Saturday, June 20, 2015

6/20/15 V is for Victory.....and Valiant.... and Valley

6/20/15  Here is a quick look at some great Saddlebreds with names beginning with the letter "V".  We're getting close to the end of the alphabet, so then what?

CH Valley Lane's Tender Mist
f. 1963 Private Contract X Oman's Anacacho Maytime (BHF)
This 3 gaited mare was a full blood sister to Yorktown,
he by Wing Commander and she by Private Contract.
She was shown simply as Tender Mist.

CH Valley Venture
 f. 1976   Dutch Commander X Lifetime Affair (BHF)
He began his show career as a 5 gaited horse,
but earned his CH as a 3 gaited star.

CH Valley View Supreme
f. 1952  Genius Bourbon King X Diana Gay (BHF)
He was the first stallion to be crowned
3 gaited World's Grand Champion
A candid picture of CH Valley View Supreme

CH Valley Witch
f. 1965  Anacacho Valentino X  Sussie Anne Peavine
She was twice World's Champion 3 gaited Amateur Champion

CH Victory Tide Blue
 f. 1972  Anacacho's All American X My Victory

Denmark Vixen
f. 1952  Anacacho Denmark X Edgemorr's Gloria Gleason
Not really a great example of the "V" horses,
but she was the only Vixen with a picture.

Plush Velvet
f.  1975  Mr. Magic Man X Caren Supreme
Once again, not a great example of a "V" horse, but the only
Velvet with a picture.  While it's not a very pretty picture,
she is a very pretty mare and was bred by the Ruxer's.

The Valiant V
f. 1929  Oklahoma Peavine X Fair Acre Blossom (BHF)
He was a full brother to the great mare,
CH My Golden Dawn (BHF)

Valley View's Drummer Boy
 f. 1958  Genius Bourbon King X Highland Sylvia (BHF)

Valley's Desdemona Denmark
 f. 1966  Oman's Desdemona Denmark X Dixie Duchess (BHF)
One of the many full siblings from this great cross.

This phenomenal mare  was shown simply as Vanity,
but her actual name was CH Meadow Vanity (BHF)
f. 1935 Meadow Majesty X Live Wire Beauty

Vanity's Sensation of Crebilly
f. 1947  Sensation Rex X CH Meadow Vanity (BHF)
grandsire of Buddy, Best Ever Saddlebred

Victory Ace
f. 1945  American Ace X Fairy Slippers by Kalarama Rex
Starheart Victory
f. 1962  Victory Ace X High Point Flame (BHF)
His sire is pictured above.

Victory Miss
 f. 1938  Gallant Knight X Jessamine Chieftain

Vztop Realization
f. 1947  Nawbeek's Highland King X Sally Of Vztop
Vztop Stables was owned by Lupton Veazey Rainwater,
hence the name Vztop. 

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

6/14/15 New Yorker's 1977 Crop

Flipping through the February 1977 issue of Horse World, there was an ad from Leslie Lane Farm in Midland Michigan for several of their stallions, including New Yorker.  Its headline stated, "New Yorker has the following fifty mares in foal for '77!"  The list was impressive, and included former show mares and future Broodmare Hall of Fame members.  So what became of the 1977 foal crop? 
New Yorker had 46 registered foals for 1977.  He was bred to many great mares, including CH Stonewall's Sound of Music, CH Duchess Delovely, CH Great Catherine, Best Wishes of Marywood and his own half sister Summerwood.  Brentwood's Full Fashion, CH Supreme Airs, and  Gillen's Fairy Gold would all enter the American Saddlebred Broodmare Hall of Fame.  High Fashioned Sue and Mystic Aire came from the Dodge Stables dispersal sale.  New Yorker certainly had a select group of mares to breed.
New Yorker
Not every colt grew up to be a World's Champion, but from the foal crop of 1977, New Yorker sired CH Zeberdee, CH City Glitter and CH The Lonely Lady.  His daughter Callaway's Siani was the dam of Callaway's Becca, who produced Beckon the Day who produced WC Callaway's Born for This.  His daughter Fine Feathered Friend produced the show and breeding stallion Sultan's Warhawk.
CH Zeberdee
was from the 1977 New Yorker crop
Callaway's Becca
her dam Callaway's Siani was sired by New Yorker in 1977
Callaway's Born For This
her 3rd dam was Callaway's Siani
Sultan's Warhawk
his dam Fine Feathered Friend was sired by New Yorker in 1977

However, if New Yorker only had a foal crop of two in 1977, he would have left his mark.  His daughter Happy Twenty-First went on to produce the great stallion CF First Night Out.  He in turn sired CH Honey Badger, CH Ava Gardner, CH Stonecroft Night Light, CH Lady Maya, CH Teuschers and breeding stallion Nocturnal.  CF First Night Out's daughter Hot Night Out is now in the BHF for producing horses like Bungalow Eight and Kenny Dawson. 
Happy Twenty First
she was sired by New Yorker in 1977
CF First Night Out
His dam Happy Twenty First was from the 1977 crop
and CF First Night Out sired the following horses.
CH Ava Gardner
CH Honey Badger
CH Teuschers
I'm First
CH Stonecroft Night Light
CH Out Go the Lights
were all sired by CF First Night Out

New Yorker had a lot of renowned stallion sons, but from 1977 came The New York Times.  Two fo his daughters were both CH and BHF, That's My Story and Undulata's Perfect Gift ERB.  The former produced CH And I'm Stickin' To It and A Whole Different Story while the latter mare produced CH New York's Perfect Gift.
The New York Times
was another member of the 1977 New Yorker crop.

CH New York's Perfect Gift
his dam CH Undulata's Perfect Gift ERB (BHF) was sired by 
The New York Times

So it seems that New Yorker was deserving of his full page ad heralding the arrival of the 1977 colt crop.  The Saddlebred world is still reaping benefits in 2015. 

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