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7/17/418 Genius Bourbon King part 2, his notable daughters

The last post looked at the grand show horses sired by Genius Bourbon King.  While siring show horses is great in the short term, the lasting impact of a stallion depends on his legacy.  Genius Bourbon King was blessed with many quality producing daughters, many of whom were show horses themselves. While he only had two daughters in the Broodmare Hall of Fame, they were good ones.  Here is a quick look at his daughters, highlighted in pink, and some of their offspring that still had Genius Bourbon King on their registration papers.   Each indentation is an additional generation

Dice Girl
                *Harlem’s Hot Dice
                                **Audrey Hepburn
Hide-a-way’s Curtain Call
                *Hide-a-way’s Wild Country
                               ** Callaway’s Country Gal BHF
                                               *** Callaway’s Forecaster WGC
                                **Hide-a-way’s Country Bumpkin
                                                ***Bourbon ‘n Coke BHF
                                **Hurricane Country
                *Hide-a-way’s Rave Review
Lilli O’Lee
                *The Windhover
Margie’s Lady Genius
                *CH Margie’s American
Moore’s Miss America
               * Sacramento
   *America’s Gift
                **American Spirit
Something Else
                *Carousel’s Bea u Gait
Arie’s Golden Gift  BHF
                Sky Watch
                                **CH Harvest Commander
                                **The Sky King
Lifetime Affair  BHF
               * CH Lifetime Memory 
               * CH Roz
                *CH Valley Venture
Pedro’s Dream  BHF
Scarlett Flame
Jennifer Jane
                *My Sweet Jeannie  BHF
Here are pictures of some of these fine horses tracing to Genius Bourbon King
Harlem's Hot Dice was out of Dice Girl
Dice Girl was sired by Genius Bourbon King X Deal Me In by Anacacho Shamrock

CH Audrey Hepburn was sired by Harlem's Hot Dice

Hide a way's Curtain Call
Genius Bourbon King X Dixiana's Spring Cheer BHF

Hide a way's Wild Country was out of Hide a Way's Curtain Call

WGC CH Callaway's Forecaster
was out of Callaway's Country Gal BHF who was sired by Wild Country
Bourbon 'n Coke BHF
was out of another daughter sired by Wild Country

Hurricane Country
was sired by Hide a Way's Wild Country
Hide a way's Rave Reviews
was also out of Hide a Way's Curtain Call making him
a half brother to Hide a Way's Wild Country
CH Lilli O'Lee
was sired by Genius Bourbon King X Melody O'Lee BHF
making her a half sister to Supreme Sultan
CH Margie's Lady Genius
was sired by Genius Bourbon King out of a daughter of Peavine's Highland Chief
CH Moore's Miss America
was sired by Genius Bourbon King out of Briney Breezes BHF by Kalarama Rex
America's Gift
was out of CH Moore's Miss America
American Spirit
was out of America's Gift
Arie's Golden Gift
was sired by Genius Bourbon King and out of Saucy Eve
CH Sky Watch
was out of Arie's Golden Gift
Mrs. Large was his breeder and also bred his dam
CH Harvest Commander
was sired by CH Sky Watch
The Sky King
was sired by CH Sky Watch
Lifetime Affair  BHF
She was sired by Genius Bourbon King and out of Marie Bosace BHF
She was swept away in a flood at age 24. 
CH Lifetime Memory
was out of Lifetime Affair BHF

CH Valley Venture
was out of Lifetime Affair BHF
Pedro's Dream
She was sired by Genius Bourbon King out of a daughter of San Pedro
CH Scarlett Flame
She was sired by Genius Bourbon King out of Diana Gay,
making her a full sister to Valley View Supreme.  She died in
a fire and never reproduced. 

Next time looks at the stallion lines started by Genius Bourbon King.

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7/4/18 Genius Bourbon King -- he guaranteed ears!

Genius Bourbon King

Genius Bourbon King with Louis Robinson

King's Genius

Bourbon Genius

Kate Haines BHF
Genius Bourbon King

Silver Mac

Blessed Event

Fair Promise

Bourbon Genius

Blessed Event

In some ways, Genius Bourbon King led a charmed life.  He had owners who cared for him and gave him many opportunities.  He repaid them by siring talented colts and leaving a great legacy in the Saddle horse world.   There was no guarantee his life would turn out this way.   

His sire, Bourbon Genius, while a top stallion, only lived to age 13.  Genius Bourbon King’s dam, Blessed Event, had been a good, but not great show horse.  As a broodmare, she definitely couldn’t even be labeled as good.  In 10 years, she only produced 3 foals, and her two fillies never reproduced. What were the chances these two parents would meet at the opportune time?  Genius Bourbon King was foaled in 1943 at Dixiana Farms, but the Saddlebred industry was stalled out due to uncertainties in the world.  The beginning of World War II caused the cancellation of the World’s Championship Horse Show in Louisville.  As a colt, he was sickly and not much notice was taken of him. 

Things began to turn around when he sold as a yearling to Dr Wayne Munn of Shoreacres Farm and he was first registered as Shoreacres Genius.   Four years later, JL Younghusband, the owner of Valley View Farms in Illinois, was in need of a stallion.  He had recently sold Beau Fortune, and it was his good fortune to find Shoreacres Genius in nearby Wisconsin.  The once sickly colt had matured very nicely and was reregistered as Genius Bourbon King upon his purchase.  He was sent to Jack Thompson, who was just back from World War II, and stood as a breeding stallion in Kentucky from 1947 through 1949.  Life was about to change yet again for Genius Bourbon King when Valley View Farms trainer Louis Robinson died.  In 1950, Tom Moore came to work at Valley View Farm.   He was 15 years old at the time and soon became the head trainer.  And he wanted to show a good horse.  And there stood Genius Bourbon King.  So it was back into training, and into the show ring for the 7 year old stallion.  Shown in fine harness, he was successful for several seasons, but his breeding career was slowed to accommodate the show schedule.  He also had a very steep stud fee, placed at $1000 in 1956.  As a result, the stallion still didn’t have many offspring, but those he had showed good promise. 

Mrs. Judson Large, a wealthy businesswoman from Chicago Illinois purchased several Genius Bourbon King colts in the late 1950’s.  In 1962, Mr. Younghusband was in poor health and needed to sell his horses.  Mrs. Large became the final owner of Genius Bourbon King.  She loved him and made sure the 19 year old stallion was given great care.  She also purchased good broodmares for the old stallion.  She owned him for 5 years until his death at age 24, and he produced 82 colts during those years out of a total on 212 colts in his life time.  Genius Bourbon King was said to be a good dispositioned horse, and stamped his get with his beautiful ears and athletic ability. 

Here are his  Champion get. 

CHMargie's Lady Genius (RWC)
1948, mare out of Margie Highland by Peavine’s Highland Chief

CHMoore's Miss America (WC)1
1950 mare out of Briney Breezes BHF by Kalarama Rex RWGC

CHPlum Duff (RWC)
1950 mare out of Meimohala Born by Cameo Kirby

CHValley View Supreme (WGC, WC, RWC)
1952 stallion out of Diana Gay BHF by The Genius

CHJames L
1954 Gelding out of Loghaven's Spanish Moss by Spic and Spanish 

CHScarlett Flame (WC, RWGC, RWC)
1955 mare out of Diana Gay BHF by The Genius

CHSomethin' Else
1963 mare out of Mountain Society by Major my Dare

CHMister Dawn
1964 stallion out of Ginni Dawn by Better Bourbon King

 CHLilli O'Lee  (WCC)
1964, mare out of Melody O’Lee BHF by Anacacho Denmark

CHMissouri Rebel
1964 gelding out of Janie Lammert by Noble Kalarama WGC

Margie's Lady Genius
Moore's Miss America with Tom Moore
Valley View Supreme with Tom Moore
James L with Cynthia Wood
Scarlett Flame with Tom Moore
Lilli O'Lee

Genius Bourbon King sired many other how horses, that although they weren't CHampions, they were very successful.  They included WC Pedro's Dream, WC The Jasper Wildcat, RWC Mr. American, RWC The Rambler, Shoreacres Anacacho Genius, Spanish Dancer and Mr. Ike. 

As you can imagine, Genius Bourbon King sired many successful breeding stallions and mares.  In future posts, we'll take a look at them as well.

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6/20/18 Foals of 1918, who were the stars?

We've had 100 years to gather the results, so who were some of the more important colts foaled in the year 1918?  This is a pretty short list, with no mares that stood out, and a gelding that became World's Grand Champion.  Two stallions were memorable, and one stallion takes his place as one of the All Time Saddlebred Greats.

Peavine's Dream
Whizzim by Rex Peavine X daughter of Montgomery Chief
f. 1918, this gelding was WGC in Fine Harness in 1925
and also 3rd in the 5G stake the same year.  

Astral Peavine (no picture)
f. 1918  Astral King by Bourbon King X Fannie Fern BHF by Rex Peavine

Astral Peavine sired some notable colts pictured below.
Hell & Maria by Astral Peavine was the Reserve World's 5Gaited Grand Champion in 1939.
Astral White Sox by Astral Peavine was WGC 5G in 1937 showing as Delaine Hours

Ruth Roland by Astral Peavine was in the BHF and produced Rex Story and Startling Kalarama
Rex Story out of Ruth Roland by Astral Peavine
Startling Kalarama out of Ruth Roland by Astral Peavine was WGC in Fine Harness in 1946

Alexander Monroe
f. 1918 traced to Chester Dare and his dam was by Rex Monroe
He sired Queen Anne of Windsor, she was the dam of Starheart Stonewall
Starheart Stonewall
Stonewall King X Queen Anne of Windsor by Alexander Monroe

 Hands down, the most important foal of 1918 was none other than Edna May's King.  Here is why he continues to be an influence on American Saddlebreds one hundred years later.

Edna May's King
f. 1918  Bourbon King X Edna May by Rex Peavine
another shot of Edna May's King

Here are a few of the colts he sired or was their grandsire.
They are the reasons Edna May's King is immortal. 

Anacacho Denmark under saddle
sired by Edna May's King X Jane Black

Anacacho Denmark posing
He sired CH Denmark's Daydream,  CH Broadlands Captain Denmark, CH Kate Shriver,
CH Denmark's Mokanna (shown as Regal Aire), Melody O'Lee, Anacacho Shower, Danshall's Gift of Roses, Lady Emily, Anacacho Empire, Oman's Anacacho Rhythm, Golden Thunderbolt, Ridgefield's Denmark Denmark's Bourbon Genius, Americus Denmark and Oman's Desdemona Denmark

Anacacho Shamrock under saddle
Edna May's King X Sally Cameron

Anacacho Shamrock posing
He sired CH Wing Commander, CH Star of the Show, Chocolate Parfait, Cacho Kate, Fluffy McDuffy, Command Decision, CH Dream Waltz, Fairy Ring, Private Contract, King of Harmony,  CH Primrose Path and CH Mark of Success to name a very few.

Cameo Kirby
Edna May's King X Jane Black, making him a full brother to Anacacho Denmark
He sired CH The Lemon Drop Kid

Flamme Rouge
Edna May's King X Jane Black, this gelding was another full brother

Anacacho Trail
Edna May's King X Naona P
She was dam of State Street, Bourbon Genius King, and Bourbon Salute.
She produced her last foal at age 34.

Edna May's Delight BHF
Edna May's King X daughter of San Vicente by Rex Peavine

American Masterpiece was out of Edna May's Delight by Edna May's King

American Buntee was out of Edna May's Delight by Edna May's King

Anacacho Princess BHF (no picture)
Edna May's King X Hazel Simmons
Hazel Simmons was a full sister to Sally Cameron, making 
Anacacho Princess a full blood sister to Anacacho Shamrock.
Beau Fortune was out of Anacacho Princess by Edna May's King
He sired 6 time WGC My-My
Beau Gallant was out of Anacacho Princess by Edna May's King
and a full brother to Beau Fortune.  Beau Gallant sired Gallant Guy.

Nawbeek's Highland King
Edna May's King X Nancy Highland by Highland Artist

Vztop Realization by Nawbeek's Highland King by Edna May's King
The Encore by Nawbeek's Highland King by Edna May's King

The Replica by Nawbeek's Highland King by Edna May's King

Edna Anne
Edna May's King X Rexanne by Rex's Black Squirrel, 2nd dam Annie C!
Anacacho Revel
Edna May's King X Highland Jane by Highland Squirrel King
The equine star of Gone with the Wind

Anacacho Del Oro   (no picture)
Edna May's King X Majestic Genius by King's Genius

Sunset Commander
Wing Commander X Anacacho Del Oro by Edna May's King

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