Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1/29/13 Now for the B's please

Finally done with all the "A" horses, so now it's on to those horses beginning with B. All the Bourbons come to mind first, but I'm going to start with the Belles and the Beaus.

CH Belle Le Rose (BHF)
American Born X Anita Auburn
She was a grand show mare and also a great producer. 
Most of her colts were sired by Beau Peavine.
One daughter was Rita Le Rose (BHF) who produced a 
bunch of good stallions. Another daughter was Sister Belle.  
She produced Saucy Eve, granddam of CH WGC Sky Watch.
Sister Belle also produced Belle La Fitte.

 Belle La Fitte
Jean La Fitte x Sister Belle (by Beau Peavine)
I have to mention that Jean La Fitte, bred by Spindletop Farm
in Lexington, was later purchased by my friend Dr. Elrod.
He sired some nice horses for Dr. Elrod, but
long before I was around so I never got to see him.  

 Belle of Grand View
I already included her in the A's since she's out of
America Beautiful (BHF), but had to include
her again since she's so gorgeous.

 Beau Fortune
Sun Beau X Anacacho Princess (BHF) by Edna May's King
He produced Ch My-My, multiple time 5-gaited WGC.
He also produced Broodmare Hall of Fame mares
Crebilly's Plumb Beautiful and Dame of Fortune

 Beau Gallant was a full brother to Beau Fortune.
He produced CH Gallant Guy O'Goshen

  Beau Peavine
Jean Val Jean x Fair Acres Vanity Fair by Lord Highland
(Just mentioning that Jean Val Jean is the lead 
character in the movie Les Miserables.)
Beau Peavine was also owned by Spindletop Farm and
they owned a lot of top mares to breed to him. 
He produced three BHF mares, Abie's Baby,
Rita Le Rose and Marie Bosace.  
Beau Peavine sired the stallion Yekcohs, who was
unfortunately named in reverse for one of his
owners, Mr. Shockey.  Yekchos is the
great grandsire of Caramac., so he
shows up in a lot of pedigrees.

Friday, January 25, 2013

1/25/13 Dub's famous tongue

Recently I had quite the shock when I came across a picture of one of my horses on a website.  The picture shows his attitude to a "Tee".  Actually, my daughter just happened to be snapping some photos of him when he was in his stall and caught him with his tongue out.  She replaced the background with a picture of one of our hayfields.  It may not be his most flattering picture, but it did catch his personality.  Here are a couple more photos of my boy.

Dub giving the raspberries.

Dub less than a day old with his Mama.

Dub as a 2 year old just playing around.

Dub learning to drive, by a trainer Dub respected,
took his time, and who gave Dub a great foundation. 

4/7/18  What a shock I received today.  Hopefully, a positive update to Dub's story.  Several months after this post, Dub was sold.  We thought he was being placed in the best possible opportunity for him, but it turns out we were wrong.  Not long after we sold him, we went to visit him and he was no longer there.  Sold again, because "he just didn't work out", without any clear explanation.  I checked periodically for his papers to transfer, but they never did.  American Saddlebred Legacy was contacted by his most recent owner.  Of course, they had no idea about his real identity.  Through diligence and detective work, AS Legacy thought they identified him.  Remember, his papers never transferred, so I don't know what happened to them.  I was contacted through Facebook asking if I could identify pictures of a horse.  I nearly cried!  It was Dub for sure.  Many states away, but with a family that liked him.  We're now waiting for further update.  

Monday, January 21, 2013

1/21/13 Oh Ashley, please come back!

After going through an old email, I found a picture of a stallion that stood in Michigan for many years, so I thought I'd include him.  Of course, his name starts with an A, so this is really the rest of my "A" horses.

Anderson Rex
King Barrymore x Peavine's Pearl BHF
He was a full brother to Captain Courageous. 
He sired CH Emerald Future BHF

Anderson Aire
He was sired by Anderson Rex and stood in Michigan
for many years.  He lived to be nearly 30 years  old.
One of his colts, Ensign's King, was owned by
my girlfriend who started with American Saddlebreds
the same year I did.  She owned him from the time she was
in vet school until he passed away in his upper 20's.

Anacacho Revel by Edna May's King
How could I have left out this horse from 
Gone with the Wind!
Sired by Edna May's King, he must have been named for
two of Edna May's King's owners, Revel English and 
the Anacacho Ranch.  He was ridden in the movie
by Leslie Howard who portrayed Ashley Wilkes.  He
was shown here leaving for the Civil War.  

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

1/16/13 Alloway's Saddlebreds

I began this blog telling how I became involved with American Saddlebreds, now I’ll tell how my husband was introduced to the breed over 50 years ago.  I never got to meet my father-in-law since he passed away long before I was on the scene.  However, I know he loved American Saddlebreds and made it possible for my husband to raise some colts while in his early teens.

 Sometimes, the road to Saddlebreds is circuitous, but eventually we get there.  My father-in-law went to school to be an attorney, but once he graduated, he didn't like it, so he went back to school and got his engineering degree.  He worked at an automotive plant (one of the many in the Toledo area), but that plant was going to relocate to the Carolinas in the late 1950’s.  For whatever reason, my mother-in-law went to visit the little town of Clinton, N. Carolina and put her foot down.  Did she really prefer the Michigan/Ohio winters?  Anyway, my father-in-law, having four children to support, opened a cabinet shop where he turned out kitchen cabinets.  One of the byproducts was a whole lot of wood shavings.  At age 12, my husband made a little spending money on the side by cleaning out the sawdust bin and selling it to Dr. Elrod, thus, the family’s introduction to Dr. Elrod and Saddlebreds. 

Dr.Elrod sent some of his broodmares a mile up the road for my husband to look after and keep at his barn.  They were mostly out in pasture, and when they got close to their foaling dates, they went back to the Elrod barn.  One day, it started to rain so my husband went to fetch the mares to put them in.  They all came in but one, so he went out into the pasture to find her.  The weather was getting quite bad by this time, and you guessed it, the missing mare had foaled in the pasture.  My husband carried the colt in to the barn and it was promptly named Stormy Weather.  I had heard this story many times from my husband over the years, but I found out years later that the mare was Vanity’s Virginia.  The Elrod’s had bought her from Elliot Bonnie, who had owned her sire Vanity’s Sensation for a while.  For whatever reason, Mr. Bonnie bred her to a pony stud and she was in foal when Dr. Elrod bought her.  Stormy Weather was a half saddlebred half pony, but over the years, Vanity’s Virginia produced a lot of nice horses, including my own dear Buddy. 

 About the same time, my husband bought a young mare that was a granddaughter of Society Rex.  He bred Sis to Dr. Elrod’s stallions on four occasions and raised four colts out of her.  A couple of them turned out to be pretty good.  He sold one to a family in Michigan who showed her for several years before she sold to Paul Priebe in Minnesota.  By this time, Dr. Elrod let my husband green break some of his colts.  Back then, he was a skinny, wiry kid, and he learned a lot about Saddlebreds from Dr. Elrod.

Sis with one of her colts
Alloway's Bonnie Lassie
1973 3-Gaited Champion in Michigan

Alloway's Bonnie Lassie
while at Paul Priebe's in Minnesota

My father-in-law also loved the Scottish poet Robert Burns, so they came up with the farm name Alloway’s for the colts they produced.   When the last colt was a yearling, my father-in-law passed away.  My husband was starting college, and the sad reality was that the horses had to go.  He sold “Sis” the mare, her yearling colt and a 2 year old by Oman’s Desdemona Denmark that he had bought at Tattersalls the year before.  It was a package deal, but sadly most of it had a bad ending.  Sis ended up aborting her latest colt, got an infection and was euthanized.  Whitneys Warrior got tangled in a fence and was badly cut up.  He later sold again, but was permanently disfigured.  The only good thing that happened was that my husband’s yearling was sent to Jr. Seay for training. 
Alloway's Tam O'Shanter
with Jr. Seay winning the 2 yr old 
Fine Harness class at Youngstown Ohio

By the time I met my husband, his barn was long since empty, and he’d lost track of his colt.  Being a faithful reader of Saddle & Bridle and some other publications, I was able to track down his colt and provide a little more info.  After Jr. Seay showed him for a season, Tam was purchased by Sallie Busch Wheeler and trained by Jim B. Robertson.  I don’t think they had great luck with him and the next time Tam surfaced, he was on the west coast, had been trimmed and had a new name………Big News.  A couple years later, Art Simmons had him and he went through his sale.  I wrote to Mr. Simmons to get some info on Tam/Big News.  Art Simmons was a truly nice man to take the time to write back to me and let me know that Tam had been sold to Connecticut.  That was the last I heard of him, but it was good to know that he’d been somewhat successful and literally went from coast to coast and had some of the best trainers in America work with him.

Alloway's Tam O'Shanter 
with Jim B. Robertson. 

Big News
with Frank Dye showing in Del Mar California

Saturday, January 12, 2013

1/12/13 America Beautiful

I actually found a few more horses starting with A, so I wanted to finish them up before getting started on the B's with all the Bourbons.  In an earlier post, I had a nice picture of America Beautiful (BHF) when she was showing.  She produced seven foals, 4 were fillies and 3 colts.  Of the females she produced, two ended up being Hall of Fame Broodmares and another was a good show mare.  Of her colts, two became breeding stallions and the gelding was shown as a 3 gaited horse.

                              Here is another picture of America Beautiful with her colt Caroland.

Americus Denmark
Anacacho Denmark X America Beautiful (BHF)
He produced American Sunset (BHF).  She was out of a mare
named Courageous Flash that I'll talk about later.
Americus Denmark also produced a few nice show horses.   
 America's Denmark
He was a full brother to Americus Denmark.
Belle of Grandview
another daughter of America Beautiful.  I snuck her in 
out of order since we're talking about America Beautiful.

Anacacho Sea
Anacacho Shamrock x Dorothy Anderson
He was bred by John Sea of Kentucky who also owned Royal Rex Sea.  

Monday, January 7, 2013

1/7/13 More of the A list

I'm going to finish the "A" horses since that's where I'm starting in the alphabet.  They are an awesome, amazing, all-American bunch of horses!

 American Born
Guided by Love x Lena Jemison BHF
He produced several Hall of Fame Broodmares, included 
World Grand Champions Belle Le Rose & Moreland Maid

American Masterpiece
American Born x Edna May's Delight BHF
He produced two Hall of Fame Broodmares

 Anacacho Empire
Anacacho Denmark x Anacacho Serana
He sired Empire's Lady Genius, the dam of Night Prowler.
Love those Parade Horse Saddlebreds!

 Anacacho Denmark
Edna May's King x Jane Black BHF
This is his "classic" photo, so I decided to use it.  He sired so many good horses,
including BHF's Kate Shriver & Melody O'Lee and 
sires Oman's Desdemona Denmark & Broadland's Captain Denmark

 Annie C. 
She was the dam of Bourbon King & Montgomery Chief, 
so someone took the initiative to take her photo.

 Arie's Golden Gift (BHF)
Genius Bourbon King x Saucy Eve
She was the dam of Sky Watch.

Anacacho Shamrock
Edna May's King x Sally Cameron BHF
He sired Chocolate Parfait BHF, the grand-dam of the first mare I leased.
Of course, he sired Wing Commander,  so if he never 
sired another horse, he'd still be famous.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

1/5/13 Sharing photos


As I said at the beginning of my blog, one of the things I wanted to do was post some pictures. Since I enjoy tracing bloodlines and reading about some of the old timers of the breed, I also try to collect their photos. That's what I will try to share on this blog, in between my stories of some of my experiences with my horses.

I will start with the A's to keep it alphabetical. If anyone has any thoughts they want to share, please don't hesitate to make a comment or contact me. I am new to blogging, so this is all a learning experience for me.

Abie's Irish Rose BHF
American Born X Kathryn Haines BHF
She was the dam of CH Ridgefield's Genius and the 
BHF mares Rose Genius & Abie's Baby

Ace O'Goshen
American Ace X Kalabara O'Goshen BHF
He sired Faustiana's Top Brass and 
Katie Boone who was the dam of 
Stonewall's Main Event

CH Albelarm Supremacy
He was bred by Mrs. Isabel Robson, the same lady that 
bred the first mare I leased as a teenager.  

 CH Alluring Lady
She was 2nd dam of Albelarm Supremacy and is 
shown here being driven by Mrs. Robson

American Ace
American Born x Kathryn Haines BHF
so he's a full brother to Abie's Irish Rose.
He sired Indiana Ace and several BHF mares
including Lucy Kilmer.

CH America Beautiful BHF
Desert Song x Judy O'Grady
She was the dam of Grand View's Majorette BHF and 
2nd dam of Sultan's Santana

American Bourbon
American Born x Marjorie Ann
He stood in Michigan about 65 years ago
and produced a few horses at Dama Farm.

Well, I'm only part way thru the A's, but I thought I'd stop for the time being.