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10/9/16 Yorktown, the Wing Commander Legacy part 4

WGC Yorktown was another one of Wing Commander's sons that bred on and has several sire lines still active today.  He was a World Grand Champion, son of a World's Grand Champion, and sire and grandsire of a World's Grand Champions.  Some of his breeding sons are listed and pictured below, and further down are more descendants.  As mentioned previously, this series is just looking at the male sire line descendants.  Yorktown turned out to be a huge undertaking, so he's being split into two groups, New Yorker's offspring, and the offspring of his other sons.  Most of the others were bred by Jean McLean Davis.  I know I missed some, but let me know if you can think of any others that you'd like included.  This week looks at the Jean McLean Davis stallions.  New Yorker is next week. Highlighted stallions are still being used today.  As you can see, even with the tremendous numbers he started with, Yorktown's sire lines are slimming down.  There is an occasional female listed, just because they're special.  Enjoy!
Yorktown and Tom Moore taking a victory pass as WGC's.
WC Wing Commander X Oman's Anacacho Maytime BHF by Anacacho Denmark

The sons of CH Yorktown:
Abacus Rambler
Arrowhead Chief
Copper Town
Fountain of Youth
Harrods Burg
Lees Town
Man of York
CH Man On The Town
My Town
New Yorker
(SA) Quaker Town
Royal Return
The Silver Lining
CH The Talk of The Town
Town Square
Union Town
Yorktown Magic
Abacus Rambler
f. 1982 out of Grape Tree's Claudia by The Rambler
Arrowhead Chief 
 f. 1981 out of The Wild Irish Rose by Genius Bourbon King
f. 1981 out of Oak Hill's Cameo Rose by Waltz King
Fountain of Youth

f. 1974 out of Starheart's Cinderella by Starheart Stonewall
Harrods Burg
f. 1983 out of Stonewalll's Golden Model by Stonewall's Golden Dream
f. 1975 out of Joan's Linda Lee by Gold Note
his 2nd dam was CH Beloved Belinda
Local Hero 
Man of York 
f. 1983 out of Miss Calculation by Valley View Supreme
**just found out this handsome stallion still has an active son. 
CH Man on the Town
His most beautiful son and another WGC.
His gelded son, CH He's the Man was also WGC.
My Town 
f. 1984 out of Georgia Supreme by Supreme Sultan
New Yorker
see more about him on the next post
Oak Hill's Dear Sir 
Royal Return 
f. 1982  out of CH Bellisima  by CH Valley View Supreme
f. 1985 out of Sweet Loraine's Secret Rendezvous by Society Citation
Talent Town 
The Silver Lining
CH The Talk of The Town 
Union Town
f. 1976 out of Fleeting Fantasy by Denmark's Bourbon Genius
Yorktown Magic
f. 1984 out of Putting on Airs BHF by Mr. Magic Man

Here's more info on the sons, and the next generations are all indented
(SA) Quaker Town out of Portrait In Blue by Grand Command
Ø  Dunedin Quaker Dare
o   SA Dellview Dare Time out of SA Cloverleaf lEvening Time by SA Supreme O’Lee
Fountain of Youth  f.  1972 out of Eternal Spring by Denmark’s Bourbon Genius
Ø   Chubasco  f. 1977  out of Tropical Gale by Ensign’s Storm Warning
o   Snowy River  f. 1986 out of Look I’m Lovely by Anacacho Empire
o   CH El Cortez  f. 1993 out of CH Belle Elegant by Oman’s Desdemona Denmark
§  Wing a Prayer  f. 2005 by Thai Tea by Chubasco
Ø  Key Largo  f. 1976 out of CH The Carnival Queen by Flashy Bourbon Peavine
Jamestown   f.  1972 out of Anita Le Rose by Society Kalarama
Ø  The Coal Train   f. 1979 out of Wild Honey Comb by Denmark’s Bourbon Genius
o   Mountainview’s Oh Heavenly Days f.  1991 out of Easter Treat by Longview’s Supreme
Ø  Five Minutes ‘til Midnight    f. 1985 out of Barham’s Reality BHF by Denmark’s Bourbon Genius
o   Coal   f. 1985 out of Divine Prowler by CH Night Prowler
Local Hero    f. 1982 out of Barham’s Reality by Denmark’s Bourbon Genius
Ø  Adriatic   f.  1992 out of Third Daughter by Buck and Wing
Ø  Haven’s Hero    f.  1991  out of  Grape Tree’s Elizabeth by Supreme Spirit
Man of York  f. 1983 out of Miss Calculation by Valley View Supreme
                >Man of the Ring f. 1996 out of Waiting in the Wings by Supreme Sultan
CH Man on the Town   f.  1984  out of CH Chantilly Rose  by Denmark’s Bourbon Genius
Ø  The Phantom Man  f. 1992 out of Phantom Star by Longview’s Supreme
> Number One Man  f. 1992 out of CH Reedann's Nighty Nite by Night Prowler 
Ø  Only Man in Town  f.  1993 out of Only You by Supreme sultan
Ø  Oh Man   f. 1994 out of Oh Dear by Jamestown
Ø  Undulata’s Man of the Hour  f.  1995 out of Top Billing HVM by Supreme Sultan
Ø  Dancing Man  f. 2000 out of Sleep Tight by Jamestown
Ø  Such A Salesman  f.  2003  out of Barter System by Supreme Sultan
Ø  A Special Man  f.  2004   out of Something to Talk About by The Talk of the Town
Oak Hill’s Dear Sir  f.  19882  out of CH Oak Hill’s Dear One BHF by Denmark’s Bourbon Genius
Ø  Master Class  f.  1996  out of CH Reedann’s Nighty Nite by CH Night Prowler
Talent Town  f. 1978 out of CH Chantilly Rose by Denmark’s Bourbon Genius
Ø  Star Material f. 1987 out of Gold Star’s Ballerina by Stonewall’s Main Event
The Silver Lining   f. 1977 out of Frosty Fawn by Faustiana’s Top Brass
Ø  Candid Caper  f.  1987 out of GT Fancy Spirit by Supreme Spirit
Ø  Virtual Future  f. 1998 out of  Iron Maiden by Penny’s Superior Stonewall
CH The Talk of the Town f. 1976 out of CH My Starlight Hour by Starheart Stonewall
Ø   Carol Lynn BHF  Not a stallion, but an important offspring for sure! Her son is:
o   WGC  Top of the Mark
Adriatic By Local Hero by Yorktown
A Special Man by CH Man On The Town by Yorktown
A Yorktown grandson still available for breeding today!
CH El Cortez  by Chubasco by Fountain of Youth by Yorktown
Chubasco by Fountain of Youth by Yorktown
Dancing Man by CH Man on the Town by Yorktown
Found this picture of Dancing Man at Lexington in 2009

Dellview Dare Time by SA Dunedin Quaker Dar by SA Quaker Town by Yorktown
Haven's Hero by Local Hero by Yorktown
Key Largo  by Fountain of Youth by Yorktown
Master Class  by Oak Hill's Dear Sir by Yorktown
He's one of the few grandsons of Yorktown still standing at stud!  
Master Class in  2009

Mountainview's Oh Heavenly Day by The Coal Train by Jamestown by Yorktown
Number One Man by CH Man on the Town by Yorktown
Oh Man by CH Man on the Town by Yorktown
Only Man In Town  by CH Man on the Town by Yorktown
Star Material by Talent Town by Yorktown
Such a Salesman  by CH Man on the Town by Yorktown
The Coal Train by Jamestown by Yorktown 
The Phantom Man by CH Man on the Town by Yorktown
Undulata's Man of the Hour by CH Man on the Town by Yorktown

More to come on Yorktown and the New Yorker lines as well as more to come on the series of stallion lines descending from WGC CH wing Commander.  

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