Saturday, February 9, 2013

2/9/13 The end of the B's

2/9/13  Finishing the B’s already, since I only have just a few left. 

Birchwood Supreme
Supreme Sultan X Suzi O’Lee by Beau Fortune
He was owned by Country Haven farm in Indiana.

 Born to Delight BHF
Green Valley Fox x Nola’s Glory BHF by The Feudist

        I actually didn’t recognize the names of any of her colts, but she was bred by 
Minton Hickory Farm which was owned by Miss Nola Minton.    
She must have been highly thought of, because she was always bred to good stallions:
 Bourbon Genius, Anacacho Denmark, Sensation Rex, Beau Fortune and Kalarama Colonel.

Blessed Event BHF
Silver Mac x Fair Promise by Jack Twigg

She was the dam of Genius Bourbon King, a stallion listed in my previous post.

Best Wishes of Marywood
The Parading Promise x Shine Sue BHF

She produced LL Amazing Grace who in turn produced CH To Die For and his full brother 
The Grand Fox.  I've pictured one of LL Amazing Grace's colts below.  

CH To Die For
Fox Creek X LL Amazing Grace by Leslie Lane's Grand Slam
He was aptly named, since he is really gorgeous.

                      Just a note that LL stands for Leslie Lane, which was a farm in Midland Michigan named for their daughter Leslie Arbury Bennett.  
Leslie Lane owned many good stallions, including New Yorker at the time of his death at age 10.

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