Thursday, February 7, 2013

2/7/13 Time for a Bourbon

It’s time for some of the Bourbon’s.  Can’t  name them all, but here are some of the highlights.

Bourbon Chief
Harrison Chief X Belle
He sired Bourbon King.  On today’s pedigrees , the vast majority of sire lines 
trace back to Bourbon King.

Bourbon King
Bourbon Chief X Annie C (BHF)
A winning show horse himself, he sired many noted sires including 
 King Barrymore, King’s Sport, King’s Genius & Edna May’s King.  
King’s Genius’ great grandson was Supreme Sultan and Edna May’s King’s grandson was Wing Commander.  These are the dominant sire lines today, and both trace directly back to Bourbon King.

Bourbon Star
Bourbon King X Ella Rodman BHF
 Bourbon Star was noted more for his daughters.  
He had one BHF in Alice Star and another good producer in Cindy High Tail.

Bourbon Genius
King’s Genius x Kate Haines BHF
He was a full brother to The Genius, Leatherwood King, Leatherwood Genius and Genius of Stoneyridge. Three of his daughters were BHF, Precious Miss, Dixiana’s Spring Cheer and Reverie’s Bourbon Princess.

Genius Bourbon King
Bourbon Genius X Blessed Event BHF
He sired good show horses and good producers as well.  
He sired CH Scarlett Flame, and BHF mares Arie’s Golden Gift and Lifetime Affair.  
Some of his notable stallion sons were Star Gemini, The Rambler, Shoreacres Anacacho Genius 
and CH Valley View Supreme.

Bourbon Genius King
Genius Bourbon King X Anacacho Trail
His dam was quite the broodmare, having her last foal at age 34.

Genius Better Bourbon
Genius Bourbon King X Shoreacres Highland Choice
I couldn’t find a picture of him, but mentioned him since he’s in a long string of “Bourbons”
*4/1/14 Found a picture of Genius Better Bourbon*


Genius Mountain Bourbon
Genius Better Bourbon X Mountain Highland Dawn BHF
He sired 5-gaited World’s Grand Champion Mountain Highland Encore and Mountain Highland Memories who was the sire of the well-known stallion Merchant Prince.  

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