Sunday, May 8, 2016

5/8/16 Happy Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day 2016 and I haven't done a post on any of my horses in a long time.  We have't raised many colts at our farm, and most were raised by my husband before I was around, but here are some of the great mother's from our barn.  Hope you enjoy the before, during and after pictures.

 Sis and Bonnie
My husband bought a broodmare before he was old enough to drive and raised 4 colts from her.  Sis was a granddaughter of Society Rex.  We have some slide photographs of her which are much more flattering, but I don't know how to convert them to digital media.  
More info on my husband's start in horses

Bonnie all grown up and showing in Minnesota when owned by Paul Priebe. 

Big News and Frank Dye in California
Another of Sis' colts
A friend shared this photo of my mare as a foal in 1972. 
I bought her as a 3 year  old.  The broodmare was a daughter of Anacacho Shamrock.
Ten years later my mare had her first colt. 
Mare (yes, that was her nickname) and Reggie.
Mare wasn't the only one who had a baby in 1982.  
We were due a week apart and she went first.  
Another picture of Mare, Reggie and me 9 months pregnant.
My friend Laurie came to see the new colt and brought her
daughter Lisa to see the colt.  Charlie's giving Lisa a close up view. 
Buddy, best saddlebred ever.
Laurie took Lisa for her first ride on a Saddlebred.
Well, he technically doesn't belong on this post since he's not a mare or foal.
He really was the best. 
Fast forward a couple of decades to the next broodmare.
This is Loretta a month before she foaled in 2007. 
Loretta and Dub in 2007
Loretta in 2010. 
More Loretta 
Loretta ready to explode! 
Loretta and Maybe 
Maybe as a yearling in 2011.   

Thanks for indulging my whim.  Next week it's back to blog business and Mr. Magic Man!

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