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11/18/17 Mystery horses

It took nearly 3 years to sort, catalog, identify, scan, label and research all the pictures from Dr. Elrod's collection.  Most were horses that he raised, owned or showed.  Many were labeled with some information on the back of the photo.  However, many weren't labeled, or had information that didn't  jive with the picture.  This frustrating and fascinating project eventually whittled it's way down to this group of unidentified photos.  Some were Dr. Elrod on an unknown horse, some were another rider on a horse that had nothing to do with Ottawa Creek Farm.  Some had no clues at all.  So why look at a bunch of unidentified photos?  For one thing, many were fabulous horses and well known riders.  What was the connection to Dr. Elrod and why were they in his possession?  Others were interesting for catching a moment in time.  And just perhaps, someone will recognize the horse or rider and be able to solve the mystery. 

So here are the photos, and all the available clues.  

This photo was labeled on the back side, "Daneshall's Easter Parade, dam of My My." 
Yes, it's a really nice horse, but it's not My My's dam.  It's a gelding. 
Here is the original unretouched photo from The American Saddlebred Museum.
They have a collection of Jay McClaskey's photos.  This one is from 1947, but
the horse isn't identified.  Frank Bradshaw is the rider, and he was also the trainer
of Daneshall's Easter Parade as well as My-My.  No one has been able to solve this one.
Here is the real picture of Frank Bradshaw and Daneshall's Easter Parade. 
They are very similar, and the location, lighting, riding suit, and background are identical.
Dr. Elrod and the Bradshaw's were friends, so that is probably why he had the top photo.
The label on the back wasn't Dr. Elrod's handwriting, but why would someone mislabel it? 

1941 is all we have to go on. 

"Lafitte" was the only identification on the back of this picture. 
Dr. Elrod owned the stallion Jean Lafitte from 1948 through his death in 1951.
He had 3 seasons of foal crops siring 33 colts for Dr. Elrod. 
This isn't CH Lafitte's Gay Scandel or Lafitte's Sweetheart, but
there are 21 other colts with the "Lafitte's" prefix to choose from.

This lovely 3 year old filly was pictured in 1944. 
Note the 4 rail fence in the background.  Dr. Elrod always had 4 rail fencing.

The photo from 1944 has 15 year old Bob Elrod riding a nice gray horse. 
Dr. Elrod bought Grey Mac in 1939 and had many grays sired by him over the years.

Probably another Grey Mac offspring.

Dr. Elrod aboard an unidentified horse. 

Here's another mystery horse with Dr. Elrod's friend Garland Bradshaw up.
It is a Kenneth Trapp photo, probably from the 1950's  or 1960's judging from the
clothing and roached tail.  It's a nice horse, but there are no clues to it's identification.

*update, well we figured out one anyway.  This is Garland Bradshaw
riding Ottawa's Denmark.  Check the previous post for another picture of this horse. 
His barn name was Pinky.

Yet another unknown horse with no identification on the photo. 
The rider looks like Chester Caldwell, and Dr. Elrod had business dealings
with him from the 1930's thru the 1950's.  This photo appears to be from the 1930's.

This high headed and handsome horse was not photographed at Ottawa Creek,
so the groom, horse and location are all unknown. It makes you wonder
why Dr. Elrod kept this photo.  Was it a horse he had sold? Was he sending one
of his mares to breed to the stallion?  Was it a prospect he considered?
Here is another horse at the same time and location.  Both photos were taken in November 1960.

Dr. Elrod aboard a gaited horse in 1942.  No other clues. 

Dr. Elrod driving a fine harness horse in the 1960's.
Dutch Morris was the photographer. 

Dr. Elrod riding a 3 gaited horse at the Ft. Wayne show in the 1960's.

Here's another one with very few clues.  It's a nice gaited horse and a
talented rider.  The shorter coat looks like the 1940's, but Dutch Morris
was the photographer and that may push this photo into the decade of the 1950's.

Hope you enjoyed these mysteries.  Maybe one or two will be recognized!
Be sure to look back at the last four posts for more photos of Dr. Elrod and his
Ottawa Creek Farm horses that were labeled and identified. 
*The rider is Claude Alexander, who was a trainer for Dr. Elrod.
The horse and date are still a mystery*

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Saturday, November 4, 2017

11/5/17 Stallions of Ottawa Creek Farm

As mentioned in a previous post, Dr. Elrod always kept one or more stallions in residence at his farm, from the early 1930's through the early 1970's.  He had his  own opinions about good bloodlines, and relied on many of the same crosses time and again.  Here is a look at the stallions he stood (highlighted), some of his favorite bloodlines, and some of the studs he chose for his mares.  There are also one or two of their offspring.

Dr. McChord was the first stallion at Ottawa Creek Farm.
He was purchased in 1932 from WD Mountjoy.
Dr. McChord
McDonald Peavine by Rex Peavine X daughter of Red Rex
Just Like a Melody
Dr. McChord X daughter of Cabell King
Grey Mac was purchased from James Marker in 1939.
He was also shown extensively.
Grey Mac
Lee Rose McDonald X Sibyl Byrns by Rexall Prince
Ottawa's Mastermind
Grey Mac X Korena Juan by San Juan
Ottawa's Sweetheart
Grey Mac X Korena Juan by San Juan
Jean Lafitte was purchased in 1948 from the Spindletop sale.
He died in 1951.
Jean Lafitte
Jean Valentino by Jean Val Jean X daughter of Rex Monroe
He was a Reserve World's Champion under his original name, Valrodare.
Lafitte's Gay Scandal
Jean Lafitte X a daughter of A Kentucky Bachelor's Dream
Lafitte's Sweetheart
Jean Lafitte X a daughter of A Kentucky Bachelor's Dream

Gay Kalarama
Kalarama Rex X daughter of King Barrymore
no picture of offspring
Clear Creek Prince
Anacacho Denmark X daughter of Moreland Peavine
Ottawa's Denmark
by Clear Creek Prince out of a daughter of Jean Lafitte
Mercer's Copper King, no picture, but this is his sire
Mercer Rex X daughter of American Born
Ottawa's Summer Song
Mercer's Copper King X daughter of Jean Lafitte
Ottawa's Liberty Born
Mercer's Copper King X daughter of Grey Mac
Captain Valor
Brave Captain by Captain Courageous X daughter of Woods' Choice
Ottawa's Sir Valor
Captain Valor X Lafitte's Gifted Lady by Jean Lafitte
Bellaire's Anacacho King, no picture, but this is his sire
Anacacho Denmark X Donna's Genius by King's Genius
Ottawa's Miss Vanity
Bellaire's Anacacho King X Vanity's Virginia by Vanity's Sensation
Alloway's Bonnie Lassie
Bellarie's Anacacho King X Watch My Step by Rex Shadow
My husband raised this colt.
Grand View's Matinee Idol at the east end of the barn
Grand View's Matinee Idol
Golden Thunderbolt X Maid of Orleans by King's Genius
Alloway's Tam O'Shanter
Grand View's Matinee Idol X Watch My Step by Rex Shadow
Another colt raised by my husband, this was the best colt by Matinee Idol.
He was shown as Big News. 
Ottawa's Matinee Girl
Grand View's Matinee Idol X Lafitte's Gifted Lady by Jean Lafitte

Lee Rose McDonald
McDonald Chief by Rex McDonald X daughter of King Lee Rose
Never owned by Dr. Elrod, but he purchased a lot of his colts. 
Sweetheart on Parade
Lee Rose McDonald X Standardbred mare
Lee's Star
Lee Rose McDonald X daughter of Bourbon Star
Prom Trotter
Lee Rose McDonald X daughter of Bourbon Star
Doctor Dare
My Dare by Chester Dare out of daughter of Artist Jr.
Never owned by Dr. Elrod, but he had several colts by him.
Sweet Senorita
Doctor Dare X daughter of Jean Val Jean
Nifty Lady
Doctor Dare X daughter of Beechwold Pride
Dazzling McDonald
Red McDonald X daughter of Bourbon Tucker
Never owned by Dr. Elrod, but he did breed mares to him.
Ottawa's Empress
Dazzling McDonald X daughter of Worthy Peavine

San Juan was never owned by Dr. Elrod, but it was one of his favorite bloodlines.  
San Juan
San Vicente by Rex Peavine X Black Belle by Rex McDonald
Royal San
San Juan X Miss Frisco Gaines by All Peavine
Dark McDonald
San Juan X daughter of Lexington McDonald
Denmark Beaverkettle
Admiral Denmark by American Born X Mary Flowers BHF

Sarah Beaverkettle
Denmark Beaverkettle X daughter of Red McDonald

Penny's Superior Stonewall
Superior Odds X Penny Stonewall by Stonewall Supreme
Ottawa's Charmer
Penny's Superior Stonewall X Ottawa's Miss Vanity by Bellaire's Anacacho King
Society Buck
Buck and Wing X daughter of Society Kalarama
Ottawa's Wing
Society Buck X Ottawa's Matinee Girl by Grand View's Matinee Idol

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