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2/29/16 Sire rating for 2016 and prior decades

2/29/16 The 2016 sire rating is out, and mostly unchanged for the last few years.  Once again, the trifecta of Undulata's Nutcracker, Sir William Robert and Designed lead the way.  And since this blog likes to look back in time, here's a look back at the eight decades of sire ratings ending in a "6".

Undulata's Nutcracker 
Sir William Robert

1.  Caramac (CH Will Shriver X Stonehenge Vanity by Vanity's Sensation)
     Interestingly, he's the sire of the current #1, Undulata's Nutcracker, and #3 Designed.
2.  Periaptor (CH Courageous Admiral X Eliana by Classic Stonewall)
3.  Harlem Globetrotter ( New Yorker X Putting on Airs (BHF) by Mr. Magic Man)
4.  Catalyst (Manhattan Supreme X Lakeview's Captured Angel by CH Superior Odds)
5.  Merchant Prince (Mountain Highland Memories X CH Buck Creek's Precious Princess (BHF)
                                   by Glen Groves Lord Vanity)
6.  Callaway's Blue Norther (CH Will Shriver X Royally Blue by Royal Rambler)
7.  Santana's Charm (Syltan's Santana X Vanity's Belle by Vanity's Sensation)
8.  Phi Slama Jama ( CH The Karankawa Chief X Wild and Lovely PH by
                                   Hide-a-way's Wild Country)
9.  CF First Night Out (CH Night Prowler X Happy Twenty First by New Yorker)
10.  Attache's Liquid Asset (Attache X Mona Denmark by Oman's Desdemona Denmark)

Notice that Vanity's Sensation or his son shows up 3 times as the broodmare sire.
Harlem Globetrotter

1996 (I had to use 1997 results since I didn't have 1996, but 1995 was virtually the same)
1.  Chubasco (Fourtain of Youth X Tropical Gale)
2.  Harlem Globetrotter *nearly his same postion as in 2006
3.  Champagne Fizz (Supreme Sultan X Commader's Elegance by Wing Commander)
4.  Sultan's Great Day (Supreme sultan X Supreme's Casindra by Stonewall Supreme)
5.  Radiant Sultan (Supreme Sultan X Glenview Radiance by Oman's Desdemona Denmark)
       he was owned by Redwing Farm which currently stands Designed.
6. Phi Slama Jama  see 2006 list
7.  Talent Town (Yorktown X CH Chantilly Rose BHF by Denmark's Bourbon Genius)
8.  Worthy Son  (Supreme Sultan X Jasper Lou by Wing Commander)
9.  Caramac   see 2006 list
10.  Supreme Heir (Supreme Sultan X CH Supreme Airs BHF by Stonewall Supreme)

Notice all the Supreme Sultan sons and daughters of Stonewall Supreme and Wing Commander.

Harlem Globetrotter
Champagne Fizz

1.  CH Will Shriver ( Callaway's Johnny Gillen X Kate Shriver by Anacacho Denmark)
     Caramac's sire and Undulata's Nutcracker's grandsire
2.  Sultan's Santana (Supreme Sultan X Grandview's Majorettee BHF by Golden Thunderbolt)
3.  Stonewall's Main Event (Starheart Stonewall X Katie Boone by Ace O'Goshen)
4.  CH Courageous Admiral (Wing's Fleet Admiral X Indiana JEM by Indiana Ace)
5.  Firelane (Hide-a-way's Firefly Supreme X Rosemary Lane by The Genius)
6.  GrapeTree's Fox (Wing's Fleet Admiral X Clarma's Harmony by Clarma)
7.  Starheart Victory (Victory Ace X Highpoint Flame BHF by Starheart Stonewall)
8.  Super Supreme  a full brother to Supreme Sultan
9.  Jay O'Lee (Stonewall Supreme X Molly O'Lee by Ensign Kirby)
10.  Champagne Fizz  see 1996 list

Note that Kate Shriver, Golden Thunderbolt and Clarma are full siblings, along with Oman's Desdemona Denmark.
CH Will Shriver 
Sultan's Santana
Stonewall's Main Event

1.  Oman's Desdemona Denmark (Anacacho Denmark X Reverie's Desdemona BHF)
2.  Supreme Sultan (Valley View Supreme X Melody O'Lee BHF)
3.  Buck and Wing (Wing Commander X Lovely Maid)
4.  Secret Selection (by Secret Society)
5.  Mr. Magic Man (by Wing Commander)
6.  Starheart Peavine (Starheart Stonewall X Rita Le Rose)
7.  The Contract's Commander by Private Contract
8. Colonel Boyle by Kalarama Colonel
9.  Indiana Peavine by Indiana Ace
10.  Flight Time (Wing Commander x The New Moon)

Lots of Wing Commander sons.

Oman's Desdemona Denmark 
Supreme Sultan
Mr. Magic Man

1.  Wing Commander (CH Anacacho Shamrock X Flirtation Walk BHF)
2.  Ridgefield's Genius  by King's Genius
3.  Anacacho Empire by Anacacho Denmark
4.  Private Contract (CH Anacacho Shamrock X Flirtation Walk BHF by King's Genius)
5.  Stonewall Spreme by Stonewall King
6.  Stonewall Premier by Stonewall King
7.  Vanity's Sensation by Sensation Rex
8.  Courgeous Peavine by Captain Courageous
9.  Bobby Sea by Royal Rex Sea
10.  Ridgefield's Denmark (Anacacho Denmark X Reverie's Desdemona BHF)
       Yet another full sibling to Kate Shriver and her brothers.
Wing Commander

Anacacho Empire

1.  Anacacho Shamrock by Edna May's King
2.  Anacacho Denmark by Edna May's King
3.  Sparkling Waters
4.  King Coe
5.  Society Rex by Kalarama Rex
6.  Beau Fortune
7.  Genius Bourbon King
8.  Stonewall's Golden Dream
9.  Veiled Prophet
10  Red Kalarama by Kalarama Rex

Anacacho Shamrock
Anacacho Denmark
Sparkling Waters 

1.  Stonewall King
2.  American Ace by American Born
3.  Kalarama Rex by Rex Peavine
4.  King's Genius by Bourbon King
5.  Meadow Majesty
6. American Born
7. Mercer Rex by Rex Peavine
8. Nancy Highland's Chief
9.  Moutain Peavine
10.  Gallant Knight by Mercer Rex

Stonewall King
American Ace
Kalarama Rex

I don't have the stallion issue for 1936, but top stallions of the day were American Born, King's Genius and Kalarama Rex.
American Born 
Kalarama Rex 
King's Genius

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