Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"E" for Excellent!

4/30/13  Wing Commander is a tough topic to follow, so I’m falling back on the alphabet routine again.  We're going backwards in the alphabet, since the E's were missed earlier this  month.
Edith Gatley (BHF)
Kentucky Choice X Mary Emily by Montgomery Chief
Another one of the old broodmares, this girl foaled in 1914. 
She produced 13 colts in 17 years, the best known being her oldest and youngest.
Her oldest son, Mercer Rex was a breeding stallion by Rex Peavine and
 her youngest son, Kalarama Colonel, was by Rex Peavine's son Kalarama Rex.
Kalarama Colonel was also a well known breeding and show stallion.
His picture is in my 12/28/12 post. 
Edith's best known daughter was a full sister to Mercer Rex.
Her name was Spirit of Kentucky, and she was also in the Broodmare Hall of Fame,
as was her daughter Reverie's Desdemona and her granddaughter Kate Shriver.
Edith began a string of 4 consecutive BHF mares.

 Edna May (BHF)
Rex Peavine X Lee Wood by Peavine 85
Edna May was a great show mare and was foaled in 1903. 
 After her show days were over, she produced a few colts. 
Her last colt was her greatest, Edna May's King, shown below.
She was bred and in foal to Bourbon King again,
but was lost in the Cuban Revolution. What was
an American Saddlebred mare doing in Cuba?

 Edna May's King
Bourbon King X Edna May (BHF) by Rex Peavine
If he had only sired CH Anacacho Shamrock and Anacacho Denmark, he'd still be famous.  Shamrock sired CH Wing Commander and Denmark sired a ton of good horses. 
However, Edna May's King sired a whole lot of other horses,
many with the Anacacho prefix.  He was owned by Anacacho Ranch much of his life.
Anacacho Revel was mentioned in the 1/21/13 post.
Daughter Anacacho Trail produced colts until she was 34 years old.
Anacacho Priness was in the BHF, as was his daughter Edna May's Delight.
 Elizabeth's Choice
Kingston's Choice X Elizabeth Aaron by Crespus Dare
This filly was shown as a weanling and yearling, but doesn't
appear to have any show or produce record after that.
Her full sister, View Point's Belle, was the 3rd dam
of another horse I bought from Ottawa Creek Farm.
 Ensign Kirby
Cameo Kirby X Girl of My Dreams by Rex Chief A
Ensign Kirby's sire, Cameo Kirby, was a full brother to Anacacho Denmark and
Cameo Kirby sired CH The Lemon Drop Kid, one of the greatest Fine Harness horses ever.
Perhaps Ensign Kirby's most famous line went from his son Ensign's Storm Warning,
to Ensign's Storm Warning's daughter, Tropical Gale. Tropical Gale only
produced one colt, but that was Chubasco, sire of many, many pinto Saddlebreds.
Ensign's King
Anderson Aire X Ensign's Joy by Ensign Kirby
King was a much loved Saddlebred who travelled the trails
around Oak Openings Metro Park in Lucas County Ohio. 
He is pictured here getting ready to go on a trail ride. 
He lived well into his 20's.  Isn't he the spitting
image of his sire, Anderson Aire?

CH Enticing Lady
Stonewall's Sumac-Lad X CH Alluring Lady by Lucky Kalarama
Here is another mare bred, raised, and owned her entire life
by Mrs. Isabel Robson.  She's shown here as a 3-gaited horse by George Knight.
She also showed as a fine harness horse, like her dam.  She only produced four colts.
Her first colt was CH Albelarm Supremacy (see 4/17/13), so this is my Loretta's grandmother.
Her youngest colt was Globetrotting Lady (BHF). 
I guess CH Enticing Lady's motto was quality, not quantity.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

4/20/13 Yorktown sons

4/20/13 Earlier this week, the topic was Supreme Sultan's sons that were listed in the 1990 Breeder's Guide.    Supreme Sultan had 14 sons listed.  Coming in second with 8 sons featured in the Breeder's Guide was Yorktown.  He was by Wing commander and out of  BHF Oman's Anacacho Maytime and was owned by Jean McLean Davis. She mostly bred him to her retired show mares, many of which were CHampions and also BHF. Yorktown was a two time World's Grand Champion 5-gaited horse.  Here are some of his sons.

 Arrowhead Chief 
out of The Wild Irish Rose by Genius Bourbon King
He sired the 5-gaited pony, CH Sammyshine.

 Harrods Burg
out of Stonewall's Golden Model by Stonewall's Golden Dream
He was owned by Blythewood Farms in Cleveland, TN.
I have no idea why his name was two words, unlike the town of Harrodsburg.

 Local Hero
out of Barham's Reality (BHF) by Denmark's Bourbon Genius
Bred and owned by Jean McLean Davis.  Many of Yorktown's
colts were colorful, but this guy was really handsome!
He sired Adriatic and CH New York Style.

 Oak Hill's Dear Sir
out of CH Oak Hill's Dear One by Denmark's Bourbon Genius
Here's another one bred and owned by Jean McLean Davis.
He is the sire of breeding stallion Master Class.

 Talent Town
out of CH Chantilly Rose (BHF) by Denmark's Bourbon Genius
Bred by Jean McLean Davis, but owned by Ruxer Farms.
He sired CH Ramses, CH Mr. Snuffleupagus and CH Candle Dan.

 The Talk of the Town
out of My Starlight Hour by Starheart Stonewall
Talk was a Reserve World's Champion and a very good sire.
Among his offspring are CH Jaunty Janette, WGC CH Breaking News,
and CH Quidditch.  He also sired BHF Carol Lynn 
who produced CH According to Lynn and my favorite, Lynn Williams. 
My only question?  What in the heck is George Knight looking at? 

 Yorktown Magic
out of Putting on Airs (BHF) by Mr. Magic Man
Another really handsome stallion by Yorktown. 

Yorktown's Contract
out of Contract's Wild Rose by Private Contract

Featured in my next post will be Yorktown's sire, CH Wing Commander.  

Thursday, April 18, 2013

4/18/13 Carolina

4/18/13  Blogspot allows me to see which posts are being visited most often.  When I looked at it today, for some reason, the 2/19/13 post was being viewed a lot.  Since I usually can't remember what happened yesterday, I sure didn't remember what was posted two months ago, so I checked it out.  Scrolling down, I came across the picture of Chester Dare that mentioned he was the sire of Carolina, General John Castleman's beautiful mare.  There is a statue of the two of them in Cherokee Park in Louisville pictured in the 3/26/13 post.  So why not give Carolina further mention?  Not a champion, not in the Broodmare Hall of Fame, but as I found out, a very impressive mare. 
    Carolina parading with General Castleman            Carolina and General Castleman racking on!

Carolina only had three registered foals and two were by Bourbon King.  Her stallion son, Torpedo, was foaled in 1915 when Carolina was 16 years old.  He sired quite a few horses, including Magnolia's Ann Rutledge.  Shown as just plain Ann Rutledge, she was the 1949 World's 3-Gaited Grand Champion.

Ann Rutledge and Art Simmons
She was sired by Carolina's son Torpedo.

Mountain Raven (BHF)
She was sired by Carolina's son Torpedo

Torpedo's daughter Mountain Raven was in the ASB Broodmare Hall of Fame.  Mountain Raven was the dam of 3 geldings and two mares, one of which was CH Lady Carrigan.  Mountain Raven's other daughter was Zinka Raven.  She was good enough to show at Louisville, but no where near the caliber of her older sister.  But then, who was?  Zinka Raven also went on to become a broodmare, and one of her daughters lived right down the road from me at Ottawa Creek Farm.  Royal Wave, AKA Penny, was a nice 3-gaited mare.  Since Dr. Elrod and Garland Bradshaw were good friends, I have no doubt that Penny came to the farm through Mr.Bradshaw, who showed both Lady Carrigan and Zinka Raven. 

Royal Wave             Ottawa's Miss Vanity
In 1981, I got to accompany these two lovely ladies to Lakeview Farm in 
Washington Pennsylvania to be bred to Penny's Superior Stonewall. 
Buddy's sister Miss Vanity and I both produced in 1982.  
Penny however, didn't catch, and she made a return trip to Lakeview
and had her colt in 1983.  That's me in the middle wearing my sun-goggles!

WGC CH Lady Carrigan
She was sired by Society Rex and out of Mountain Raven (BHF)

 CH Lady Carrigan was a 9 times World's Champion, including winner of the Junior 5-Gaited Stake in 1952, 5-Gaited Mare and World's Grand Champion 5-Gaited Horse in 1954, 1955, 1957 and 1958.  CH Lady Carrigan  was the first WGC after CH Wing Commander ended his amazing 6 year streak as WGC 5-Gaited horse from 1948 to 1953.  It is fitting that CH Lady Carrigan's only foal resulted from her breeding to CH Wing Commander. 

Raven Wing, unlike her mother, had quite a few colts, including show and breeding stallion Harlem Spats Waller (love the name) and her CH status daughter, CH Carrigan's Gift.  After a successful show career in both 3-Gaited and Fine Harness, CH Carrigan's Gift retired to the broodmare ranks and raised a number of babies.  She had a daughter named Mia Carrissima by CH Foxfire's Prophet.  Mia Carrissima is the dam of current two times World's Champion Wild Carrissima.  Seven generations removed from our subject, Carolina, but nonetheless under her influence.

           Wild Carrissima with Melinda Moore                Wild Carrissima with Bret Day

There was a reason Carolina was beloved by her owner, General Castleman.  She was far more than just a pretty face, and she lives on in the pedigrees of great horses today.

6/3/13  Here's an update.  I found a couple more pictures
of Carolina's descendants.

Status Symbol X Raven Wing
Raven Wing was the daughter of CH Wing Commander
and out of CH Lady Carrigan.
Harlem Spats Waller
Harlem Globetrotter X Raven Wing 

Both of these handsome breeding stallions were black,
just like Carolina.

1/9/14 Located another photo of one of Carolina's descendants.  This is a picture of Lady Carrigan and her only foal, Raven Wing.  Raven Wing was by CH Wing Commander and foaled in 1963.  
Lady Carrigan died the same year at age 15. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

4/17/13 Supreme Sultan sons

4/17/13 When I picked up my copy of the American Saddlebred Breeder’s Guide from 1990 and flipped through the pages, the number of Supreme Sultan sons jumped out at me.  A total of 14 of his sons, not to mention the grandsons, were advertised in the magazine.  He died 30 years ago in 1983 at the relatively young age of 17, but what an impact he made on the American Saddlebred breed.  Of course, some of the sons in the Breeders Guide are nearly as famous as their sire while others aren’t well known at all.  Here are all fourteen stallions. 

CH Albelarm Supremacy out of Enticing Lady
Bred and owned by Mrs. Alan Robson.  He sired CH Marquisat,
CH Albelarm Truly Fair, the nice Michigan stallion Supremacy's High Time,
and of course my good girl Loretta. 

 Duke Supreme out of My King's Promise by My King's X
He didn't sire a lot of horses, but one was CH Santa Claus. 

 Galahad out of CH Gala Affair by Denmark's Bourbon Genius
His dam was a good 3-gaited show horse.  

 Radiant Sultan out of CH Glenview Radiance by Oman's Desdemona Denmark
His dam was a top fine harness horse and he sired a lot of
 very nice horses including CH Foxfire's Prophet, 
CH the Grand Master and CH Radiant Success. 

Sultan's Flashdance out of Winsome Wing by Wing Commander
His only CHampion was a great one, CH Gypsy Supreme who was
a great ambassador for ASB's at the Kentucky Horse Park.

 Sultan's Great Day out of Supreme's Casindra (BHF) by Stonewall Supreme
He was sooooo gorgeous! And a good sire too.  Among his
famous offspring are CH Call Me Ringo, CH Along Came a Spider, 
CH Winter Day and CH It's a Beautiful Day (BHF)

Sultan's Pride and Joy out of Belle Mahogany by Americus Denmark
He stood in California.

 Sultan's Royalty out of Starlike (BHF) by Wing Commander
He was a full sibling to CHampions:
Like the Sultan, Candle Dance, Starlike Sultan and King of Siam.
His son CH Manila Thrilla was a World's 3-gaited Grand Champion.

 Sultan's Santana out of Grand View's Majorette (BHF) by Golden Thunderbolt
He was a World's Grand Champion in Fine Harness and he
sired a ton of very very good horses.

Sultan's Starmaker out of Ann O'Lee (BHF) by Wing Commander
Another well knows son of Supreme Sultan.

 Supreme Heir out of CH Supreme Airs by Stonewall Supreme
He was a number one rate sire for several years and 
he still has a lot of offspring showing today.

The Cheetah out of Princess Blanchita by Wing' s Fleet Admiral
His dam was a very good show mare and Cheetah was really handsome.  
His son Blue Calliou lived in Michigan for a while and
made a very nice western pleasure horse.

 The Sundrifter out of Fran Ann by Mr. Magic Man
One of his colts was the excellent equitation horse,
CH Timeless Drifter.

 Worthy Son out of Jasper Lou (BHF) by Wing Commander
Last but not least, this guy sired tons of good colts.
My favorite was CH Whiffenpoof. 

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

4/9/13 Golden Firefly, the Iron Mare

4/9/13  Today I’m multi-tasking by continuing with the “G” horses and also highlighting one of my favorite Hall of Fame Broodmares, Golden Firefly.  I mentioned in my 3/16/13 post that Belle Sarita was an iron horse since she showed in two divisions at the Kentucky State Fair in the same year.  Golden Firefly did her one better.  She was the Reserve World’s Champion Fine Harness Horse and the RWC Five-Gaited horse in the same year, and she showed in these classes less than 24 hours apart.  And not only was she a great performance horse, she made it to the BHF.  I’m her fan since she was in the 5th generation of Buddy’s pedigree, and she was also the 5th dam of my mare Sally (haven’t talked about her yet).  Golden Firefly was the great grand dam of Vanity’s Sensation and the grand-dam of Sparkling Waters, so she figured in the pedigrees of a lot of Dodge Stables’ horses. 

Guided by Love
King Lee Rose X Maud Cullen
Sire of Super Show Mare and BHF Golden Firefly


And here is the subject of today's post, Golden Firefly

Golden Firefly
Guided by Love X Princess Irene by Kentucky Diamond

Golden Firefly’s daughter Flashing Peavine was also a BHF and produced the very colorful duo of American Jane and Flashing American.  Many of Golden Firefly's progeny were brightly marked. 
                     American Jane                                                   Flashing American

Golden Firefly’s son Rex Firefly sired King Coe who was owned by Blythewoord Farms and  in turn sired two BHF mares, Penny Co-Ed and A Sheer Delight.  Rex Firefly also sired Sensation Rex, the sire of Vanity’s Sensation.  Rex Firefly, when crossed with his own mother Golden Firefly,  sired Sparkling Firefly, the sire of Dodge Stables’ Sparkling Waters.  Sparkling Waters was therefore the grandson and great grandson of Golden Firefly.  

                                            King Coe                                         Sensation Rex

                                                                     Sparkling Waters

The horses pictured below were all sired by Sparkling Waters, 
so they all had two crosses to Golden Firefly.

                                        Bell Sparkle                                        CH My Show Boat

                                            CH Socko                                     Moon Glitter

                                         Sparkling Aire                                    Sparkling Divorcee

                                  Sparkling Show Case                The New Moon (dam of Flight Time)

                                                                    Fairy Waters

Golden Firefly’s daughter Princess Firefly was the dam of BHF Dixiana’s Spring Cheer who produced Hideaway’s Firefly Supreme.  Princess Firefly also produced Firefly Genius.

Hide A Way's Firefly Supreme

                                                                                                          Firefly Genius       

Golden Firefly’s daughter Sensation Firefly produced Courageous Flash who herself produced three daughters.  All three mares were bred by Courageous Flash’s owner, Jane Gordon Fletcher from Pennsylvania.  One was BHF American Sunset owned by Ruxer Farms.  Another daughter Born a Flash produced a number of colts.  Her daughter Our Sally Ann also produced a number of nice show horses. 

Sensation Firefly
Jean Val Jean X Golden Firefly (BHF)
She was a five gaited show mare and later a broodmare. 
 Pictured right below is her son, Genius' Firefly. 

Genius Firefly
CH King’s Genius X Sensation Firefly

He was a five-gaited show and breeding stallion. 
And it also finishes up the post with the letter G.