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2/23/14 Santana's and Society's

After covering the Superiors and the Stonewalls, I thought I would wrap up the rest of the "S's" this week.  That's not going to happen since there are just too many left.  Society Rex and Sultan's Santana were both top sires, so they'll be featured this week.

Society Rex
Kalarama Rex X Spoonbill (BHF) by Sun Flower
He sired 4 time World's Grand Champion 5 gaited horse CH Lady Carrigan, 
Grasslands' Debutatnte (BHF) and sire Special Assignment.
Some of his other colts are shown below.

Mahogany's Society Genius
out of Congo Princess by CH Ridgefields' Genius
He sired Kate's Scoop out of the mare CH Kate Shriver (BHF).

Night of Folly
out of Gay Emily by Gay Bandit
Sire of two time WGC 3 gaited horse Finisterre's Gift of Love and 
stallions Spring Valley's Deliverance, Folly of Ortiz and
the gorgeous Carey's Night of Love.

Secret Society
out of Sheer Genius by King's Genius
He sired WGC 3 gaited horse CH Sea of Secrets
and the good sire Secret Selection.

CH Delightful Society
out of American Honeysuckle (BHF) by American Born
She was WGC 3 gaited horse in 1959 and 1960 and
evidently a very hard to handle mare.   

Society Mastermind
out of Beverley Hills (BHF) by Leatherwood King.

Society's Crown Jewell
out of Ace's Dark Jewel (BHF) by American Ace
No, it's not a typo, his Jewell has two L's.
Society Ann
out of Hi Dixie (BHF) by Peavine's Highland Chief

That's it for the Society names, now on to Santana!

Sultan's Santana
Supreme Sultan X Grandview's Majorette (BHF) by Golden Thunderbolt
A WGC in Fine Harness at age eleven, he was a prolific and top rated sire.
He sired many colts with the prefix SS.  Among his top colts were CH Moses, 
CH Rocky Santana, CH SS Tampico, CH My Grande, CH Crystal Illusion (BHF),
Bi MI Sultan's Wine, and Revival.

Santana Hosanna
out of Pocket Charm by Valley's Desdemona Denmark
A good futurity sire for David Mountjoy,
he sired WC Mountyjoy's Dowtown. 

CH Santana Lass
out of Miss Blarney by Irish American
Reserve World's Grand Champion 5-gaited horse on
three occasions when ridden by her amateur owner, Mary Gaylord McLean.

Santana's Cameo
out of Virginia's Cameo, 2nd dam Vanity's Virginia
(Vanity's Virginia was my Buddy's dam)
He stood in Texas for many years. 

Santana's Charm
out of Vanity's Belle by Vanity's Sensation
A good show horse and very good sire.
He sired 2-time WGC 3 gaited horse CH Our Charming Lady and
WC 5-gaited stallion stake winner Marc of Charm.

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

2/16/14 Superior saddlebreds

2/16/14  Continuing with more "s" horses, let's look at some of the "Superior" saddlebreds.  On ASHA's website, there are 248 horses with some form of "superior" in their names starting way back in the 1890's and going to the present day.  Probably the best known of the 248 is CH Superior Odds.  He was foaled in 1967, son of the short lived Wing's Fleet Admiral, making Superior Odds a grandson of Wing Commander.  Wing's Fleet Admiral had foundered badly, which ended his show career, and eventually cut short his life at age 10.  However, he sired a number of good ones which carried on his line including CH Princess Blanchita, Grape Tree's Fox, CH Courageous Admiral,  Wing's Desirable, CH Fleet Admiral's Commodore, and  of course CH Superior Odds.

CH Superior Odds was  owned by Lakeview Farms in Pennsylvania for most of his life.  He was a World's Champion in the 5 gaited stallion stake at the Kentucky State Fair in 1977 and had been reserve in that class a couple other times.  After his show career, he was a successful breeding stallion.   Some of his offspring in the showring were CH Beacon Hill and CH Moonchance.  Superior Odds also had several good sons in the stud. When bred to CH Penny's Stonewall, he sired Penny's Superior Stonewall and Rare Treasure.  His other son of note is his last son, born in 1993, CH Superior's Successor.

Superior Odds with Dick Kearney winning the stallion stake in 1977.

Superior Odds in 1981.  Obviously not impressed that I was there to see him.

The next two pictures aren't of "Superior" horses, but they fit in with this week's post.

CH Penny's Stonewall by Stonewall Supreme, dam of Penny's Superior Stonewall and Rare Treasure.

Penny Co-Ed (BHF) by King Coe was dam of Penny's Stonewall.

Rare Treasure sired the beautiful sire County Treasure, and another stallion Rare Perception, the sire of 3 time WGC in Fine Harness, CH Wild Carrissima.

Rare Treasure by CH Superior Odds out of Penny's Stonewall

His full brother, Penny's Superior Stonewall sired CH The Bodega Bay, CH The Homecoming Hero and CH the Homecoming Queen.

Penny's Superior Stonewall at Lakeview Farms in 1981.

Penny's Superior Stonewall by CH Superior Odds out of CH Penny's Stonewall.

Finally, Superior Odds last son was also a very good 5-gaited show horse. Appropriately named CH Superior's Successor, he won his CH status being shown by his amateur owner, and after that feat was complete, he was turned  over to master trainer Merrill Murray.  In 2003, at age 10 and 26 years after his sire won the 5 gaited stallion stake at the KSF, so did CH Superior's Successor.  Spike, as he is known, has his own Facebook page and is quite the stallion.  He trail rides, lives outdoors in his own paddock and generally is a great horse.  He has sired a number of nice horses, including one out of my broodmare Chloe.  Billy Deluxe, Born Superior, Carriage Hill's Dancing on Sunshine and Spike's Cloud Nine all have shown successfully.

Superior's Successor and Joan Hammond

CH Superior's Successor with Merrill Murray

Spike just hanging out in his pasture

Carriage Hill's Dancing on Sunshine is now a western pleasure standout.
Superior's Successor at the KSF in 2004.

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Remember I said how awful the weather has been?  I wasn't kidding.  Here are Loretta and Chloe last week.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

2/9/14 Stonewall King

2/9/14 Since we've reached the "S's" it seems reasonable to review Stonewall King and some of his get.  He was foaled in 1920 and sired his last colts in 1950, so he was a fixture in Missouri  literally for decades.  Although he had many stallion sons, there aren't many lines tracing directly back to him anymore.  However, he was a dominant stallion and he appears in pedigrees today by one means or another.

Stonewall King and his long time owner, Murray Cason.

American Stonewall, stallion foaled in 1950 out of Star of Love by a son of My Own Love.

CH Charlotte Stonewall, mare foaled in 1949 out of Edna Genius by Ridgeview's Peavine Genius.
She was a Reserve World's Champion in the Fine Harness Mare's stake. 
Her daughter Miss Burley Bell was owned by Dr. Herbert & Ellie Pedersen's Herbell Farm 
right here in Ann Arbor Michigan.

Golden Stonewall, stallion foaled in 1936 out of Silver Moon (BHF) making him a full
brother to Stonewall's Golden Dream.  He sired CH Stonewall Imperial and Sandalwood Stonewall.
Stonewall King was a double grandsire to Sandalwood Stonewall thru her sire and dam.

Laurette, mare foaled 1940 out of Sun Flower sue (BHF) by Lee Rose McDonald.
She was dam of CH I've Arrived by a son of Stonewall King, Stonewall Premier.

Mr. Butterfly, stallion foaled in 1948 out of Fancie Dandie by Abdallah Peavine.
He also had great longevity and sired colts until he was 30 years old.

Murray Cason, stallion foaled in 1949 out of Knobbie Dixie (BHF) by Knob Creek Denmark.
He was named for the man who was the long time owner of Stonewall King.  

Starheart Stonewall, stallion foaled in 1942 out of Queen Anne of Windsor by Alexander Monroe
Perhaps his most important breeding son, Starheart Stonewall was also a #1 sire on the annual sire rating.  Some of his daughters were CH My Starlight Hour, dam of CH The Talk of the Town; Starheart's Daughter, dam of Buck's Co-Star and 2nd dam of CH WGC Onion; and High Point Flame (BHF).
Stallion sons included Stonewall's Main Event, Rita's Star, Starheart Peavine, Leslie Lane's Grand Slam, Prince Starheart and Star Recruit.  Some of his best show colts were WGC CH Technistar, CH Starheart's Black Magic, WGC CH Carol Carson, WGC the Thunderbird and CH Love Note.

Stonewall's First Lady, mare foaled in 1947 out of My Gennie by Torpedo (son of Bourbon King & Carolina).  She was a World's Champion Ladies Firne Harness Champion. 

Stonewall Hugo, gelding foaled in 1939 out of Gray Diamond McDonald who traced to Chester Dare.

Stonewall Lea, gelding foaled in 1941 out of Pansy Lee (BHF) by a son of Rex Peavine

Stonewall on Parade, stallion foaled in 1943 out of Cupid Lee Rose.

Stonewall Peavine, stallion foaled in 1930 out of Nellie McDonald by Rex McDonald

Stonewall Premier, stallion foaled in 1949 out of Our Birdie by King Barrymore.
Another one of Stonewall King's #1 sire rated sons.  
He sired Champions I've Arrived (out of Laurette also pictured here) and 
CH The Lancer who won the WC 5gaited gelding stake.

Stonewall Sensation, stallion foaled in 1941 out of Jewel Girl

Stonewall Supreme, stallion foaled in 1941 out of Mamie Peavine (BHF)
He was said to be the best showing stallion son of Stonewall King.  
He was also a #1 sire rated stallion and sired six mares in the Broodmare Hall of Fame.
Here is a picture of Stonewall Supreme from 1952.  
He also lived to age 30.  Great genes.

Stonewall's Black Squirrel, stallion foaled in 1948 out of Rana Ann by King Barrymore.

Stonewall's Enchanted Lady, mare foaled in 1949 out of Queen of Hillhaven.

Stonewall's Golden Dream, stallion foaled in 1939 out of Silver Moon (BHF) by a son of Bourbon King
He sired Stonewall's Beau Peavine.

Stonewall's Peep of Dawn, stallion foaled in 1944 out of Mildred Ann by Royal Rex A.
He was a Reserve World's Champion in the 5 gaited stallion stake.

The Invasion, gelding foaled in 1938 out of Pansy Lee (BHF), so he was
a full brother to Stonewall Lea.

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Stonewall's Main Event by Starheart Stonewall was Stonewall King's grandson.

He was also a #1 ranked breeding stallion, so that was three generations in a row.  .

In addition to the horses pictured, Stonewall King sired two daughters in the Broodmare Hall of Fame, My Heart Throb (she was the dam of Sandalwood Stonewall who produced New Yorker and Sandalwood Supreme) and Bobbie Stonewall.  His daughter Stonewall Symphonette was the mother of Barham's Reality (BHF) who produced CH Home Town Hero and Local Hero.  His daughter Scarlett Harrison was 2nd dam to my husband's old broodmare Watch My Step.  Other stallion sons of note were Strutter and Jaunty King.  And don't forget his gelded son CH Oak Hill Chief, 3 time World Grand Champion 5 gaited horse who was out of a grade mare.

Stonewall King also had an interesting pedigree.  His dam was by Rex Peavine, and his 2nd dam was a half sister to Rex Peavine.  Montgomery Chief and Bourbon King were full brothers, so he had a fair amount of Chief blood, however all four of his great granddams were Denmark or Morgan bred.

Stonewall King

My King
Forest King   Squirrel King    
Stella French   
Lartsa King   Bourbon King  
Edith Norton 
Gloriann (BHF)

Rex Peavine   Rex McDonald
Daisy 2D (BHF)     
Mollie Chief Montgomery Chief
Daisy 2D (BHF)  

Saturday, February 1, 2014

2/1/14 Supreme Sultan revisted

2/1/14  Finally made it through January!  Before we move to the letter "S", I wanted to comment on the 2014 Journal of the American Saddlebred that was recently published by ASHA.  It's interesting that some posts from this blog are reinforced by the content of the Journal.
1.  There was a nice reprinted article on my favorite stallion King's Genius (see posts from 9/29/13 &10/5/13)
2.  John Castleman had an article and it contained a couple pictures of Carolina (see post 4/18/13)
3.  Of the 9 newest member of the Broodmare Hall of Fame, two trace back to Croft's Star (see 12/14/13 post) and 2 trace back to my favorite broodmare Wild Wind.
4.  There are three more mares to add to Double Duty mares list (5/30/13)

There are so many saddlebred families starting with the letter "S" it is hard to know where to start.  Supreme, Stonewall, Starheart, Santana, Sultan, Sensation and Superior are all worthy topics.  An earlier post from 4/17/13 pictured many of Supreme Sultan's sons, so we'll continue with the Sultan's and list both sons and daughters.

Supreme Sultan
Valley View Supreme x Melody O'Lee (BHF) by Anacacho Denmark

Sultan's Gold Star
Supreme Sultan x April Sea (BHF) by Bobby Sea
She was the dam of Gold Star's Ballerina who produced stallions Star Material, Fox Creek and Nureyev.

Sultan's Santana
Supreme Sultan X Grand View's Majorette (BHF) by Golden Thunderbolt
WGC in Fine Harness and a MEGA sire

Sultan's Spartan
Supreme Sultan X Kate's Fine Feathers by Beau Fortune
Sire of Dream a Dream (BHF)

Sultan's Contract
Supreme Sultan X Contract's Golden Treasure by Private Contract
Sire of CH The King of Highpoint

Sultan's Dianna (BHF)
Supreme Sultan X Society's Dianna (BHF) by Society Bourbon
She is the dam of Designed.

CH Sultan's Starina
Supreme Sultan X Society's Dianna by Society Bourbon
She's a full sister to Sultan's Dianna.

Sultan's Radiance
Supreme Sultan X CH Glenview Radiance by Oman's Desdemona Denmark
see the post on her second dam Dixie Duchess (BHF) from 3/10/13

CH Sultan's Leather & Lace (BHF)
Supreme Sultan X Grasslands Diane by Grasslands Rancher
She was a Double Duty mare and dam of WGC Fine Harness horse Lace's Last Tango.

Sultan's Regal Flight
Flight Time X Be Regal by Supreme Sultan
I included her because I saw her sell through Tattersall's as a 22 year old broodmare, and her son I'm the Law (Hank) showed in Michigan as a western pleasure horse. 

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