of Latham's Denmark, King William and Diamond Denmark.  Queen's Genius of Belemar was foaled in 1942, by King's Genius and dam of CH Denmark's Daydream.  Queen of Glory foaled in 1950 and was by Heart of Glory by Green Valley Fox.

Now for the Queen's with their pictures, we have 14 lovely mares dating from the 1890's through the 1980's.
CH Commander's Chestnut Queen
foaled in 1966, she was sired by CH The Contract's Commander

Commander's Teenage Queen
Foaled in 1967 she is a full sister to Chestnut Queen pictured above.
Their dam was Stonewall's Chestnut Queen by Stonewall King. 
Is that Kim Skipton riding her?

Contract's Queen
foaled in 1958 she was sired by Private Contract out of an Anacacho Denmark mare

Edna's Courageous Queen
Foaled in 1961, she was sired by Courageous Peavine. 
Art Simmons is riding her in this photo and she had four
colts by his stallion Colonel Boyle.

Egypt's Enchanting Queen
Foaled in 1928, she was sired by Bourbon Knight by Bourbon Chief.

Ellie's Queen Bee
foaled in 1989, she was sired by State of the Art by Longview's Supreme. 
Her sire was pictured in the post from 11/3/13

Gypsy Queen 2D
foaled in1897, she was sired by Chester Dare. 
Her daughter Margaret O'Neill was dam of Oklahoma Peavine. 
 She was already pictured in the 4/6/13 post and her grandson
was pictured in the post on O.......klahoma.

More than Queen
foaled in 1898, she was sired by Red Eagle.
What a nice picture showing the styles of that era;
docked tail, side saddle and the lovely riding hat.

Peavine's Genius' Queen
foaled in 1944, sired by Peavine's Genius,
she has been mentioned in the 10/19/13 and 7/28/13 posts.
She was shown as Genius Queen.

Queen of Bourbon
foaled in 1929, she was sired by Bourbon King and
out of none other than Kate Haines (BHF). (see 7/13/13 post)
Not sure her name is completely appropriate since her dam was totally Denmark breeding.

Queen of Strutter
foaled in 1947, she was sired by Strutter by Stonewall King.
Queen of the Denmarks
foaled in 1905, she was sired by Mark Dillard who traced to Washington Denmark.
Her dam was by Chester Dare, so she really was totally Denmark breeding.

Sunny Ridge Queen
foaled in 1939, she was sired by American Ace.

CH Windsor Queen
foaled in 1953, she was sired by Royal Star of Windsor by Stonewall King.
With a name like that, you knew she'd have Stonewall King breeding.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Breeder's Guide 1990 - Wing Commander grandsons

11/9/13 Since I did Supreme Sultan & Valley View Supreme grandsons last week, this week will list the grandsons & great grandson's that had Wing Commander on the sire line.  This Breeder's Guide was from 1990, so it is easy to see why Wing is so dominant today.  The major lines to Wing Commander come from Yorktown, Chief of Greystone, Wing's Fleet Admiral, Will Shriver and Flight Time.

All Night Long
by Jamestown by Yorktown by Wing Commander out of a Valley View Supreme mare

By Chief of Greystone by Wing Commander
He was a wonderful sire and some of his stallion sons were
Black Bottom Pie, The Mean Machine, Attache's Liquid Assets, Attache's Born Believer,
The Wish Card, Attache's Thunderbolt and Finally Attached. 

Attache's Liquid Asset
By Attache out of Mona Denmark (BHF) by Oman's Desdemona Denmark
A good sire by Attache, his daughter CH Assets and Attitude was a 5 gaited show horse and
her 2nd dam was by Buddy's sire Grand View's Matinee Idol.  I got to see her show at
Lexington and Louisville several times. 

Broadland's Beau
sired by New Yorker out of Smile Awhile by Grand Command

Callaway's Show Down
By the Will Shriver son Show Me Too and out of Lady Symbol(BHF) by Status Symbol
He was bred by Callaway Hill's Stable but didn't sire any colts after 1991.

By Fountain of Youth by Yorktown by Wing Commander
He has blessed us with may colorful and talented offspring
including CH Caravelle (BHF), CH Sprinkles and my favorite CH Like Thunder.
Some of his colts showed at the winter Olympics in Japan in 1998 and also make
annual appearances at the Rose Bowl Parade on New Year's Day.

CH Courageous Admiral
by Wing's Fleet Admiral by Wing Commander, out of Indiana JEM by Indiana Ace
He sired Champions Button Bright, Top Spool and Admiral's Mark.  His sons
Desert's Supreme Admiral  and Periaptor sired a lot of nice colts.

Courageous Sunny
by Courageous Admiral, he only sired one registered ASB.

Flame of Greystone
By Chief of Greystone by Wing Commander out of High Point Flame (BHF) by Starheart Stonewall
His breeding should have made him awesome, but I don't know much about him.

Harlem Globemaster
by Harlem Globetrotter out of Tashi's Gift, 2nd dam CH Tashi Ling
He stood in Texas for many years and had Wing Commander appear 3 times on
his registration papers.

Harlem Globetrotter
Also by New Yorker out of Putting on Airs BHF by Mr. Magic Man
He was a full brother to BHF mare Yorkshire Pudding.
He was a World's Champion 5gaited stallion and lived to the ripe old age of 31.
Daughters Globetrotting Lady and CH Garland's Dream are in the BHF.
Garland's Dream was also a WGC 5 gaited horse (see post on Double Duty mares)
Other CH get include Passion, Harlem Town, Holy Fruit Salad, Harlem's Hot Ticket,
Gracie Mansion, Elegant Stitches and too many more to list.
Plus he had the best female line of any horse out there. 'Nuf said.

Harlem's Hot Dice
By Harlem Globetrotter out of Dice Girl by Genius Bourbon King
He sired the beautiful CH Audrey Hepburn.

Lunar Fire GS
by Good Spirits by Wing Commander out of a Valley View Supreme daughter
His 2nd dam was Duchess of Grandview (BHF) and 2rd dam was CH America Beautiful (BHF)

New Challenge
by CH Superior Odds by Wing's Fleet Admiral by CH Wing Commander
His dam was a granddaughter of Wild Wind (BHF), my all time favorite broodmare.

Phi Slama Jama
Yes, I know he shouldn't be here, but this is interesting.
Originally, he was supposed to be sired by Admiral's Windjammer by Courageous Admiral.
DNA proved him to be the only offspring of the gelded (OH NO!) Karankawa Chief that
traced back to Ridgefields' Genius.  Regardless of his breeding, Phi was beautiful,
a great sire, and provided us with a whole lot of cute Phi names in saddlebreds.

Sky Watch
By Flight Time by Wing Commander out of Arie's Golden Gift (BHF) by Genius bourbon King
He was a 4 time World's Grand Champion 5 gaited horse. 
He sired stallions Castle Bravo, The Sky King and CH Harvest Commander

The Mean Machine
Another stallion by Attache, he was out of Mona Denmark
making him a full brother to Liquid Asset.

The New York Times
Yet another New Yorker son out of Canterbury Lane by Oman's Desdemona Denmark. 
He sired CH That's My Story who went on to produce CH And I'm Stickin' To It and
several other cleverly named colts.

Time Willing
by CH Will Shriver out of CH Cora's Time
Both his sire and dam were 5-gaited WGC's so it's too bad he was only lightly used at stud.