Saturday, February 23, 2013

2/23/13 More of the C's

2/23/13 Now for the rest of the C’s that I have in my picture files.  This has been a little easier than the A’s & B’s.  Maybe since there weren’t so many, but maybe because I’m getting more organized.

 Captivating Hi Lite AKA Captain
Supreme Hi Lite X Unbelievably Blonde by Catalyst

Here is an interesting bloodline.  Supreme Hi Lite was about 30 when Captain was foaled and Supreme HI Lite’s own sire,  Stonewall Supreme was about the same age when Hi Lite was foaled.  So Captain’s great grandsire, Stonewall King, was born clear back in 1920.  Breeding your mare to Captain will produce a foal with, among other things, Stonewall King’s name showing on the registration papers.  That doesn’t happen very often!

RWC Supreme Hi Lite                                Stonewall Supreme             Stonewall King
   with Jay Kennedy                                                                                 with owner Murray Cason     

Champagne Fizz
Supreme Sultan X Commander’s Elegance by Wing Commander

He produced a lot of good gaited horses, and his full sister was BHF Concubine.

                                                                Concubine (BHF)

Colonel Sport
Kalarama Colonel x Easter Sport by King’s Sport

He produced CH Garrymore.  His other claim to fame in my book is that his full sister,
 Easter Promenade, was 2nd dam of my best boy Buddy.

Rex Lee Lewis X Mattie Bates

He sired two BHF’s, Shiny Sue and Missy Squirrel. 

Courageous Peavine
Chester Peavine X Mountain Mollie

I do't know much about this guy.  I was going to crop his photo, 
but decided to leave the ad intact.  

And finally, another Hollywood Saddlebred star!
Country Flicka
Country Gentleman x Encinas Princess

She appeared in the 1943 movie, My Friend Flicka.  Her co-star was Roddy McDowall at a young age.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any decent pictures of her.  It was either this head shot,
 or a picture of her lying down in the creek looking half dead. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2/19/13 A quick trip to Callaway Hills

2/19/13  We finally made it to the C’s and you can’t do that without finding a Callaway Hills’ horse. 

Founded in 1944 by Betty Weldon, she bred saddlebreds at her Missouri farm for decades, and now her daughter carries on her mission.  Betty sent her first show mare out to be bred to Wing Commander, and the result was Callaway’s Johnny Gillen.  He in turn sired CH Rob Shriver and CH Will Shriver.  Will made history, being a World’s Grand Champion 5 gaited horse, and then becoming a phenomenal sire.  Callaway’s Blue Norther & Caramac were both sired by Will. 


                      Callaway’s Johnny Gillen                                                     Fourth Estate BHF
CH Wing Commander X Fourth Estate BHF by Kalarama Rex


                  CH Will Shriver                                                      CH Kate Shriver
Callaway’s Johnny Gillen X CH Kate Shriver BHF by Anacacho Denmark

Callaway’s Blue Norther
CH Will Shriver X Royally Blue by Royal Rambler

He sired many good show horses, and the stalllion Northern Blues, who stands right here in Michigan and sired the current WGC 5-gaited champion Bravo Blues.  
Northern Blues has an amazing personality.

CH Caramac
CH Will Shriver X Stonehedge Vanity by Vanity’s Sensation

 He has also sired many good show horses including CH Callaway’s Annabel Allison.  He has two daughters in the BHF, and noted sons Designed and Undulata’s Nutcracker.

We could devote pages to Callaway horses, but it’s on to some of the other C’s.

Cameo Kirby
Edna May’s King X Jane Black BHF

He was a full brother to Anacacho Denmark, and he sired one of the greatest
 fine harness horses in history, CH Lemon Drop Kid

Captain Courageous
King Barrymore X Peavine’s Pearl BHF by Rex Peavine

He was a full brother to Anderson Rex, but I once heard his colts “were not too courageous”.

Chester Dare
Black Squirrel X Nannie Garrett

Here is a real oldy.  His dam carried the X-factor for large heart and maybe that’s why more horses trace back to him thru his daughters than any of his sons.  Chester Dare’s daughter Carolina was owned by General John Castleman who helped found the American Saddlebred Horse  Association back in the 1890’s.  Other daughters were BHF’s Ella Rodman and Miss Madison.

Chester Peavine
Rex Peavine X Miss Madison BHF by Chester Dare

He sired Princess Eugenia BHF who was the dam of King’s Genius.

Anacacho Denmark X Reverie’s Desdemona BHF by King’s Genius

He was one of a number of full brothers and had a famous sister, 
CH Kate Shriver, dam of Will Shriver.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

2/14/13 Valentine's Day


Yes, I met my husband on Valentine’s Day.  Yes, it was the last romantic thing he’s done, and it was strictly unintentional.  However, Buddy was involved, so I do have my horse to thank for meeting my husband.  As I mentioned in my first entry, I bought my first saddlebred, Buddy, on 1/1/74.  A few weeks later, on Valentine's Day, I happened to be out at the barn and my car wouldn’t start.  My friend Laurie who had her ASB gelding at the same barn said she’d run me home.  But first, we wanted to go over to pay this guy for some equipment we’d bought from him.  Laurie already knew him, and since he’d sold his horses a few years earlier, he had some stuff for sale.  We went over to his home which was a mile north of our barn to drop off the cash, but he wasn’t home and we left it with his Mom.  On the way back down the road, he was coming in the opposite direction and recognized Laurie’s car.  He stopped and we chatted, and that was it.  I had a boyfriend at the time and wasn’t interested, so I figured I’d never see him again. 

Fate intervened again a few months later when the local hooligans who lived next door to the barn we rented thought it would be funny to turn our horses lose.  They were about 9 or 10 years old, so evidently they didn’t weigh the potential consequences of opening stall doors.  So with that, Buddy & Playboy decided to make a break for it and were out galloping down the road towards Berkey.  Someone called Laurie and she called Charlie since he lived close.  The two of them got the horses corralled, none the worse for wear.  However, it made us really nervous that the same two little brats still lived closer to our horses than we did.  Next time they pulled a stunt like that, the results could be much worse than just having to chase down a couple horses.  Anyway, long story short, Charlie had an empty barn, and we had a couple horses to fill it. 

 The American Playboy
King of Harmony x The American Maid  by American Masterpiece
pictured with my friend Laurie.  She owned him from
age five until he died.  He was wonderfully versatile and could show in 
5-gaited pleasure and western pleasure.  Laurie worked him herself, so 
she was a true amateur-owner-trainer.  

Saturday, February 9, 2013

2/9/13 The end of the B's

2/9/13  Finishing the B’s already, since I only have just a few left. 

Birchwood Supreme
Supreme Sultan X Suzi O’Lee by Beau Fortune
He was owned by Country Haven farm in Indiana.

 Born to Delight BHF
Green Valley Fox x Nola’s Glory BHF by The Feudist

        I actually didn’t recognize the names of any of her colts, but she was bred by 
Minton Hickory Farm which was owned by Miss Nola Minton.    
She must have been highly thought of, because she was always bred to good stallions:
 Bourbon Genius, Anacacho Denmark, Sensation Rex, Beau Fortune and Kalarama Colonel.

Blessed Event BHF
Silver Mac x Fair Promise by Jack Twigg

She was the dam of Genius Bourbon King, a stallion listed in my previous post.

Best Wishes of Marywood
The Parading Promise x Shine Sue BHF

She produced LL Amazing Grace who in turn produced CH To Die For and his full brother 
The Grand Fox.  I've pictured one of LL Amazing Grace's colts below.  

CH To Die For
Fox Creek X LL Amazing Grace by Leslie Lane's Grand Slam
He was aptly named, since he is really gorgeous.

                      Just a note that LL stands for Leslie Lane, which was a farm in Midland Michigan named for their daughter Leslie Arbury Bennett.  
Leslie Lane owned many good stallions, including New Yorker at the time of his death at age 10.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

2/7/13 Time for a Bourbon

It’s time for some of the Bourbon’s.  Can’t  name them all, but here are some of the highlights.

Bourbon Chief
Harrison Chief X Belle
He sired Bourbon King.  On today’s pedigrees , the vast majority of sire lines 
trace back to Bourbon King.

Bourbon King
Bourbon Chief X Annie C (BHF)
A winning show horse himself, he sired many noted sires including 
 King Barrymore, King’s Sport, King’s Genius & Edna May’s King.  
King’s Genius’ great grandson was Supreme Sultan and Edna May’s King’s grandson was Wing Commander.  These are the dominant sire lines today, and both trace directly back to Bourbon King.

Bourbon Star
Bourbon King X Ella Rodman BHF
 Bourbon Star was noted more for his daughters.  
He had one BHF in Alice Star and another good producer in Cindy High Tail.

Bourbon Genius
King’s Genius x Kate Haines BHF
He was a full brother to The Genius, Leatherwood King, Leatherwood Genius and Genius of Stoneyridge. Three of his daughters were BHF, Precious Miss, Dixiana’s Spring Cheer and Reverie’s Bourbon Princess.

Genius Bourbon King
Bourbon Genius X Blessed Event BHF
He sired good show horses and good producers as well.  
He sired CH Scarlett Flame, and BHF mares Arie’s Golden Gift and Lifetime Affair.  
Some of his notable stallion sons were Star Gemini, The Rambler, Shoreacres Anacacho Genius 
and CH Valley View Supreme.

Bourbon Genius King
Genius Bourbon King X Anacacho Trail
His dam was quite the broodmare, having her last foal at age 34.

Genius Better Bourbon
Genius Bourbon King X Shoreacres Highland Choice
I couldn’t find a picture of him, but mentioned him since he’s in a long string of “Bourbons”
*4/1/14 Found a picture of Genius Better Bourbon*


Genius Mountain Bourbon
Genius Better Bourbon X Mountain Highland Dawn BHF
He sired 5-gaited World’s Grand Champion Mountain Highland Encore and Mountain Highland Memories who was the sire of the well-known stallion Merchant Prince.  

Saturday, February 2, 2013

2/2/13 February is sire rating time

It’s February!  As a loyal reader of a number of Saddlebred publications, that usually means the sire ratings come out in the February issue.  As I’m waiting for the results of this year’s tabulations, it’s fun to look back and see who has been at the top in the past. 

2003 – On the cover of the magazine was the gorgeous black stallion, Rifles and Roses.  Topping the sire rating was Supreme Heir. 
Supreme Heir
Supreme Sultan X CH Supreme Airs BHF

Rifles and Roses
Carey's Night of Love X Symbol Song
1993 – on the cover were the stallions of Scripps Miramar Ranch, Sky Watch,Chubasco and Buck Rogers.  Topping the sire rating was Chubasco

CH Sky Watch, CH Buck Rogers & Chubasco

Fountain of Youth X Tropical Gale
1983 – On the cover was Flight Time and the sire rating champ was Supreme Sultan.
Supreme Sultan
CH Valley View Supreme X Melody O'Lee BHF

Flight Time
CH Wing Commander X The New Moon

1973- on the cover was Colonel Boyle and topping the rating was Stonewall Premier.
CH Colonel Boyle
Kalarama Colonel x Abie's Baby BHF

Stonewall Premier
Stonewall King x Our Birdie

1963 – On the cover was Ridgefield Denmark and Starheart Stonewall topped the chart.
Ridgefields Denmark
Anacacho Denmark X Reverie's Desdemona BHF

Starheart Stonewall
Stonewall King x Queen Anne of Windsor

1951 – Sorry, I don’t have 1953, this was as close as I could come.  On the cover was Leatherwood King and Noble Kalarama was the top ranked sire.
Leatherwood King
King's Genius x Kate Haines BHF
see his full brother below

Noble Kalarama
Kalarama Rex x Daisy Reed

1945 – This is my oldest sire rating.  It is missing its cover, but inside, it states that Bourbon Genius was on the cover.  Topping the sire rating was Kalarama Rex.
Bourbon Genius
King's Genius x Kate Haines BHF

Kalarama Rex
Rex Peavine X Nancy Thurman BHF