Saturday, September 27, 2014

9/27/14 U is for B-U-tiful

9/27/14  This week's post features saddlebreds clear down the alphabet and starting with the letter "U".  Of course, Undulata comes to mind.  There are a couple of Undulata horses pictured here, and there was a post featuring Undulata's Nutcracker back in May.

Uhlen Branch
f. 1988, Sultan's Great Day X Rambler's Fancy Denmark by Royal Rambler
My neighbors bred their mare to this handsome stallion
and produced RWC I'm an Early Riser.

(SA) Kalarama's Ultimate Choice
f. 2003, line bred to (SA) Mr. USA by Stonewall Starfire
He is a twice Reserve World's Grand Champion 5-gaited horse, 
KSF stallion stake winner and KSF Amateur winner.

f.1989, CH Will Shriver X Nancy O'Lee by Supreme Sultan
Now deceased, this well bred stallion was shown in the
5 gaited division and used as a breeding stallion.  

Uncle Jimmy McDonald
f. 1986, Boola Boola X BeaUteous Belle by Oman's Desdemona Denmark
He sired RWC That Special Face who was the dam of 
Ky State Fair 5 gaited stallion stake winner I'm First.
I had the pleasure of meeting Jimmy at Copper Coin Farm.

Undulata Chief
f. 1908, Montgomery Chief X Lena Jemison (BHF) by Highland Denmark
His dam was owned by Harry Wiessinger of Undulata Farm. 
He was a half brother to American Born and 
full brother to Katherine Grigsby (BHF).

Undulata's Man of the Hour
f. 1995, CH Man on the Town X Top Billing HVF by Supreme Sultan
He was a half brother to stallion CH Top Spool
and showed as a parade horse.

Union Town
f. 1976, CH Yorktown x Fleeting Fantasy by Denmark's Bourbon Genius
He was bred by Jean McLean Davis and was the sire of CH Power Source.

f. 1995, Supreme Heir X Ring Girl by Center Ring
This flashy stallion may have gotten his chrome from grandsire Center Ring
or great grandsire Oman's Anacacho Rhythm.  He has sired
CHampions Itunes, Uncut Jewel & Dark Fantasia.

f. 1956, Ace O'Goshen X Magnolia's Cora Dare by Jaque Chief A

That's it for the U's.  Coming up in October is the ASHAM Horse Show
in Lansing Michigan, so all month will feature posts on famous
Michigan horses.  

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