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2/19/13 A quick trip to Callaway Hills

2/19/13  We finally made it to the C’s and you can’t do that without finding a Callaway Hills’ horse. 

Founded in 1944 by Betty Weldon, she bred saddlebreds at her Missouri farm for decades, and now her daughter carries on her mission.  Betty sent her first show mare out to be bred to Wing Commander, and the result was Callaway’s Johnny Gillen.  He in turn sired CH Rob Shriver and CH Will Shriver.  Will made history, being a World’s Grand Champion 5 gaited horse, and then becoming a phenomenal sire.  Callaway’s Blue Norther & Caramac were both sired by Will. 


                      Callaway’s Johnny Gillen                                                     Fourth Estate BHF
CH Wing Commander X Fourth Estate BHF by Kalarama Rex


                  CH Will Shriver                                                      CH Kate Shriver
Callaway’s Johnny Gillen X CH Kate Shriver BHF by Anacacho Denmark

Callaway’s Blue Norther
CH Will Shriver X Royally Blue by Royal Rambler

He sired many good show horses, and the stalllion Northern Blues, who stands right here in Michigan and sired the current WGC 5-gaited champion Bravo Blues.  
Northern Blues has an amazing personality.

CH Caramac
CH Will Shriver X Stonehedge Vanity by Vanity’s Sensation

 He has also sired many good show horses including CH Callaway’s Annabel Allison.  He has two daughters in the BHF, and noted sons Designed and Undulata’s Nutcracker.

We could devote pages to Callaway horses, but it’s on to some of the other C’s.

Cameo Kirby
Edna May’s King X Jane Black BHF

He was a full brother to Anacacho Denmark, and he sired one of the greatest
 fine harness horses in history, CH Lemon Drop Kid

Captain Courageous
King Barrymore X Peavine’s Pearl BHF by Rex Peavine

He was a full brother to Anderson Rex, but I once heard his colts “were not too courageous”.

Chester Dare
Black Squirrel X Nannie Garrett

Here is a real oldy.  His dam carried the X-factor for large heart and maybe that’s why more horses trace back to him thru his daughters than any of his sons.  Chester Dare’s daughter Carolina was owned by General John Castleman who helped found the American Saddlebred Horse  Association back in the 1890’s.  Other daughters were BHF’s Ella Rodman and Miss Madison.

Chester Peavine
Rex Peavine X Miss Madison BHF by Chester Dare

He sired Princess Eugenia BHF who was the dam of King’s Genius.

Anacacho Denmark X Reverie’s Desdemona BHF by King’s Genius

He was one of a number of full brothers and had a famous sister, 
CH Kate Shriver, dam of Will Shriver.

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