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5/15/16 Mr. Magic Man

A couple of month's ago, the blog had a request for info on the Mr. Magic Man, the great son of Wing Commander that was bred and owned for his entire lifetime by Ruxer Farms.  As much as I looked, I could only find one picture of this handsome stallion, but it is a wonderful photo.  After contacting Bob Ruxer, there still weren't any more pictures of Mr. Magic Man, but Mr. Ruxer did share some wonderful information.  I asked him for some basic facts such as if he had a show record, did he have any interesting traits, or did he have a nickname.  Mr. Ruxer was kind enough to respond and here is what he shared about Mr. Magic Man.

"I was an amateur magician as a young man and that's how he got his name. He never did have a nickname but he was probably the fanciest five gated horse Ruxer farms ever produced. My uncle always believed you could show a horse or breed him, but not both , and we needed him at home to cross with our mares. He was gaited by Dave Clark and Frank Bradshaw and then brought home and never shown as a gaited horse though I think he was shown once as a 2 year old in harness. Marty Mueller would come down from French Lick and ride him, and it would take your breath away. I believe the year he died he would have been number two stallion in the nation, Sultan topped the ratings. All told he was undoubtedly the prettiest Wing Commander stallion ever and to me could have beaten Yorktown without breaking a sweat. He deserved to make his mark in the ring but just never got the chance. One thing for sure,,,, he was really magic...!"   Bob Ruxer

This statement really gives some insight into this beautiful horse.  Many thanks to Bob Ruxer!  Here is a more in depth look at his pedigree, his offspring and what became of him.  
Mr. Magic Man
f. 1963  CH Wing Commander X Molly O'Lee by Ensign Kirby
He produced colts from 1967 through 1977, the year he died.  

Mr. Magic Man

ch 1963
Wing Commander
ch 1943
Anacacho Shamrock
ch March 18, 1932
Edna May's King
ch 1918
Bourbon King

Edna May

Sally Cameron
b 1918
Highland Squrrel King


Flirtation Walk
ch 1933
King's Genius
ch 1924
Bourbon King

Princess Eugenia

 Spelling Bee
ch 1923
King Vine

dau. of Red Light II
Molly O'Lee
ch 1956
Ensign Kirby
ch 1939
Cameo Kirby
ch 1929
Edna May's King

Jane Black

Girl of my Dreams
b 1920
Rex Chief A

Helen Dickens

Judy O'Lee
ch May 19, 1948
Leatherwood King
ch 1939
King's Genius

Kate Haines

Ace's Orchid
ch 1945
American Ace

Marjorie Beebe

Mr. Magic Man's second dam, Judy O'Lee, was in the Broodmare Hall of Fame and also produced fellow Hall of Fame Broodmares Melody O'Lee, Jasper Sweetheart, Ann O'Lee, Jasper Sweetheart and Jasper Lady Evelyn.  His first dam, Molly O'Lee was also a good producer and some of her production record is listed below, with each indentation being a different generation.
Molly O'Lee produced:
               *Nancy O'Lee
                                                ***CH Caraway's New York Minute
                                                *** CH Spike Leigh
                                  ** Natalie O'Lee
                                                 *** CH Callaway's Where there's a Will
                                                    ***CH That's My Story
                                                    *** Christmas in New York ERB
                                    ** Joyful Delight
                                                     *** General Steel
                                                     ***  The Manipulator
                                     ** Martha Martha
                                                      *** Kingwood's Harlem Harlem
                                                                       **** Nutcracker's Nirvana   WGC in FH
                *Jay O'Lee
                                    ** CH Red Hot
               *Jasper Lou (BHF)
                                     ** Worthy Son
                                      ** Sultan's Supremacy BHF
                *Mr. Magic Man  sired the following who were all CHampions
                        Bi Mi Rousing Cheer, Lady Magic, Magic Marvel, Magic Method, Magic Supreme,                             CH-EQ Magic Marauder.
Molly O'Lee, dam of Mr. Magic Man
All these horses pictured below descended from Molly O'Lee, the dam of Mr. Magic Man.
General Steel
Jay O'Lee
Nutcracker's Nirvana
Mr. Magic Man was the sire of many good show horses.  
Several are pictured below.  
CH Lady Magic by Mr. Magic Man
CH Magic Symbol by Mr. Magic Man

CH Magic Marauder by Mr. Magic Man
(in color and black & white)

Other good colts sired by Mr. Magic Man were Captain Magic, Magic Moonlight,Missy Magic, Our Magic Lady, Magic Message, Hocus Pocus, Ester Magic, Magic Flair, Magic Mirror, Magic Pearl, Magic Motion, My Magic Dream, Copper Bracelet and Court Jester.  

Mr. Magic Man first appeared on the Saddle & Bridle sire rating in 1975, when he was in 5th place.  The following year, he was in 7th place.  It was noted in the Ruxer Farms ad in February of 1977 that he was only standing to Ruxer owned mares.  He was already dealing with health issues.  Sadly, he passed away in the early spring of 1977 and never sired another colt crop.  When the 1977 sire rating came out in the February 1978 issue, Mr. Magic Man lead the rating for deceased sires.  

Mr. Magic Man also had some sons and daughters that carried on his bloodlines.
Our Magic Memory by Mr. Magic Man
He was a breeding stallion and briefly stood at Ruxer Farms as a replacement when his sire died.  

Mr. Magic Man also produced several daughters who ended up in the Broodmare Hall of Fame

Chameleon BHF
Putting On Airs BHF
Oak Hill's Moon Magic BHF

Chameleon produced CH Supreme Roman and Conversationalist, who in turn was dam to Harlem's Friendly Conversation.  

Putting on Airs produced Yorkshire Pudding, also a BHF, and the breeding sires Harlem Globetrotter and Yorktown Magic.

Oak Hill's Moon Magic produced CH Harlem's Half Moon

Putting on Airs BHF by Mr. Magic Man
Yorkshire Pudding BHF our of Putting on Airs BHF
Harlem Globetrotter out of Putting on Airs BHF
Yorktown Magic out of Putting on Airs BHF
Mooncracker out of Harlem's Half Moon, 2nd dam Oak Hill's Moon Magic
She's a Moon Dancer out of Harlem's Half Moon, 2nd dam Oak Hill's Moon Magic

Another good daughter of Mr. Magic Man was The Magic Moment.  
Follow the chronology of her offspring below.
The Magic Moment by Mr. Magic Man
one of her daughters was Miss Chit Chat BHF

Shoo Bop Shoo Bop out of The Magic Moment
Belle Reve's Voodoo Magic was out of The Magic Moment
A Magic Surprise was sired by Belle Reve's Voodoo Magic

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Looky looky! I found another photo of Mr. Magic Man!
And his good offspring, Magic Message.

 And another good one, Magic Marvel.

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5/8/16 Happy Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day 2016 and I haven't done a post on any of my horses in a long time.  We have't raised many colts at our farm, and most were raised by my husband before I was around, but here are some of the great mother's from our barn.  Hope you enjoy the before, during and after pictures.

 Sis and Bonnie
My husband bought a broodmare before he was old enough to drive and raised 4 colts from her.  Sis was a granddaughter of Society Rex.  We have some slide photographs of her which are much more flattering, but I don't know how to convert them to digital media.  
More info on my husband's start in horses

Bonnie all grown up and showing in Minnesota when owned by Paul Priebe. 

Big News and Frank Dye in California
Another of Sis' colts
A friend shared this photo of my mare as a foal in 1972. 
I bought her as a 3 year  old.  The broodmare was a daughter of Anacacho Shamrock.
Ten years later my mare had her first colt. 
Mare (yes, that was her nickname) and Reggie.
Mare wasn't the only one who had a baby in 1982.  
We were due a week apart and she went first.  
Another picture of Mare, Reggie and me 9 months pregnant.
My friend Laurie came to see the new colt and brought her
daughter Lisa to see the colt.  Charlie's giving Lisa a close up view. 
Buddy, best saddlebred ever.
Laurie took Lisa for her first ride on a Saddlebred.
Well, he technically doesn't belong on this post since he's not a mare or foal.
He really was the best. 
Fast forward a couple of decades to the next broodmare.
This is Loretta a month before she foaled in 2007. 
Loretta and Dub in 2007
Loretta in 2010. 
More Loretta 
Loretta ready to explode! 
Loretta and Maybe 
Maybe as a yearling in 2011.   

Thanks for indulging my whim.  Next week it's back to blog business and Mr. Magic Man!

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