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4/9/13 Golden Firefly, the Iron Mare

4/9/13  Today I’m multi-tasking by continuing with the “G” horses and also highlighting one of my favorite Hall of Fame Broodmares, Golden Firefly.  I mentioned in my 3/16/13 post that Belle Sarita was an iron horse since she showed in two divisions at the Kentucky State Fair in the same year.  Golden Firefly did her one better.  She was the Reserve World’s Champion Fine Harness Horse and the RWC Five-Gaited horse in the same year, and she showed in these classes less than 24 hours apart.  And not only was she a great performance horse, she made it to the BHF.  I’m her fan since she was in the 5th generation of Buddy’s pedigree, and she was also the 5th dam of my mare Sally (haven’t talked about her yet).  Golden Firefly was the great grand dam of Vanity’s Sensation and the grand-dam of Sparkling Waters, so she figured in the pedigrees of a lot of Dodge Stables’ horses. 

Guided by Love
King Lee Rose X Maud Cullen
Sire of Super Show Mare and BHF Golden Firefly


And here is the subject of today's post, Golden Firefly

Golden Firefly
Guided by Love X Princess Irene by Kentucky Diamond

Golden Firefly’s daughter Flashing Peavine was also a BHF and produced the very colorful duo of American Jane and Flashing American.  Many of Golden Firefly's progeny were brightly marked. 
                     American Jane                                                   Flashing American

Golden Firefly’s son Rex Firefly sired King Coe who was owned by Blythewoord Farms and  in turn sired two BHF mares, Penny Co-Ed and A Sheer Delight.  Rex Firefly also sired Sensation Rex, the sire of Vanity’s Sensation.  Rex Firefly, when crossed with his own mother Golden Firefly,  sired Sparkling Firefly, the sire of Dodge Stables’ Sparkling Waters.  Sparkling Waters was therefore the grandson and great grandson of Golden Firefly.  

                                            King Coe                                         Sensation Rex

                                                                     Sparkling Waters

The horses pictured below were all sired by Sparkling Waters, 
so they all had two crosses to Golden Firefly.

                                        Bell Sparkle                                        CH My Show Boat

                                            CH Socko                                     Moon Glitter

                                         Sparkling Aire                                    Sparkling Divorcee

                                  Sparkling Show Case                The New Moon (dam of Flight Time)

                                                                    Fairy Waters

Golden Firefly’s daughter Princess Firefly was the dam of BHF Dixiana’s Spring Cheer who produced Hideaway’s Firefly Supreme.  Princess Firefly also produced Firefly Genius.

Hide A Way's Firefly Supreme

                                                                                                          Firefly Genius       

Golden Firefly’s daughter Sensation Firefly produced Courageous Flash who herself produced three daughters.  All three mares were bred by Courageous Flash’s owner, Jane Gordon Fletcher from Pennsylvania.  One was BHF American Sunset owned by Ruxer Farms.  Another daughter Born a Flash produced a number of colts.  Her daughter Our Sally Ann also produced a number of nice show horses. 

Sensation Firefly
Jean Val Jean X Golden Firefly (BHF)
She was a five gaited show mare and later a broodmare. 
 Pictured right below is her son, Genius' Firefly. 

Genius Firefly
CH King’s Genius X Sensation Firefly

He was a five-gaited show and breeding stallion. 
And it also finishes up the post with the letter G. 

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