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6/20/18 Foals of 1918, who were the stars?

We've had 100 years to gather the results, so who were some of the more important colts foaled in the year 1918?  This is a pretty short list, with no mares that stood out, and a gelding that became World's Grand Champion.  Two stallions were memorable, and one stallion takes his place as one of the All Time Saddlebred Greats.

Peavine's Dream
Whizzim by Rex Peavine X daughter of Montgomery Chief
f. 1918, this gelding was WGC in Fine Harness in 1925
and also 3rd in the 5G stake the same year.  

Astral Peavine (no picture)
f. 1918  Astral King by Bourbon King X Fannie Fern BHF by Rex Peavine

Astral Peavine sired some notable colts pictured below.
Hell & Maria by Astral Peavine was the Reserve World's 5Gaited Grand Champion in 1939.
Astral White Sox by Astral Peavine was WGC 5G in 1937 showing as Delaine Hours

Ruth Roland by Astral Peavine was in the BHF and produced Rex Story and Startling Kalarama
Rex Story out of Ruth Roland by Astral Peavine
Startling Kalarama out of Ruth Roland by Astral Peavine was WGC in Fine Harness in 1946

Alexander Monroe
f. 1918 traced to Chester Dare and his dam was by Rex Monroe
He sired Queen Anne of Windsor, she was the dam of Starheart Stonewall
Starheart Stonewall
Stonewall King X Queen Anne of Windsor by Alexander Monroe

 Hands down, the most important foal of 1918 was none other than Edna May's King.  Here is why he continues to be an influence on American Saddlebreds one hundred years later.

Edna May's King
f. 1918  Bourbon King X Edna May by Rex Peavine
another shot of Edna May's King

Here are a few of the colts he sired or was their grandsire.
They are the reasons Edna May's King is immortal. 

Anacacho Denmark under saddle
sired by Edna May's King X Jane Black

Anacacho Denmark posing
He sired CH Denmark's Daydream,  CH Broadlands Captain Denmark, CH Kate Shriver,
CH Denmark's Mokanna (shown as Regal Aire), Melody O'Lee, Anacacho Shower, Danshall's Gift of Roses, Lady Emily, Anacacho Empire, Oman's Anacacho Rhythm, Golden Thunderbolt, Ridgefield's Denmark Denmark's Bourbon Genius, Americus Denmark and Oman's Desdemona Denmark

Anacacho Shamrock under saddle
Edna May's King X Sally Cameron

Anacacho Shamrock posing
He sired CH Wing Commander, CH Star of the Show, Chocolate Parfait, Cacho Kate, Fluffy McDuffy, Command Decision, CH Dream Waltz, Fairy Ring, Private Contract, King of Harmony,  CH Primrose Path and CH Mark of Success to name a very few.

Cameo Kirby
Edna May's King X Jane Black, making him a full brother to Anacacho Denmark
He sired CH The Lemon Drop Kid

Flamme Rouge
Edna May's King X Jane Black, this gelding was another full brother

Anacacho Trail
Edna May's King X Naona P
She was dam of State Street, Bourbon Genius King, and Bourbon Salute.
She produced her last foal at age 34.

Edna May's Delight BHF
Edna May's King X daughter of San Vicente by Rex Peavine

American Masterpiece was out of Edna May's Delight by Edna May's King

American Buntee was out of Edna May's Delight by Edna May's King

Anacacho Princess BHF (no picture)
Edna May's King X Hazel Simmons
Hazel Simmons was a full sister to Sally Cameron, making 
Anacacho Princess a full blood sister to Anacacho Shamrock.
Beau Fortune was out of Anacacho Princess by Edna May's King
He sired 6 time WGC My-My
Beau Gallant was out of Anacacho Princess by Edna May's King
and a full brother to Beau Fortune.  Beau Gallant sired Gallant Guy.

Nawbeek's Highland King
Edna May's King X Nancy Highland by Highland Artist

Vztop Realization by Nawbeek's Highland King by Edna May's King
The Encore by Nawbeek's Highland King by Edna May's King

The Replica by Nawbeek's Highland King by Edna May's King

Edna Anne
Edna May's King X Rexanne by Rex's Black Squirrel, 2nd dam Annie C!
Anacacho Revel
Edna May's King X Highland Jane by Highland Squirrel King
The equine star of Gone with the Wind

Anacacho Del Oro   (no picture)
Edna May's King X Majestic Genius by King's Genius

Sunset Commander
Wing Commander X Anacacho Del Oro by Edna May's King

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Saturday, May 19, 2018

1958, Volume 39 of the American Saddle Horse Registry

What do Browncrest Miracle,  Captain Valor, Commander's Beauty, Danish Commander, Drum Beater, Emmy Emerald, Flame of Denmark, Local Talent, Pat Stonewall,  Rita's Pride, Spirit Divine and Vanity's Vanguard all have in common?  All were foaled in 1958 and appeared in Volume 39 of the american Saddle Horse Registry.  Some you've probably heard of and perhaps some you haven't , so here's a little more about each one. 

Browncrest Miracle
Stonewall Supreme X Meadow Miracle by Meadow Majesty
Chestnut mare with small white star
bred by Fred Brown of Pennsylvania
She was the dam of Lad O'Shea and Lord O'Shea,
Lord O'Shea is pictured below
Captain Valor
Brave Captain X Wil Far B Venus by Woods' Choice
Bay Stallion both hind pasterns white
bred by Thomas Ziegler of Pennsylvania 
Commander's Beauty
Wing Commander X Ace's Beauty Box by American Ace
Chestnut mare with stripe, snip, spot on lower lip, both right stocking, left hind ankle
bred by Odee Farm Breeders of St. Louis MO

Danish Commander
Wing Commander X Denmark's Daffodil by Ridgefields Denmark
chestnut stallion with star, snip, lower lip and both right stockings
bred by Odee Farm Breeders of St. Louis MO
which was owned & operated by Louis Greenspon

Drum Beater
Anacacho Shamrock X Reverie's Bourbon Princess BHF by Bourbon Genius
Chestnut stallion with star
bred by Garland Bradshaw of Danville KY

Flame of Denmark
Oman's Desdemona Denmark X Aflame BHF by Jack Robin Twigg
Bay stallion with narrow stripe and both right stockings
bred by Oman Stables of Franklin TN
Local Talent 
American Dictator X Front Cover by King's Genius
Chestnut mare with star, snip, right hind ankle, left hind pastern
bred by Castleton Farm of Lexington KY
Her son Town Talent is pictured below
Ottawa's Summer Song
Mdercder's Copper King X Lafitte's Delightful Miss by Jean LaFitte
Chestnut mare with star, snip and left hind ankle
Bred by Dr. Robert Elrod of Toledo, OH 
Pat Stonewall
Stonewall Premiue X Nellie Don by Rex Story
Chestnut Stallion with short stripe and left hind ankle
bred by RG Hensley or Kirksville, MO

His son CH Patent Leather Stonewall is pictured below. 


Vanity's Vanguard
Vanity's Sensation X Precious Miss by Bourbon Genius
Chestnut stallion with star, snip, right hind pastern and left hind stocking
bred by Mrs Elliott Bonnie of Urbana Ohio

Some horses didn't have a picture available, so they're represented by a family member. 

Emmy Emerald foaled in 1958 was a full sister to Tashi Ling foaled in 1959. 
Emmy Emerald was RWC, but her younger sister was WGC.
WGC CH Wing Commander X WGC Emerald Future by Anderson Rex
Chestnut mare with stripe to right nostril and both right ankles
bred by Mrs. A.E. Knowlton of Emerald Farm in Delaware, OH
Prairie Firelight was later renamed American Sunset and was in the BHF
Americus Denmark X Courageous Flash by Captain Courageous
Chestnut mare with stripe covering end of nose, right front pastern and left hind stocking.
Bred by Jane Gordon Fletcher of Willisbrook Farm in Malvern PA
She is represented here by her son The Supreme Sunrise
Rita's Pride was later renamed Anita Le Rose
Society Kalarama X Rita Le Rose by Beau Peavine
Bay mare with star, snip, both right ankles and left hind stocking
bred by Max Biederman of Springfield, KY
She is represented her by her daughter CH Chantilly Rose BHF

Spirit Divine
Sun Beau's Glory X Ensign's Dream by Dnsign Kirby
Chestnut mare with faint snip, and left hind ankle
bred by Old Stone House Farms in Newburgh, IN
She is represented here by her stallion son Good Spirits

By sheer coincidence, the dams of both of my first horses, Buddy, Best Ever Saddlebred and my mare, were in this volume.  Vanity's Virginia was on page 159 and Cacho Kate was on page 160 and just five registration numbers apart.  My husband's first broodmare was also foaled in 1958, but didn't appear in this volume since she was registered the following year.  

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Monday, April 23, 2018

4/23/18 Wing Commander's 75th birthday celebration at Meadow Brook Hall

The American Saddlebred Association of Michigan recently held a celebration for Wing Commander's 75th birthday at Meadow Brook Hall in Rochester Michigan.  Here, in 1943, Wing Commander was born at the estate of Frances Dodge Van Lennep's mother, Matilda Dodge Wilson.

Much has been said about Wing Commander elsewhere in this blog.  A 6 time 5-gaited World's Grand Champion, he was also a 6 time leading breeding stallion, leaving a legacy of subsequent generations filled with more World Grand Champions, Hall of Fame broodmares, and high ranking stallions.  He was a one of a kind, whose name was recognized by Saddlebred fans as well as the general public.  He even appeared in Life Magazine in 1954 during his heyday.

Meadow Brook Hall, the estate built in the 1920's by Matilda Wilson, was donated to Michigan State University in 1957 and became Oakland University.  Meadow Brook Hall is an imposing 88,000 square foot home, still furnished as it was by Mrs. Wilson, and is open to the public for tours.  The architecture, the furnishings, the artwork and the grounds are all worth a trip to this home, which is now a National Historic Landmark.

One of the highlights of the evening's celebration were Dave Bedell's stories of Wing Commander.  One might expect that a 90 year old would remember seeing Wing Commander show, but Dave was honored to have been in a jog cart behind Wing and sitting alongside Earl Teater.  He also got to pick up Wing's foot, and watched from Wing's stall as he was being prepared for the Lexington Jr League's show at the Red Mile's historic round barn.  Dave questioned Mr. Teater when he noticed that the ribbon being used to braid Wing Commander was wider than the standard ribbon.  In a style far different than today, Dave was told by Earl Teater that he liked Wing's braids on show day to be "short, fat, and cocky!"  Not many people today can hold claim to such memories.

Wing Commander as a 3 year old
Frances Dodge and her mount Pendennis.
The original oil by George Ford Morris hangs in Meadow Brook Hall.
Frances Dodge in 1933 at Meadow Brook Hall.  
The entrance to Meadow Brook Hall over the bridge 

Was this originally one of Frances Dodge's barns?

This room off the main living room featured huge windows, a great view and a wormy chestnut ceiling.  It was my favorite room in the mansion.  
Round doors and ornately carved paneling were found throughout the home.  
Another room with a fabulous view. 
A hallway on the first floor.
Danny Dodge's bedroom
A trophy from the Toledo, Ohio show in 1929.

Matilda Wilson's bathroom
The ballroom at Meadow Brook Hall.
Tommy Dorsey and Frank Sinatra once performed here. 
The book signing table for "Riding on the Edge", 
a book about Frances Dodge. 
The billiards room in the basement of Meadow Brook Hall. 

A delightful and informative evening at Meadow Brook Hall reminded us all that Michigan will always be able to lay claim to the fact that CH WGC Wing Commander was born right here.

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