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9/27/14 U is for B-U-tiful

9/27/14  This week's post features saddlebreds clear down the alphabet and starting with the letter "U".  Of course, Undulata comes to mind.  There are a couple of Undulata horses pictured here, and there was a post featuring Undulata's Nutcracker back in May.

Uhlen Branch
f. 1988, Sultan's Great Day X Rambler's Fancy Denmark by Royal Rambler
My neighbors bred their mare to this handsome stallion
and produced RWC I'm an Early Riser.

(SA) Kalarama's Ultimate Choice
f. 2003, line bred to (SA) Mr. USA by Stonewall Starfire
He is a twice Reserve World's Grand Champion 5-gaited horse, 
KSF stallion stake winner and KSF Amateur winner.

f.1989, CH Will Shriver X Nancy O'Lee by Supreme Sultan
Now deceased, this well bred stallion was shown in the
5 gaited division and used as a breeding stallion.  

Uncle Jimmy McDonald
f. 1986, Boola Boola X BeaUteous Belle by Oman's Desdemona Denmark
He sired RWC That Special Face who was the dam of 
Ky State Fair 5 gaited stallion stake winner I'm First.
I had the pleasure of meeting Jimmy at Copper Coin Farm.

Undulata Chief
f. 1908, Montgomery Chief X Lena Jemison (BHF) by Highland Denmark
His dam was owned by Harry Wiessinger of Undulata Farm. 
He was a half brother to American Born and 
full brother to Katherine Grigsby (BHF).

Undulata's Man of the Hour
f. 1995, CH Man on the Town X Top Billing HVF by Supreme Sultan
He was a half brother to stallion CH Top Spool
and showed as a parade horse.

Union Town
f. 1976, CH Yorktown x Fleeting Fantasy by Denmark's Bourbon Genius
He was bred by Jean McLean Davis and was the sire of CH Power Source.

f. 1995, Supreme Heir X Ring Girl by Center Ring
This flashy stallion may have gotten his chrome from grandsire Center Ring
or great grandsire Oman's Anacacho Rhythm.  He has sired
CHampions Itunes, Uncut Jewel & Dark Fantasia.

f. 1956, Ace O'Goshen X Magnolia's Cora Dare by Jaque Chief A

That's it for the U's.  Coming up in October is the ASHAM Horse Show
in Lansing Michigan, so all month will feature posts on famous
Michigan horses.  

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

9/20/14 Revival

9/20/14  A few weeks back when I was looking at some of the daughters and granddaughters of Kalarama Rex, I travelled down the dam line of Nellie Pidgeon just to see where it might lead me.  It lead me straight to Revival and a very interesting pedigree.  I usually don't do anything modern, but Revival was pretty unique.  Although Kalarama Rex lead me to Revival, he only appears once on his registration papers.  It's the other horses that make him an interesting study.  Unfortunately, he passed away in 2006.  Here is his five generation pedigree.

REVIVAL   DECEASED   Stallion   3/12/1991  died 2006 

Registration #: 95289
Blood/DNA: 1995/2002

(310) 652-0222


Ownership History
May 1st, 2000
Dec 31st, 1998
May 1st, 2000
Jun 27th, 1995
Dec 31st, 1998
Jul 14th, 1994
Jun 27th, 1995
Mar 12th, 1991
Jul 14th, 1994

Sultan’s Santana
Supreme Sultan
CH Valley View Supreme 
Genius Bourbon King
Bourbon Genius
Blessed Event BHF 
Diana Gay BHF
The Genius 
Lady Alice  
Melody O’Lee BHF
Anacacho Denmark 
 Edna May’s King
Jane Black BHF  
Judy O’Lee BHF
Leatherwood King 
Ace’s Orchid
Grand View’s Majorette BHF
Golden Thunderbolt 
Anacacho Denmark
Edna May’s King
Jane Black BHF
Reverie’s Desdemona BHF
CH King’s  Genius
Spirit of Kentucky BHF
CH America Beautiful BHF 
Desert Song
Lord Highland
Glass Eye Kate  
Judy O’Grady
Beau Monarch
Margaret Squirrel  
Amazing Grace DSF
Supreme Spirit
CH Valley View Supreme 
Genius Bourbon King 
Bourbon Genius
Blessed Event BHF
Diana Gay
The Genius
Lady Alice
CH Dream Waltz BHF
CH Anacacho Shamrock
Edna May’s King
Sally Cameron BHF
Flirtation Walk BHF
CH King’s  Genius
Spelling Bee BHF 
Grand View’s Country Gal
Golden Thunderbolt
Anacacho Denmark 
Edna May’s King
Jane Black BHF
 Reverie’s Desdemona BHF
CH King’s  Genius
Spirit of Kentucky BHF
Nellie Pidgeon BHF 

Kalarama Rex 
Rex Peavine
Nancy Thurman BHF  
Margie Kelly
Red Light Lad
Maud Grundy

HIs sire and dam both claim Valley View Supreme as their grandsire.  Sire Sultan's Santana traces thru his sire Supreme Sultan to Valley View Supreme and his dam Amazing Grace DSF traces through her sire Supreme Spirit to Valley View Supreme.  Both Sultan's Santana and Amazing Grace DSF had dams in the broodmare Hall of Fame.  Both of these dams were sired by Golden Thunderbolt, the full brother to Clarma, Oman's Desdemona Denmark, Kate Shriver and Ridgefields Denmark. Obviously a lot of similarities between the top and bottom side of his pedigree.

Revival was a beautiful individual and bred to be the World's Champion that he was. He won the Amateur Fine Harness Championship twice and has earned enough points to be named CHampion, however he has't been awarded that designation.  He also produced several really good youngsters and a number of them are pictured below with their sire.  Revival was sired by a World's Grand Champion and has produced a World's Grand Champion and several World's Champions  out of a relatively small group of  colts. 

f. 1991, Sultan's Santana X Amazing Grace DSF by Supreme Spirit
Revival under saddle

Here are some of his colts
CH Bluegrass Jazz
f. 2002 out of Ragtime's Lady Jazz by Rhythm's Ragtime
He was a World's Champion as a three year old in the 3 gaited class.

Day of Revival
f. 1997, out of Mahvalous Day by Sultan's Great Day
This stallion was shown as a park horse and has produced a number of colts.

Gothic Revival
f. 2002 out of Allusion by Foxfire's Prophet
Foxfire's Prophet was also a WGC Fine Harness horse.
Gothic Revival was a WC as a 3year old in Fine Harness.
Gothic Revival
Gothic Revival was often shown by his owner
and is used as a breeding stallion.

My Hail Mary
f. 2008 out of CH Crimson Blue by Callaway's Blue Norther
She was a World Champion Ladies 3 gaited over 15.2
My Hail Mary
f. 1998 out of Chatter Chatter by The Showboat by CH Will Shriver

Seaforth's Bonnie Lass
f. 2000 out of CH Rejoice by Merchant Prince
She was Reserve World Grand Champion Fine Harness in 2007.
Her first foal just won the 2014 All American Cup Weanling Class.

CH Mother Mary
f. 2002 out of Mother Superior by Chief of Greystone
She was WGC Fine Harness Champion in 2008

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

9/13/14 Kalarama Rex and his show ring stars

9/13/14 The last couple of weeks examined Kalarama Rex' sons and daughters who made important contributions in the breeding world of American Saddlebreds.  This week looks at some of the stars of the show ring that made Kalarama Rex a leading sire of his day.  There are duplicates from previous posts since many of these sons and daughters had successful show ring careers before their breeding careers.

Kalarama Rex showing in harness

Allen Adair
f. 1929, out of Thelma Lee by Noble Denmark
This black gelding was the World's Champion Fine Harness horse in 1934, 1935 and 1936.
  Still searching for his photo, but didn't want to leave out his accomplishments.

Blue Hawaii
f. 1939, out of Gifted Lady (BHF) by My Donald Dare
This talented bay gelding won many titles at Louisville,
including WC Junior 5 gaited, the 5 gaited gelding stake twice,
the 5 gaited ladies stake and he was Reserve World's Grand Champion in 1944.

Blue Hawaii
Shown here at the trot with Mrs. James B Johnson, aka Frances Dodge.
He was also shown by Edward Barham, Wallace Bailey and Earl Teater.

Fairy Slippers
f. 1934, out of Sarah Reed by Red Light 2nd
Sorry, no picture of this lovely black filly that won the ASB Futurity
at Louisville as a weanling and yearling.  She went on to be a
successful broodmare and was mother of Ace's Fairy,
Victory Ace and Ace's Beauty Box (BHF).

Fourth Estate (BHF)
f. 1943,dam Lauradell by McDonald Peavine
This mare is best known as Will Shriver's grand dam,
but she was also a good 3 gaited show mare.
She was the Kentucky County Fair 3 gaited champion in 1948. 

Kalarama Colonel
f. 1938, out of Edith Gatley (BHF) by Kentucky Choice
At the 1941 Kentucky State Fair, this over achiever won
the Kentucky County Fair Fine Harness championship,
the 3 year old Fine Harness stake and
the 3 year old five gaited stake.  Wow.

Kalarama King
f. 1931, out of Spelling Bee (BHF) by King Vine
This full brother to Meadow Majesty won the five gaited stallion stake
at Louisville in 1937 and 1938.

Nellie Pidgeon (BHF)
f. 1938 out of Margie Kelly by Red Light 2nd.   
Nellie Pidgeon was an excellent 3 gaited show horse who won the three gaited World's Grand Championship in 1947.  She is shown here with trainer Garland Bradshaw.

Noble Kalarama
f. 1931,  out of Daisy Reed by Noble Denmark
Here he is at age 8.  Read more about him in
his own post from 4/12/14.

Roberta Searing
f. 1933, out of Sport Fashion by King's Sport
A fancy looking 3 gaited mare.

Royal Gold
f. 1934, out of Frances Carmen by Carmen King by Bourbon King
This chestnut gelding twice won the Ladies 5 gaited stake at Louisville
with his owner Mary Fisher of Dixiana Farms.

Society Rex
f. 1937, out of Spoonbill (BHF) by Sunflower
Best known as a breeding stallion, he also showed in Fine Harness.

Startling Kalarama
f. 1941, out of Ruth Roland by Astral Peavine
He was the WGC in Fine Harness in 1946.

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Friday, September 5, 2014

9/5/14 Kalarama Rex and his stallion sons

Last week looked at his daughters, so this week will look at the breeding sons of Kalarama Rex.
It's hard to believe that with this much fire power, there are very few stallions today tracing directly to Kalarama Rex on the sire line.  See bottom of page for some of those stallions.

                      Kalarama Rex and handler Joe Walker
                 1922 - 1944

Gay Kalarama
He was originally registered as Barrymore Rex
f. 1942, out of Tillie Barrymore by King Barrymore
He sired colts under both name.

Kalarama Colonel
f. 1938, out of Edith Gatley (BHF) by Kentucky Choice
His stallion sons included Indian Penny, Colonel Sport,
Broadlands' Kilarney and CH Colonel Boyle.
CH Colonel Boyle by Kalarama Colonel

Kalarama Command
f. 1939, out of Spoonbill (BHF)
He was a full brother to Society Rex and
was owned by Blythewood Farms.

Kalarama Denmark
f. 1940, out of Whispering Winds by Guided by Love
His daughter Carol Trigg (BHF) was dam of full siblings
Chief of Greystone, Lady Trigg (BHF) and Delightful Time
Chief of Greystone, grandson of Kalarama Denmark

Kalarama King
f. 1931, out of Spelling Bee (BHF) by King Vine
A full brother to Meadow Majesty,.
Kalarama Royal Rex
f. 1938, out of Frances T by Jack Twigg

Lucky Kalarama
f. 1939, out of Allie Thompson by Bourbon King
Couldn't find his picture, so his daughter
Ace's Refreshment Time is below:
Ace's Refreshment Time by Lucky Kalarama

Meadow Majesty
f. 1928, out of Spelling Bee (BHF) by King Vine
He is best remembered for his two daughters Meadow Vanity (BHF),
a WGC in Fine Harness and dam of Vanity's Sensation
and his daughter Meadow Wisp, a WC 3 gaited horse and
dam of King of Harmony and Fairy Ring (BHF)
CH Meadow Vanity (BHF) by Meadow Majesty
She was a five time WGC in Fine Harness

Noble Kalarama
f. 1931,  out of Daisy Reed by Noble Denmark
Read more about him and his owner Jack Thompson

Red Kalarama
f. 1932, out of Nancy Pepper by Red Pepper
He was owned by Mrs. William P Roth of
Whyworry Farm in California

Rex Hanna
f. 1935, out of Emily Brickley by Ben Sory
No picture of Rex Hanna, so his daughter
Fairview's Blanchita is shown below with equitation
rider Joe Greathouse.

Fairview's Blanchita by Rex Hanna

Ridgefields Rex
f. 1941, out of Wonder Girl by King Bird
This stallion was owned by luminaries George Gwinn,
CP Edwards of Ridgefield's Farm, Garland Bradshaw
and Dr. E. L. Robinson.

Little Fiddle by Ridgefields Rex

Royal Kalarama
f. 1934, out of Maxine Spencer by Col. Major Dare
He sired King of Rose-a-Lee.  He was a good
fine harness horse and he replaced Noble Kalarama
at Jack Thompson's Farm when Noble Kalarama died.

Mountjoy's Royal Genius by Royal Kalarama sired CH Woodford County

Royal Rex Sea
f. 1933, out of Mountain Vine by Mountain Dare
He sired breeding stallion Bobby Sea and
1948 WGC 3-Gaited Champion CH My Smoke Dreams
His daughter Lullaby Baby (BHF) was dam of 1971 WGC 3gaited CH Sea of Secrets.
Sea of Secrets was sired by Secret Society by Society Rex..
CH Sea of Secrets traced to Kalarama Rex on
his sire & dam's top lines.
Society Rex
f. 1937, out of Spoonbill (BHF) by Sunflower
He sired stallion sons Secrety Society, Society's Crown Jewell, and Night of Folly. 
His daughters included WGC CH Lady Carrigan, CH Delightful Society,
CH So Wonderful and CH Something Wonderful
CH Lady Carrigan by Society Rex

Startling Kalarama
f. 1941, out of Ruth Roland by Astral Peavine
He was the WGC in Fine Harness in 1946.

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So what living stallions still trace to Kalarama Rex?  There are probably more than what are
mentioned here, so let us know if you can think of some we missed.

Rifles And RosesRifles And Roses

Rifles and Roses and his son The Pistol
trace back thru Night of Folly to Society Rex and Kalarama Rex.
The Pistol's dam was by Phi Slama Jama, so he traces to Whyworry Chieftess.

Caisson and Pacific Mist both trace thru Broadland's Kilarney to
Kalarama Colonel to Kalarama Rex.  They were both
pictured in part 3 of Glorious grays