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4/23/16 Kourgeous Kalu

W. B. Griffin owned Kalu Farm in Libertyville, Illinois, and bred and raised saddlebreds during the 1960's and 1970's.  He bought a 16 year old stallion from Tom Moore in 1960 named Stonewall Dysart.  A well bred stallion by Stonewall's Golden Dream by Stonewall King, his dam was a granddaughter of Rex McDonald.  Stonewall Dysart was immediately put to work siring colts with names featuring the perfect alliteration of double K's like Kalipso Kalu, Kandykane Kalu and Korkscrew Kalu.  He only sired colts for Griffin and Kalu Farm for two years, and only sired about a dozen colts in that time span.  Two of the colts that Stonewall Dysart sired were Kalurama in 1961 and Kaptain Kalu in 1962 and they were each bred as two year olds.  Kaptain Kalu sired colts until 1983, but Kalurama had only one colt crop and that was in 1964.  Front and center of these five offspring from 1964 was a bay colt with a few white hairs on his forehead.  Griffin registered him as Kuragus Koventry Kalu.  The American Saddlebred Register from 1964 had a typo and he was listed as Uragus Koventry Kalu.  Griffin owned him for 12 years and used him as a breeding stallion during that time period.  However, around 1975, Bill Griffin began thinking about getting out of the horse business.  He decided he needed to promote his stallion, so he had his trainer, Art McCollar, take him to some shows to be seen.  So, at age 12, he was sold to Jean McLean Davis in 1976 and he was shown at the Kentucky State Fair by her trainer, Tom Moore.  The same Tom Moore who had sold his grandsire to Mr. Griffin back in 1960.  Not only was he shown, but he was Reserve in the World's Grand Champion Fine Harness stake.  His name was also changed to how we know him now, Kourageous Kalu.  Shortly after winning the reserve champion honors, he was sold to Franklin Groves of North Ridge Farm in Wayzata Minnesota. 

Kourageous Kalu was a well publicized breeding stallion, but had to share his duties with several other top stallions that were owned by North Ridge Farm.  During his career, he sired the champions Denmark's Devotion, Captive Spirit, Norton, Northern Creation, Storm Wind, The Spitfire Special and Sand Kalamehameha.  Several of his daughters went on to become good producers, and Kourgeous Kalu is the broodmare sire of breeding stallions Nocturnal, Harlem Globemaster, Powerful Charm LCC, My Magical Moment and How Fortunate, as well as the good show gelding, CH My Grande.

Kourageous Kalu
and Tom Moore
more ads featuring Kourageous Kalu
his sire
Stonewall's Gold Dream
his great grandsire
Jean Coventry
his 2nd dam
Katherine Grigsby BHF
his 4th dam
Knightrain Kalu
sired by Kourageous Kalu while still at Kalu Farm
Captive Spirit
sired by Kourageous Kalu
he was the WGC in Fine Harness in 1987 
Captive Moment
Kourageous Kalu X Captivation
She was the dam of Nocturnal
Tashi's Gift
Kourageous Kalu X Tashi Ling
she was the dam of Harlem Globemaster 
Harlem Globemaster

How Fortunate
CH Foxfire's Prophet WGC X My Flame by Kourageous Kalu
sire to RWC Follow the Sun
My Magical Moment
Sultan's Santana WGC X My Flame by Kourageous Kalu
CH Norton
Kourageous Kalu X Look of Love BHF by Colonel Boyle

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

4/11/16 Anacacho Shamrock, King of the Saddle Stallions

 The February 1956 issue of Saddle & Bridle had a two page spread promoting the #1 Saddlebred stallion on the 1955 sire rating, Anacacho Shamrock. It was his third sire rating win in a row.   Billed as the "King of the Saddle Stallions", the ad placed by his owners, Dodge Stables, featured 16 of his sons and daughters.  Anacacho Shamrock's iconic photo was positioned in the middle of the ad, circled by his get.  Many were full siblings, so Dodge Stables not only promoted their head stud, but their great stallion for the future as well.  Here are his offspring, and a little bit about them.

Of course, front and center were the five full siblings produced by the magic cross of Anacacho Shamrock and Flirtation Walk BHF.  Wing Commander, Lover's Lane and Dream Waltz were all bred and currently owned by Dodge Stables.  Command Decision and Private Contract were both already owned by Frank Turner and Larry Moore, respectively. 
CH Wing Commander
CH Lover's Lane
when bred to Vanity's Sensation, she produced Lover's Sensation
CH Dream Waltz BHF
Private Contract
Shown lightly, he was a successful sire. 
Command Decision
His stud fee in1956 was $150.  He was another
successful breeding stallion sired by Anacacho Shamrock. 

Another set of full siblings were the trio of Meadow Clover, King of Harmony and Meadow Dew, all out of the former show ring star, CH Meadow Wisp.  Another full sibling, Fairy Ring, became a member of the Broodmare Hall of Fame.  Fairy Ring was bred and owned her entire lifetime by Dodge Stables. 
King of Harmony
Owned by Dr. E.C. Moore, he was used as a breeding stallion. 
Meadow Dew
She was shown successfully as a 3 Gaited horse.  
Meadow Clover

Two more Anacacho Shamrock daughters were out of former Dodge Stables' stars, Love Affair (BHF) and Glorious Star, both mare having been shown by Frances Dodge. 
Irish Star
was out of the former show mare, Glorious Star. 
Royal Affair
was out of the former show mare, Love Affair BHF

Anacacho Shamrock was an elite stallion, and he attracted top mares.  Here are several more of the pictured products of these crosses. 
CH Mark of Success
He was a World's Champion 3 Gaited Amateur division
The Sabre
Out of Ace's Refreshing Moment BHF, he was 4th in the 
1956 5 Gaited Gelding Stake at the Kentucky State Fair. 
She was a successful 5 gaited mare.
Rita's Dream
Shown by Judy Beall

A couple of the horses didn't show under their registered names.  Someone out there knows who they were, but unfortunately, I couldn't identify them. 
shown as Lively Talk
Shown as Hyland Shamrock

Anacacho Shamrock sired wonderful colts, helped out by the top producing mares he bred.  A great stallion with a great legacy, and many of the horses pictured in this 60 year old ad demonstrate why he is still remembered today. 

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