Friday, May 26, 2017

5/27/17 Fine Harness World's Grand Champions 1987 through 2016

This is the final installment trying to capture all the pictures of our World's Grand Champions. This week features the Fine Harness Champs from 1987 forward.  Included in this group is the only 6 time champion in the Fine Harness discipline, CH Callaway's Copyright.  He did it in consecutive years, from 2001 through 2006.
Captive Spirit
Kourageous Kalu X My Captivation

Buck Rogers
Storm's Fury X Rhythm's Jewel 
Foxfire's Prophet
Radiant Sultan X CH Supreme Airs BHF 
Simply Mahvalous BR
Sultan's Great Day X Simple Dreams 
1991, 1992 & 1995
Roselawn's Secret Rhythm
Tijuana Rhythm X The Secret Symbol 
1993 & 1994
Be Happy
Mountain Highland Majesty X Denmark's Radiant Society  BHF 
1996 & 1997
A Sweet Treat
Merchant Prince X Denmark's Radiant Society BHF 
1998 - 2000
Radiant Success
Radiant Sultan X La La Success 
2001 - 2006
Callaway's Copyright
Supreme Heir X Callaway's Claudette    
Along Came A Spider
Sultan's Great Day X Espere 
Mother Mary
Revival X Mother Superior 
Castle Bravo X A Daydream Believer BHF 
Lace's Last Tango
Arborlane Tangos Wee Pee X Sultan's Leather & Lace BHF 
2011, 2012, 2013 & 2016
Wild Carrissima
Rare Perception X Mia Carrissima 
Nutcracker's Nirvana
Undulata's Nutcracker X Kingwood's Harlem Harlem 
Lady Mandolin
Undulata's Nutcracker X Suddenly Summer

This wraps up 9 installments of the World's Grand Champions in all three disciplines, 5 Gaited, 3 Gaited and Fine Harness.  Quite an amazing group, some noted for their power, beauty, precision, charisma, stamina, or all those qualities.  To be labeled a WGC holds a lot of prestige in the Saddlebred community.  Hats off to all these champions.

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Saturday, May 20, 2017

5/20/17 Fine Harness World's Grand Champions 1945 through 1986

This is the next installment featuring the World's Grand Champion Fine Harness horses starting with Captain Bird from 1945.  This whole idea evolved when someone asked for his picture.  I figured it would be a good idea to try to locate as many WGC's as possible and be able to locate them in one place.  This group includes five time champion Colonel Boyle, four time champion Tashi Ling, and arguably the best of the bunch, The Lemon Drop Kid.
Captain Bird
Captain Courageous X Maryland's Bird BHF

Startling Kalarama
Kalarama Rex X Ruth Roland BHF

1947 & 1953
Denmark's Mokanna
shown as Regal Aire
Anacacho Denmark X Corinna Cook

Captain Dandy
shown as Man of the Hour
Cracker Barrymore X Radio Girl
no picture available

1949 & 1950
Kate Shriver BHF
Anacacho Denmark X Reverie's Desdemona  BHF

1951, 1952 & 1954
Parading Lady
not registered, Denmark Beaverkettle X Daughter of Peavine's Roan King

Bit O'Chatter
shown as High Button Shoes
Cameo Kirby X Miss Chatterbox BHF
he was a full brother to Lemon Drop Kid

1956 - 1959
The Lemon Drop Kid
Cameo Kirby X Miss Chatterbox BHF

1960 - 1964
Colonel Boyle
Kalarama Colonel X Abie's Baby  BHF

The Thunderbird
Starheart Stonewall X Huberta

1966 & 1967
Duke of Daylight
Majestic Ensign X Christiana Lea

1968 - 1971
Tashi Ling
Wing Commander X Emerald Future BHF

Supreme Airs BHF
Stonewall Supreme X Crebilly's Plumb Beautiful BHF

Glenview Mandala
Stonewall's Beau Peavine X Truly A Princess BHF

Reata's Virginia Wolf
Oman's Desdemona Denmark X Beallgrove's Dixie

Ronald Reagan
Stonewall's Beau Peavine X Blessed Damozel
1976 & 1983
Night Prowler
Status Symbol X Empire's Lady Genius

1977 & 1978
Melody's Winged Sensation
Vanity's Sensation X Melody Elaine

1979 & 1980
La La Success
Stonewall's Main Event X Senorita Surprise

Sultan's Santana
Supreme Sultan X Grand View's Majorette BHF

Shadow's Creation
Supreme's Shadow X Vanguard's Creation

1984 - 1086
Vanity's Showcase
Folly's Night Flyer X Vanity of Blossom Time

That's it for this installment.  Next week will by the rest of the Fine Harness champions and the end of the World's Grand Champion series. 

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Friday, May 12, 2017

5/13/17 Fine Harness World's Grand Champions, 1902 through 1944

Last but not least, the next three posts will feature pictures of as many of the Fine Harness World's Grand Champions that could be found. Unfortunately, this group has the most "holes" in it, and many of the horse pictures are shown under saddle.  However, this is  a beautiful group, and there are many very recognizable names among those listed.  And some of the early names are ridiculous.  Top?

Miss Peabody
Big Jim X Mary
no picture

Kentucky's Belle
Red Eagle X daughter of Idol
no picture

No Fair Held

The American Girl
Montgomery Chief X daughter of Prince Albert
no picture

Chester Dare X Maxie
no picture

Cleveland Dare X Daughter of Happy Cross
no picture

Kate Hamilton
Bracken Chief X Kit Griffith

Golden Glow
Rex Peavine X Mollie

1910 & 1911
Montgomery Chief X Lena Jemison  BHF

Rex Peavine X Katherine Huguely
no picture

Kentucky's Best
My Own Kentucky X Little Kate

Sun Flower
Highland Flower X Lady Eric

Dixie Highway
not registered, no picture
1916, 1917, 1919, 1920 & 1921
Lady Beautiful
Rex Peavine X High Lassie
Finally, a picture of a 5 time WGC
thanks to artist Jim Walls 
Jack Twigg X Grey Beauty

Phoebe Dare
shown as Elizabeth Greis
Limestone McDonald X Aurelia

Violet Heming
McDonald McDonald X Daisy

Emily McCready
Bourbon King X Nadine McDonald

Peavine's Dream
Whizzin X Creole Queen

La Grita
not registered, no picture

Suttie Leigh
Sun Flower X Lee Chief 

Lulworth Victor
Bugger Boo X Mary Nash

Charming Gypsy
King Barrymore X Martha King

California Star
shown as Supreme
Edna May's King X Chroso
no picture

1931 & 1932
Chief of Longview
Independence Chief  X Myrtle Dickey

Fiery Crags
Mountain Star X Lina Lee Lewis

1934 - 1936
Allen Adair
Kalarama Rex X Thelma Lee

Bourbon Genius
King's Genius X Kate Haines BHF

1938, 1939, 1941, 1943 & 1944
CH Meadow Vanity BHF
shown as Vanity
Meadow Majesty X Live Wire Beauty

no fair held due to World War II

Noble Kalarama
Kalarama Rex X Daisy Reed

Check back to see the next group of Fine Harness stars.  

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