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3/29/14 Judy O'Lee (BHF)

3/29/14   Earlier this week I posted a photo of Judy O'Lee.  A lot of people saw the photo, but there were no guesses as to her identity, so I took that as a sign.  Judy would be the topic of the week.  She was the foundation mare for Ruxer Farms and a regular producer.  Starting at age 5 and going until she was 19, she produced 3 geldings, 1 breeding stallion and 8 mares.  Of her eight daughters, four were in the Broodmare Hall of Fame.  Although she may have been best known as the 2nd dam of Supreme Sultan, she figures in many modern pedigrees through multiple branches of her family tree.   Her pedigree is interesting, with Kathryn Haines appearing twice in her third generation.  Her sire, Leatherwood King, was one of the five full brothers resulting from the King's Genius/Kate Haines cross.

 Judy O’Lee (BHF)


King’s Genius
 Bourbon King
Bourbon Chief 

Annie C (BHF) 

Princess Eugenia (BHF)
 Chester Peavine

Queen of Lincoln

 Kate Haines (BHF)
 Sun Flower
Highland Flower

Lady Eric

 Kathryn Haines (BHF)
Rex Monroe 

 Japanette (BHF)

Ace’s Orchid
  American Ace
 American Born
Guided By Love 

 Lena Jemison 

Kathryn Haines (BHF)
 Rex Monroe

Japanette (BHF)

Marjorie Beebe
 Guided By Love 
King Lee Rose

 Maud Cullen

Golden Gloss 
Highland Denmark 

Sue Chief (BHF)

Judy O'Lee BHF, by Leatherwood King out of an American Ace daughter

Listed below is the list of her producing daughters and her stallion son, along with some of the major sons and daughters that they produced.  Each generation is indented and this only goes out 2 generations, but it is crystal clear that she figures in the pedigrees of many great American Saddlebred breeding  horses.  Although most of her babies were by Wing Commander, she had equally good ones by several other sires.  

Melody O’Lee (BHF) 1953, by Anacacho Denmark

               CH Lilli O’Lee, by Genius Bourbon King

               Supreme Sultan, by Valley View Supreme
                                    look how many of his daughters were in the BHF!
                                       Perfect (BHF) (dam of WGC 5G He's the Man)
                                       Sultan’s Supremacy (BHF)
                                       Rainbow Valley (BHF)
                                       Poor Ruby Reddress (BHF)
                                       Concubine (BHF)
                                       Saucy Sultanna (BHF)

                                      Sultan’s Dianna (BHF)   (dam of Designed)
                                      Northern Empress (BHF)
                                      Denmark’s Runaround Sue (BHF)

                                      Sultan’s Radiance BHF  looking fit as a broodmare

    CH Sultan’s Leather & Lace (BHF) in her show days

                      Super Supreme, by Valley View Supreme
Denmark's Judy  1954, by Anacacho Denmark 
Molly O’Lee   1956, by Ensign Kirby

                    Mr. Magic Man, by Wing Commander

                                    Putting on Airs (BHF)

                                    The Magic Moment  (see post on Croft's Star)
                                    Oak Hill’s Moon Magic (BHF)
                                    Chameleon (BHF)
                Jasper Lou (BHF),  by Wing Commander
                                    CH Sultan’s Supremacy BHF  (double shot of Judy O'Lee)

                                    Worthy Son
                Jay O’Lee, by Stonewall Supreme
                Nancy O’Lee, by Supreme Sultan
                                    Nativity (dam of Christmas in NY ERB & CH That’s my Story (BHF)
                                    Martha Martha
                  Starla, by Supreme Sultan   
                                    Native Promise

Lady Talmage  1958,  by Wing Commander

                  Greystone’s Conestoga, by Valley View Supreme

                                    Captain Conestoga

                   CH Sir Talmage, by All Hail Columbia
Suzi O’Lee   1959, by  Beau Fortune

                    Birchwood Supreme, by Supreme Sultan (double shot of Judy O'Lee)
Jasper Sweetheart (BHF)  1962,  by Wing Commander
                    CH Barbados Exit, by Supreme Sultan (double shot of Judy O'Lee)
                    Rainbow Valley (BHF), by Supreme Sultan (double shot of Judy O'Lee)
Ann O’Lee BHF   1963,  by Wing Commander
                     Sultan’s Keepsake, by Supreme Sultan (double shot)

                                    Manhattan Supreme       as a 5-gaited show horse
                    Sultan’s Starmaker, by Supreme Sultan (double shot)
Jasper Lady Evelyn BHF   1964,  by Wing Commander


Bainridge Commander   1965,   by Wing Commander

These horses appear in Judy O'Lee's pedigree:

Leatherwood King, her sire

King's Genius, her grandsire

Kathryn Haines was twice her great granddam

American Born and Kathryn Haines produced American Ace, her dam's sire

Sunflower and Kathryn Haines produced Kate Haines, her sire's dam

Judy O'Lee is the 4th dam of Cry Me a Rainbow

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Next week it's back to the alphabet and the rest of the "S" horses. 

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3/22/14 1964 sire rating, 50 years later

3/22/14 A few weeks ago, we did a quick look at the sire ratings by decade, but this is a closer review of the 1964 sire rating from Saddle & Bridle magazine 50 years ago.  Who was in the top ten? Who were their top point getters?  But the big question is, who is still making an impact today?

Here are the top ten:                                            And the next ten:

1.  Wing Commander  by Anacacho Shamrock    11.  Alexander the Great by Montgomery Mc
2.  Stonewall Premier  by Stonewall King             12.  Beau Fortune by Sun Beau
3.  Private Contract  by Anacacho Shamrock       13. Golden Thunderbolt by Anacacho Denmark
4.  Stonewall Supreme by Stonewall King             14.  Ridgefields Denmark by Anacacho Denmark
5.  Anacacho Empire by Anacacho Denmark       15. King of Rose-A-Lee by Royal Kalarama
6.  Bobby Sea by Royal Rex Sea                         16.  Vanity's Sensation by Sensation Rex
7.  Ridgefield's Genius by King's Genius                17. Courageous Peavine by Captain's Courageous
8.  Clarma by Anacacho Denmark                        18. Beau LeRose Peavine by Beau Peavine
9.  Stonewall's Golden Dream by Stonewall King  19.  Denmark's Golden Sun by Anacacho Denmark
10 Genius Bourbon King by Bourbon Genius        20.  Stonewall's Jack Pot by Stonewall King

It's interesting that #1 & #3 are full brothers, and so are #8, #13 & #14.  Anacacho Denmark leads the way with five sons in the top 20, Stonewall King is close behind with four, and Anacacho Shamrock has two sons in the top 20.  Stonewall Premier, Stonewall Supreme and Vanity's Sensation would all eventually reach the #1 position on later sire ratings.

1. Wing Commander's top point getters were Emmy Emerald, Tashi Ling and Choice Commander.

Wing Commander

Tashi Ling                                                Choice Commander

2. Stonewall Premier's high point horses were The Love Charm and  The Lancer.

Stonewall Premier

     The Love Charm                              The Lancer

3 Private Contract sired The Challenger and The Tempest.

     Private Contract                            Contract's The Tempest                      

4 Stonewall Supreme sired Freddy Flintstone and Penny Stonewall.

Stonewall Supreme                Freddy Flintstone

5 Anacacho Empire sired Rebel Heir and Sweet Amber.

Anacacho Empire                                                 Sweet Amber

6 Bobby Sea had points earned by Sea Angel and Private Stock.

Bobby Sea                              Private Stock

7 Ridgefield's Genius sired I've Decided and City Hall

Ridgefield's Genius

         I've Decided                                  City Hall

8 Clarma had Regal Rhythm and Enough Said earning points.

       Clarma                                               Enough Said

9 Stonewall's Golden Dream sired Empress Supreme and Rita Jean.

Stonewall's Golden Dream                       Rita Jean

10 Genius Bourbon King had Scarlett Flame earning points.

Genius Bourbon King                               Scarlett Flame, full sister to Valley View Supreme

It's safe to say that all of these stallions are still having an impact on modern saddlebreds, but of course, if you're looking at the top line, Wing Commader and Genius Bourbon King dominate.

Be sure to search for any horses in the search feature of this blog.   There are more posts on Wing Commander, and  Reverie's Desdemona, the dam of three of the stallions in the top 20 in 1964.

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I couldn't stand it, I had to add more.........
Here are 21 thru 25 since they also appeared on the list of top living (in 1964) stallions, and some of them are quite well known.
21. Genius of Stonyridge by King's Genius  *see post on his dam Kate Haines (BHF)
22.  Victory Ace by American Ace              *sire of Starheart Victory
23. Marine Ace by American Ace               *sire of so many of the famous "Gray" family
24. Genius Flying Saucer by Bourbon Genius   *his grandson is Carey's Night of Love
25. On the Go by Stonewall's Victory        *his son Flying Mike stood at Leslie Lane in Michigan

Of the sires in the 11 thru 20 list, Alexander the Great is still represented today through his grandson, the good stallion Titleist.  Denmark's Golden Sun's most famous offspring was WGC Surefire, a gelding, but he still has some colts tracing back to him born as recently as 2009 through his daughters.  King of Rose-A-Lee is still represented through the many daughters he had with Lucy Kilmer (BHF).  Beau Le Rose Peavine's grandson Classic Memories was still actively siring colts until the early 2000's.  Stonewall Jackpot's great great grandson Stonewall Above Airs is an active sire and has about 8 crosses back to Stonewall King.  So yes, all these lines are still active 50 years later!

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3/16/14 Bugle Ann

Many excellent mares never make it to the Broodmare Hall of Fame, for example, see the posts on Carolina and Croft's Star.  While paging through the February 1950 issue of Saddle & Bridle, I came across a two page ad from Maryland Farm in Brentwood, Tennessee. They were touting "America's Number One Equine Family" while advertising their breeder stallion, The Supreme Ace.  It included a picture of his sire, American Ace, dam Bugle Ann, full sister Edith Fable, and first offspring Chrystie Storm.  The caption on his dam read, "The fact that when bred to American Ace she first produced Edith Fable and then The Supreme Ace, gives her a place in America's brood mare Hall of Fame."  What's interesting is that there was no Broodmare Hall of Fame at that time.  In fact, it wasn't conceived until the 1970's and not implemented the 1980's.  It just goes to show that the large breeding farms did hold their mares in high esteem.  Bugle Ann never made it to ASHA's Broodmare Hall of Fame, but she did make important contributions.

Bugle Ann
Nobly Born X Laura Saunders by a grandson of Chester Dare.
She produced 3 colts and 6 fillies.  She is usually referred to as Bugle Ann,
however she was registered as Bugle Anne.  

American Ace sired 6 of her 9 offspring. 
He was the head sire of Maryland Farm for over a decade.\
While at Maryland Farm, he sired BHF's Ace's Beauty Box, Ace's Dark Jewel, 
Ace's Refreshing Moment and Lucy Kilmer.

The Supreme Ace
American Ace X Bugle Ann
Purchased by Maryland Farms as a 5 year old, he was bred to many great mares, 
including Ace's Dark Jewel, Ace's Refreshing Moment, Dona San Juan, Maryland's Bird,
Reverie's Desdemona.  All of them were in the Broodmare Hall of Fame.

CH Edith Fable
A full sister to The Supreme Ace, she was a 2 time World's 3-gaited Champion.
She produced 5 offspring, but nothing that matched her results. 

Chrystie Storm
She was sired by the Supreme Ace under his original name,
Reveille Ace.  Her dam, Adella, was sired by Edna May's King. 

Gen. Bullard
Bugle Anne's great grand sire, General Bullard, was Reserve 5-gaited World's Grand Champion in 1922.
Gen. Bullard's sire Richlieu King was a 2 time Reserve WGC 5 gaited horse and a son of Bourbon King.

21 Guns
Sired by The Supreme Ace, he was the only offspring of CH Denmark's Daydream.
I believe he was gelded before his dam became 5 gaited WGC 
and she died before she produced more colts.

Bugle Ann produced Reverie's Poinciana (BHF), sired by Anacacho Denmark.
I have no picture of her, but she produced Pamela Gray, pictured below.

Pamela Gray
Marine Ace X Reverie's Poinciana (BHF) by Anacacho Denmark.
2nd dam was Bugle Ann

Reverie's Thunderhead
Bourbon Genius X Bugle Ann
He stood in Illinois.

Bugle Ann produced another full sister to Edith Fable, Jane Fable.
She was also shown as a 3 gaited horse and she produced one colt, Donalene Supreme. 

Donalene Supreme
Stonewall Supreme x Jane Fable by American Ace
2nd dam Bugle Anne. He was owned by Roy Pavey and sired some good horses around Ohio.

CH Ann Gray
Marine Ace by American Ace X Bugle Ann
She was shown by Isabel Robson, who kept her and later raised some colts from her.


Nobly Born
Bullard Artist
Gen. Bullard 
 Maude Brown 

Lena Oldson
Fanny Oldson 

Lora Saunders

Benton Dare  
 Edward Dare  
 Squirrel McDonald  

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