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10/29/16 Flight Time and the Wing Commander Legacy part 7

The final installment of the Wing Commander Legacy series includes a few more stallions tracing back to CH Wind Commander on their sire line.  Some of these are holding on by a thread, and there's also a list of lines from some Wing Commander sons that have completely died out.  Previous posts have looked at Yorktown, Callaway's Johnny Gillen, Wing's Fleet Admiral and Chief of Greystone.  All of these are relatively robust lines, although Chief of Greystone is dwindling.  Today's post looks at Flight Time and Buck and Wing.  Remember, this is only looking at intact sire lines, not show horses, or good producing daughters.  These horses may be represented in other ways on today's pedigrees, not only through stallion sons.  First we'll look at the Wing Commander sons, then their sons/grandsons, and finally, the lost lines.   Subsequent generations are indented and modern day stallion still standing at stud are highlighted in yellow.

A few stallions like Castle Bravo passed on recently, so there may be more stallion sons coming up in the future.  Let's hope so.

Flight Time
Buck and Wing

Flight Time  f.  1962 out of The New Moon by Sparkling Waters
Ø  Jet Set   f.  1970  out of Princess Margaret O’Goshen by Ace O’Goshen
Ø  Lover’s Time   f. 1976   out of CH Lover’s Sensation by Vanity’s Sensation
Ø  Catch-A-Flight  f. 1983 out of Star Catcher by Genius Bourbon King
Ø  The Sky’s The Limit  f. 1985 out of Arie’s Golden Gift BHF by Genius Bourbon King
Ø  CH Sky Watch  f. 1977 out of Arie’s Golden Gift BHF by Genius Bourbon King
o   CH Harvest Commander  f. 1990  out of Gem’s Chiquita Banana by Stonewall’s High Noon
o   Castle Bravo  f. 1988 out of Yorkshire Pudding BHF
§  Simbara’s Rio Bravo  f.  Simbara’s Special someone by Merchant Prince
§  HS Castle Vision  f. 2007  out of A Daydream Believer BHF by Attache’s Born Believer
o   Eye in the Sky  f. 2000 out of Colonel’s Lady Beth by Colonel Boyle
o   Scripps   f.  1999 out of Las Vegas Showgirl by CH Buck Rogers
o   The Sky King   f.  1999 out of Leslie Lee by Santana’s Charm

Castle Bravo 
Catch A Flight 
CH Sky Watch 
Gold Commander by Harvest Commander 
Harvest Commander 
HS Castle Vision 
Jet Set 
Simbara's Rio Bravo 
The Sky King 
The Sky's The Limit 

Buck and Wing  f.  1956 out of Lovely Maid by Society Rex
Ø  Longstreet  f. 1968 out of Carolina Sport by Colonel Sport
Ø  Society Buck  f. 1971 out of Ronnie’s Delight by Society Kalarama
Ø  Buck’s Co-Star  f.  1980 out of Starheart’s Daughter by Starheart Stonewall
o   Photo Star  f. 2003  out of CH Take My Picture by Jay O’Lee

Buck's Co Star 
Photo Star

That’s it for Flight Time & Buck And Wing.
Now for the lines that all appear to be gone

Bourbon Commander  f.  1957  out of The Caravan by The Yankee
Ø  King’s Genius Model    f. 1966 out of Sonja Lee by Genius Masterpiece
Bourbon Commander 
King's Genius Model

Center Ring   f.  1964 out of countess Stardust by Ace O’Goshen
Ø  Masquerade Party  f.  1982  out of Beau’s Baby by Beau Yount
Ø  My Ring Leader   f. 1973 out of Leader’s Goddess by American Leader
Center Ring 
Masquerade Party 
My Ring Leader

Flight Director   f.  1965 out of Clear the Entrance by Sparkling Waters
Ø  Mountjoy’s Incredible   f.  1980 out of Aristocrat’s Gal by Mountjoy’s Aristocrat
o   Oakwind’s Incredible Starman  f. 1997 out of Emerald Ecstasy, granddaughter of Flight Director
Flight Director 
Mountjoy's Incredible
Oakwinds Incredible Starman

Good Spirits  f.  1968 out of Spirit Divine by Sun Beau’s Glory
Ø  Lunar Fire GS  f.  1978 out of CH the Slupreme Duchess by Valley View Supreme
Good Spirits 
Lunar Fire GS

High Rank  f. 1969  out of High Fashioned Sue by The Parading Promise
Ø  Mandate DHF  f.  1987 out of LL Heartlight by CH Night Prowler
High Rank

Lucky Commander  f.  1968  out of Born Lucky by Master Denmark
Ø  The Mountain Fox   f.  1986 out of Lo La Supreme by Valley Magic
Ø  New Recruit   f.  1987 out of Cordial Event by Stonewall’s Main Event
o   Clover Hill’s In Command  f. 1990 out of Powers Divine by Kourageous Kalu

Lucky Commander 
the Mountain Fox
Clover Hill's In Command

Mr. Magic Man  f.  1963 out of Molly O’Lee by Ensign Kirby
Ø  Our Magic Memory   f.  1975 out of Ernestine Supreme by Valley View Supreme
o   CH Magic Maker  f.  1982  out of Local Lass by Sultan’s Santana

Mr. Magic Man 
Our Magic Memory
CH Magic Maker

Rhythm Command    f.  1954 out of CH Sweet Rhythm BHF by Reveler
Ø  Mr. Fitgerald  f.  1962 out of Fannie Fair by Captain Romayne
Ø  Grand Command     f. 1959 out of Belle of Spindletop by Beau Peavine
o   The Blythe Spirit  f.  1980 out of Blythewood’s Something’s Burning by Fire Lane
o   Moreland Command   f.  1965  out of Dawn of Rose-A-Lee by Moreland Peavine

Rhythm Command

Mr. Fitzgerald
Grand Command 
The Blythe Spirit

Sunset Commander f. 1956  out of Anacacho Del Oro by Edna May’s King
Ø  Sunset’s Golden Storm   f. 1971 out of Gregnon’s Truly Fair by Blanchita’s Knight
o   Sunset’s Might Storm  f. 1994 out of Fair Song by CH courageous Admiral
o   Golden Sword  f. 1996 out of Affinity by Raven’s Mighty Stonewall
Sunset Commander

Wingmaster   f. 1957 out of Dream Flower BHF by Jubilee Dare
Ø  Bronze Master   f. 1965 out of Crebilly’s Sweet Talk by Vanity’s Sensation
Bronze Master

Wings Swept Wings   f.  1957 out of Gay Merriment by Gay Bandit
Ø  Wings Above   f.  1967 out of Harrison’s Connie by Conowingo
Wings Above

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10/22/16 Chief of Greystone, the Wing Commander Legacy part 6

The Wing Commander sire lines has become quite the project!  Part 6 looks at current stallions tracing to CH Wing Commander through his son, Chief of Greystone.  Foaled in 1962, he was out of  Carol Trigg BHF by Kalarama Denmark.  He was a full brother  to such illustrious siblings as CH Rebel Command, CH Princess Trigg, Delightful Time, Empress Wing, Lady Trigg BHF and Wing Shot.  That was a pretty good cross.  Chief of Greystone was also a World's Champion, winning the 5-Gaited Stallion stake at the Kentucky State Fair in both 1966 and 1967.  Like Callaways' Johnny Gillen, nearly all of Chief of Greystone's stallion lines flow through only one offspring, his son Attache.  Stallions still standing at stud are highlighted in yellow, and subsequent generations are indented and marked with the symbols Ø ,o   and § .   It's hard to be certain of all the stallions' status, as some haven't produced in a few years, but may still be available.
Chief of Greystone
With Redd Crabtree winning the 5 gaited stallion stake at KSF. 

Here are his sons

Flame of Greystone

Chief of Greystone   f.   1962 out of Carol Trigg BHF by Kalarama Denmark
Ø   Flame of Greystone f. 1972 out of High Point Flame BHF by Starheart Stonewall
Ø  Attache  f. 1972 out of The King’s Geni by My Major Genius
o   The Mean Machine   f.  1978  out of Mona Denmark BHF by Oman’s Desdemona Denmark
§  Steal My Heart   f.  1989 out of Samantha Supreme by CH Valley View Supreme
o   Attache’s Born Believer  f. 1981  out of Brandwine’s Bouquet by Brandywine’s Denmark Ace
§  Burning Flame  f. 1997 out of This Town’s Possessed by Talent Town
§  Born Contender  f. 2000  out of My Yorkshire Rose by CH Yorktown
§  Born Believer  f. 2001 out of This town’s Possessed by Talent Town
o   Attache’s Liquid Asset  f.  1981  out of Mona Denmark BHF by Oman’s Desdemona Denmark
§  Attache’s Royal Assets  f. 1996 out of Royal Memories by Mountain Highland Memories
§  Trust Fund  f. 1996 out of CH Stonewall’s Crimson and Clover by Stonewall’s Main Event
o   Black Bottom Pie  f. 1986 out of The Moon Pie by Penny’s Superior Stonewall
o   Attache’s Absolute  f. 1988  out of CH Main Glitter by Stonewall’s Main Event
§  Absolute Starheart f. 1998 out of SLS The Look Of Love by Starheart Peavine
§  Absolute Evolution  f. 1998 out of Southern Smile by Santana’s Cameo
o   The Emerald Sea   f. 1989 out of Miss Jolie  by Supreme Sultan
o   Attache’s Thunderbolt  f. 1990  out of Sweet Sharon Supreme  by CH Valley View Supreme
§  Thundergun  f. 2004 out of Sweetanticipation by CH Captive Spirit
o   Finally Attached   f. 1991 out of Camilla Fox by Grape Tree’s Fox

o   The Wish Card  f. 1991 out of Sultan’s Shooting Star by Supreme Sultan

Sons and grandsons of Attache
Absolute Evolution 
Absolute Starheart 
Attache's Absolute 
Attache's Born Believer 

Attache's Liquid Asset 
Attache's Royal Assets 
Attache's Thunderbolt  
Black Bottom Pie 
This post is all about sire lines and male offspring, but here is the token female of the week.
Strawberry Pie, daughter of Black Bottom Pie was a really cute 3 gaited horse.  
Born Contender 
Burning Flame  
Finally Attached 

The Emerald Sea 
The Mean Machine 
The Wish Card 
Trust Fund

Next week should finish up the series with Flight Time, and a few others.

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