Sunday, August 25, 2013

Louisville 2013

8/25/13  Another Louisville is wrapped up and there were a whole lot of wonderful horses there again this year.  I only got to spend two days there and took some truly awful photographs.  Sorry.  First off, congrats to Debbie Foley and Callaway's Annabel Allison.  I saw the stallion stake on Monday night and didn't think she'd have enough to beat the stallions, but in watching online last night, I saw her blow by Kalarama's Ultimate Choice at the trot.  I told my husband, she just might do it, and she

Callaway's Annabel Allison

Kalarama's Ultimate Choice

Wild Carrisima had a three-peat in Fine Harness.  He looked great as always, but the crowd favorite was clearly the reserve in the championship class, Nutcracker's Nirvana.  Jim Stachowski of Ohio has a knack for bringing out fantastic horses.   He also showed Use Your Illusion in the 3-gaited 3-year old class.  WOW!  Keep your eyes out for that one!

Use Your Illusion

Here are some more of my observations.  Well filled classes were such a pleasure to see.   The largest class I saw had 22 in it, and that makes for so much more competition than the 3 or 4 in a class you so often see.


Best pony award:  Goes to the little roadster pony who carried a very young girl safely around the ring in a large class of juveniles showing Roadsters under saddle.  She was clearly the youngest in the class, had a great time, and a safe trip thanks to her steady-eddy pony.
best pony is 4th from the right

Pet peeve:  A very talented juvenile rider catch rode a pleasure horse.  It was gorgeous, when it was moving forward.  A great deal of the class it was crow hopping, side passing, and clearly not being a pleasure to ride by anyone’s definition of the word pleasure.  This young lady did a fine job and never got rattled.  However, how could the judges place it?  Manners are paramount in a pleasure class and there were plenty of other deserving horse/rider combos.  Later, there was another juvenile catch riding another pleasure horse.  She won the class and the horse behaved the whole time.  No problem with that placing at all.

Aha moment:  While I went to cheer on my favorite Marc of Charm in the 5-gaited stallion stake, Kalarama’s Ultimate Choice won me over.  I still whooped and hollered when Marc placed reserve, but even I picked Kalarama’s Ultimate Choice to win.  He was fantastic.
March of Charm taking reserve in the stallion stake

Are you kidding me?  I don’t think William Shatner knows he's over 80.  He flew around the ring with his roadster.  He was Shat-tastic!

                                                                   William Shatner and Thunderbolt


 I know I have posted pictures of Carolina in her own post, but I stopped
at Cherokee Park on my way out of Louisville to see the statue.
It was well worth the effort.  Carolina was bigger than life,
extremely well detailed and a wonderful statue. 
She was pleased that her descendant Wild Carrissima won
the World's Grand Champion Fine Harness stake for the 3rd straight year.

I am not terribly tech savvy, so this may not work.  However, if you want to try for a great "ride" on Courageous Lord, try this link to a you tube video of Owen Weaver showing him at
this year's Kentucky State Fair.   It is the coolest 10 minutes watching a video you'll ever spend!

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lovely ladies and loyal lords

8/18/13   Back to the alphabet and horses beginning with an L.  Not all of these are lords or ladies, but I needed a title for my post and this was the best I could do. 

Love Affair (BHF) with Frances Dodge Van Lennep
Oklahoma Peavine x Ware's Sensation (BHF)
(see a picture of Ware's Sensation in the
6/15/13 post of Buddy's BHF's)

Lovely Maid
Society Rex X Moreland Maid (BHF)
After her show career, she only produced one foal,
but it was Buck and Wing by Wing Commander

CH Lover's Lane
Read more about her famous family in the
3/1/13 post about Anacacho Shamrock & Flirtation Walk

Lynn Williams
The only modern horse in this post, but she's been a
favorite of mine since I saw her show in a downpour at Lexington.

Lady Talmage
CH Wing Commander x Judy O'Lee (BHF)
See Judy's picture in the 87/16/13 post.

Leatherwood King
More on him in the 7/13/13 post
on his dam, Kate Haines.

Lee Rose McDonald
He sired Sweetheart on Parade who was
also a gray.

Lena Jemison (BHF)
Sired by Highland Denmark, she was the dam of
American Born.

Leslie Lane's Grand Slam
Starheart Stonewall x Parading Princess (BHF)
He stood in Michigan at Leslie Lane Farm.

Lewie Lewie
He's related to both my mares.  He has the
same dam as Loretta and the same sire as Chloe.

Looky Here
Showing in hand as a yearling. 

Lord Highland
Another colt by Highland Denmark, and the only Lord I had in my files.

showing at Shelbyville before we owned her.

the first summer we owned her. 
She was a sweet girl.

            Tomorrow it's off to Louisville for a couple of days of the Kentucky State Fair. 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday @ Lexington Jr. League Horse Show in 1953

8/10/13  This will be the final installment from the 1953 Lexington Jr. League Horse Show program.  The date was July 18, 1953  and at the matinee session, a ten pony hitch and Jimmy Richardson and his Organ entertain the crowd before the first class begins.  In the lead line class, Miss Fredericka Van Lennep is among the entries.  No results were given.  Second class was the Novice 3 gaited.  Fourth place went to Dodge Stable's Maid of Hearts.  Never heard of her?  Neither have I, but she placed fourth and that might be why.

Genius Queen won the Open Fine Harness class and Gay Gallant won the Minton Memorial 3 gaited.  They are pictured in the first installment of this program that was posted a couple of weeks ago.

The evening session started at 8PM.  The first class was a weanling championship.  First, second and third place went to entries from Clara Peck's Winganeek Farm.  She was heiress to the Woolworth department store fortune.  In fourth place was Cherry Parfait, a full sister to BHF Chocolate Parfait.
A couple classes later was the yearling championship, also won by a Winganeek Farm entry.  In third place was Chocolate Parfait.
This was an old ad for Winganeek Farm.  King's Sport is front & center.

The Amateur Five Gaited Stake was won by Beloved Belinda and her owner Joan Robinson.  Joan became the topic of the book, Blood & Money, a non-fiction story of her death in 1969. 

Beloved Belinda and Joan Robinson

After an Equitation class and a Harness Show Pony Championship, the Fine Harness Grand Championship took place.  The winner was Regal Aire, who's registered name was Denmark's Mokanna.  Second place went to Parading Lady and her owner Josephine Abercrombie Segura.  Also entered in the class was Sashay, registered as Ensign's Sashay.  This was before she went on to become a very good 3 gaited mare. 
Regal Aire was registered as Denmark's Mokanna


CH Ensign's Sashay later in her show career with Jean McLean Davis.

The 3 Gaited Grand Championship was won by Dodge Stables' Meadow Princess, ridden by Earl Teater.  Second was Emerald Future ridden by Earl's brother Lloyd Teater.  Fourth to Hazel Dawn Again.

CH Blue Meadow Princess with Earl Teater
CH Emerald Future (BHF)
Hazel Dawn Again with Art Simmons

Next came the Walking Horse Stake, so back then Walkers and Saddlebreds showed together at  Lexington.  After the Roadster to Wagon Stake, which had five entries, came the last class of the night.  Not to much question as to who won the Five Gaited Grand Championship.  Of course, it was Wing Commander shown by Earl Teater.  Second place went to Stonewalls Duke of Dixie, third to the lovely Wild Wind daughter,  As Beauty Does.  She was owned by the same man who later owned Colonel Boyle, and was shown by Art Simmons. 
CH Wing Commander
I wrote a big post on Wind for his birthday on 4/23/13.  Somehow when I edited it,
the post moved to July.  Lots of people have read it and he deserves the attention.


As Beauty Does was a daughter of my
broodmare, Wild Wind (BHF)



On the back of the Lexington Jr. League program was an ad for the sale of
Ridgefields Farm in Danville, Kentucky.
Ridgefields had been home to  breeding stallions Ridgefield's Genius,
Ridgefield's Rex, and Ridgefield's Denmark



Saturday, August 3, 2013

1953 Lexington Jr. League Horse Show part 2

Continuing with more Thursday evening classes from July 16, 1953, here are the results of the Amateur 3 gaited class.  First place went to Sam McGee and his owner/rider Carl Fischer Jr.  As of 2012, Mr. Fischer was still breeding saddlebreds and has owned many top horses through the years.  Second went to Ace's Linda Lee. 
Sam McGee with Carl Fischer

Ace's Linda Lee
Sorry, had to move my cat off the program so I could turn a page.  He keeps me company!  The 5-gaited Junior stake had some very well known names, as the first place winner Garrymore went on to many more wins, as did 2nd place Socko.  Garrymore was the 5-gaited gelding stake winner at the Kentucky State Fair several times and Socko was one of  Dodge Stables' stalwart performers.  Third place went to Society Kalarama who was later a breeding stallion.
Garrymore with Frank Bradshaw


Socko with Earl Teater
Society Kalarama
Friday night brought more classes including equitation, hackney, walking horse and roadsters, but I'm sticking with the Saddlebreds, of course.  In the two year old fine harness stake, first went to Dainty Breeze, 2nd to Mr. America and third to Dyna Glow.  Listed as an entry, but evidently not making the class was future 5 gaited star and breeding stallion, Gallant Guy O'Goshen. 

Mr. America and Tom Moore

                  Dyna Glow owned by Leatherwood Farm
The Open 5 gaited class was won by Dodge Stable's Lover's Lane.  Since Dodge Stables' mare Showboat won the 5 gaited mare stake, this was the only class for Lover's Lane to show in.  The sensational mare As Beauty Does was also listed as an entrant, but either didn't show, or didn't place. 
Lover's Lane with Earl Teater

As Beauty Does

 Just a day after showing in the Amateur 3 gaited class, the Amateur 3 gaited stake class took place.  Sam Spade took 2nd this time and Ace's Linda Lee was 4th. 
In the 3 year old 5 gaited stake, Dodge Stables prevailed again with Moon Glitter winning the tri-color.  Denmark's Bourbon Genius, a future breeding stallion took third place.

Moon Glitter and Earl Teater
Denmark's Bourbon Genius
That's all until the 1:00PM Saturday Matinee and 8:00PM Saturday night session for the next post.