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3/28/16 Denmark's Daydream

The last post was about the dispersal sale of Greenhill Farm's horses in 1965.  However, the most famous horse owned by Mrs. JR Sharp's Greenhill Farm was WGC Denmark's Daydream.  Foaled in 1953, she had been injured and then bred as a four year old.  Her one and only colt was born in 1958 after which Daydream was put back in training.  She sold to Mrs. Sharp in 1959, as a relatively green 6 year old.   Under the direction of Mrs. Sharp's trainer Lee Roby, Denmark's Daydream bloomed and grew into a consistent performer, and one that was breathtakingly beautiful.  She won the 1961 and 1962 World's 5 gaited Grand Championship in convincing fashion.  She was doing well in 1963, and was a favorite to repeat as champion, when she died.  At first it was thought to be the virus sweeping the equine community that year, but it was later determined she died from blister beetle poisoning.  Her only offspring was a gelding, so there ends her bloodline.

Here is a look at her pedigree, and some other relatives that had noteworthy offspring.  Although Denmark's Daydream had a full sister, Anacacho Cinderella, her best producing sibling was a half sister, Colonel's Genius Charm by Kalarama Colonel out of Queen's Genius of Belemar BHF.  This mare produced the good breeding stallion, Secret Selection.

Bourbon King
Edna May's King
Edna May
Anacacho Denmark
San Vicente
Jane Black
Candy Kid
Denmark's Daydream
Bourbon King
King's Genius
Princess Eugenia
Queen's Genius of Belemar
Rex Steptoe
Queen Steptoe
Eloise Bourbon

Denmark's Daydream
This photo was taken shortly before Mrs. Sharp bought her
Denmark's Daydream
The iconic photo.
Denmark's Daydream
Winning the 1962 WGC with Lee Roby.
21 Guns
The only offspring of Denmark's Daydream foaled in 1958.
The Supreme Ace X Denmark's Daydream
Anacacho Denmark
the sire of Denmark's Daydream
Edna May's King
the grandsire of Denmark's Daydream 
King's Genius
Sire of Denmark's Daydream's dam (Queen's Genius of Belemar)
Rex Steptoe
Sire of Denmark's Daydream's 2nd dam (Queen Steptoe)
Secret Selection
Secret Society X Colonel's Genius of Charm,
2nd dam Queen's Genius of Belemar 
CH Summertime Colors
sired by Secret Selection

CH Kimbeland's Selection
shown as Society Selection
sired by Secret Selection
(Sorry for the poor photo quality, this is what happens when you blow up the thumbnails off the ASHA website)  

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Mrs. Sharp and Daydream in 1961.
Thanks to Charlotte Moon for sending me this photo.  

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3/12/16 The end of the Greenhill Farm era

While searching through the February Stallion issues last month, I stumbled across an article in the February 1966 issue of Saddle & Bridle which detailed the dispersal sale of Greenhill Farm in Tulsa Oklahoma.  The sale was held on December 10, 1965 as a result of the death of Mrs. J.R. Sharp on September 30, 1965.  After nearly four decades as an owner and breeder of the highest caliber of American Saddlebreds, her family, who didn't share her passion for the breed, wasted no time in selling off her stock.

Over time, Mrs. Sharp owned such greats as Oak Hill Chief, Edith Fable, The Replica, Aflame, CH Beloved Belinda, CH Afire, Annaclair, CH Sweet Amber, and her most noted horse, WGC CH Denmark's Daydream, the five gaited World's Grand Champion of 1961 and 1962.  Daydream may have continued winning if her life hadn't been cut short by blister beetles which tainted her hay.  Mrs. Sharp also bought the best of breeding stock, including many Hall of Fame Broodmares.  She purchased the dam of Denmark's Daydream, Queen's Genius of Belemar (BHF),but never succeeded in raising another Daydream.

Pictured here are the featured horses that went through the sale, many as young prospects that Mrs. Sharp had bred. The first eight were pictured in the magazine article.  Although it stated that 42 head sold for $170,000, when I totalled up the horses listed in the article, the sale made well over $250,000.  I have not located a picture of Lib Sharp, who was only 63 when she died in 1965, but her contributions to the saddlebred world are remarkable.

Wing Commander X Clear the Entrance by Sparkling Waters
Sold for $19,000
Mrs. Sharp had purchased her in April of 1965, so clearly she
wasn't expecting to pass away a few months later.  
Benedictine became a RWC in Ladies 5 gaited classes. 
Christine H
Starheart Stonewall X Katie Boone by Ace O'Goshen
This 3 year old mare sold for $12500 to Knolland Farm.

Flaming Empire
Anacacho Empire X Aflame (BHF) by Jack Robin Twigg
Sold for $17,000
I didn't find anything more about Flaming Empire, however, Mrs Sharp
owned his dam on two different occasions. First when she was a RWGC Fine Harness horse
 in the mid 1940's and again as an old broodmare.
King's Design
My Kings X American Design by American Masterpiece
Sold for $17,500
This mare was a WC Junior 3 gaited stake in 1966
My Captain's Lady
Broadland's Captain Denmark X Reverie's Bourbon Princess (BHF) by Bourbon Genius
Sold for $27,000
With breeding like this it's no surprise she raised a lot of colts for
future owners Emerald Farm, North Ridge Farm and Michelle MacFarlane.
My Kings X
Anacacho Shamrock X Love Affair BHF by Oklahoma Peavine
sold for $15,000
He sired colts into the late 1970's.
Sharp Lady
Wing Commander X Knight's Golden Lady BHF by Knight of Gallatin
sold for $14,500
She eventually became the dam of WC CH Sultan's Matchmaker
Buck and Wing X Gorgeous Huldy BHF by Wake Robin
This lovely 4 year old was the sale topper at $33,500
and sold to Don Harris Stable.

Also selling at the Greenhill Farm sale were the following horses:

Greenhill's Red Flare
The Red Rambler X A Flare by Anacacho Denmark
He sold as a weanling for $3600
CH Nomad
The Red Rambler X Oman's Aglow by Oman's Desdemona Denmark
He was only a two year old prospect at the sale, but he
sold for $11,000 and eventually earned his CHampion designation.
His dam, Oman's Aglow sold as a broodmare to George Gwinn.
Oman's Blanchita Blossom BHF
She was the high selling broodmare at the sale going for $6750.

Other horses going through the sale were A Flare (Anachcaho Denmark X Aflame (BHF) making her a full sister to CH Broadland's Captain Denmark and CH Afire.  A Flare sold for $4300.    Royal Roxie, a daughter out of the only living daughter of CH Roxie Highland sold as a broodmare for $3500.  Anacacho Cinderella, a full sister to Denmark's Daydream sold as a broodmare for $5000.

Other fine horses owned by Lib Sharp at one time or another.  

CH Belle Destiny was later owned by Joan Robinson Hill.

CH Precious Possession was another Joan Robinson Hill horse.

CH Denmark's Daydream was a twice WGC5 gaited champion.
21 Guns was Denmark's Daydream's only foal, produced before she was WGC.

CH Ensign's Sashay was later owned and shown by Jean McLean Davis.

CH Mis Lib
King of Rose-a-Lee X Lucy Kilmer BHF

CH Sweet Amber
Anacacho Empire X Allenwood's Lady Genius BHF

The Red Rambler
The Rambler X Sousan Girlie by Independence Chief
Although he was purchased the day of the sale, Mrs. Sharp had
sold him to Lee Roby in 1964.

Lib Sharp owned such broodmares as Ridgefield's Flora, Ace's Refreshing Moment, Queen's Genius of Belemar, Oman's Blanchita Blossom, Helen Highwater and Aflame.  All these mares were in the Broodmare Hall of Fame (BHF).  Stallions of note included Gold Note, Wing's Fleet Admiral, My King's X, and the Red Rambler.  She didn't mess aroundwhen it came to purchasing good stock.  As for show horses, at one time or another she owned CH Belle Destiny, CH Miss Lib, CH Sweet Amber, CH Precious Possession, CH Calypso, CH Denmark's Daydream, CH Afire, and she not only owned, she sometimes exhibited CH Oak Hill Chief.  Quite the lady, and quite the loss to the saddlebred world when her farm dispersed. 

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At last, a picture of Mrs. JR Sharp from the Louisville Courier