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10/15/2016 Yorktown, the Wing Commander Legacy part 5

The series looking at modern stallions tracing to CH Wing Commander continues with week 2 of WGC CH Yorktown.  Last week's post examined the stallions bred by his long time owner, Jean McLean Davis and a few other Yorktown sons.  This week looks at possibly his most prolific son, New Yorker.  This handsome stallion was bred by Burning Tree Farms of Tulsa Oklahoma, which had also bred  his sire Yorktown and owned his dam, Sandalwood Stonewall.  New Yorker foaled in 1970 and had a relatively brief life, and died at age 10 in an accident in his paddock at Leslie Lane Farm, Midland Michigan, which owned him during the majority of his breeding career.   Although his life was cut short, several of his sons lived and continued to sire colts to age 30, so there are some relatively young grandsons of New Yorker available for your consideration as a breeding stallion.  As in weeks past, the currently available sire lines are highlighted in yellow.  Several of them had their last colt in 2015, but I included them anyway.  Each generation is indented with a Ø  o or § .  First we'll picture his sons, then look at his descendants.
New Yorker

New Yorker breeding sons
Broadland's Beau 
Harlem Globetrotter 
I'm A  New Yorker 
Manhattan Supreme 
The New York TImes

Ø  The New York Times  f. 1977  out of Canterbury Lane by Oman’s Desdemona Denmark
o   New York State   f. 1990 out of Cora Gables by CH Yorktown
o   Time out for Lovin’   f. 1996 out of  A Little Lovin’ by The Great Scott
§  My Kinda Lovin’ f. 2002 out of Champagne Frost by CH Heir to Champagne
o   Doing New York    f. 1994 out of Makin’ Magic by Fire Lane
 § A Superb Manhattan  f. 2000 out of La Madrina by Harrods Burg

Ø  Broadland’s Beau   f. 1978  out of Smile Awhile by Grand Command
Ø  Manhattan Supreme  f.  1979 out of Sultan’s Keepsake by Supreme Sultan
o   Catalyst    f. 1986 out of Lakeview’s Captured Angel by CH Superior Odds
§  Good Timin’ Man   f. 1991 out of On Line by Flight Time
§  Ramona’s Hale Bopp  f. 1997 out of American Sonata by  American Replay
§  Eldorado’s Stonewall Jackson   f. 1999 out of Bella Capri by CH Heir to Champagne
·         King of Bling f.  2006 out of Merchant’s Perfect Princess by Merchant Prince
o   Manhattan Design   f. 1989 out of Kate Dancer by CH Anacacho Dancer
o   Mi Liberty Flame f.  1993 out of Denmark’s Little Stripper by Yankee Stranger
o   Pentagon  f. 1993 out of Fair Contessa by Lucky Commander
Ø  I’m A New Yorker    f.  1980 out of Sentimentalist by Denmark’s bourbon Genius
o   Forty Second Street  ERB   f.  1986 out of  Jamestown Doll by Jamestown
o   Belle Reve’s Renaissance Man   f. 1989 out of Peavine’s Little Lady by Sea Society
§  Renaissance Man’s Medici  f. 2009 out of Steel Available by General Steel
§  Bob Bobaloo f. 2005 out of Lady of the Realm by Catalyst
o   Nureyev  f.  1990  out of Gold Star’s Ballerina by Stonewall’s Main Event
o   Forty Third Street   f.  1990 out of Jamestown Doll by Jamestown
o   Wild-Eyed Warrior   f. 1997  out of CH Lady O’Grady  by Black Oman
o   New York Royal  f. 1999 out of Harlem’s Royal Gift by Harlem Globetrotter
o   Joe Fabulous   f.  2002 out of Feather Light by CH Courageous Admiral
o   Our Axel Rose  f.  2003 out of Betsy Rose by CH Courageous Admiral
o   New York Magician   f.  2008 out of Memories’ Gift of Grace by Memories of Will Rogers
o   Cedar View WD York   f. 2008 out of June’s Surprise Party by CH Sky Watch
o   MBA Manhattan’s Shooting Star  f. 2010 out of CH Cary’s Moonraker by CH Foxfire’s Prophet
Ø  Harlem Globetrotter   f. 1980 out of Putting on Airs BHF by Mr. Magic Man
o   Harlem’s Hot Dice  f. 1985  out of Dice Girl by Genius Bourbon King
o   Harlem Globemaster   f. 1986  out of Tashi’s Gift by CH Kourageous Kalu
o   CH Harlem Town  f. 1986 out of CH Town Dance b7y CH Yorktown
§  Harlem’s Friendly Conversation   f. 1997 out of Conversationalist BHF by Sultan’s Warhawk
§  Brookhill’s Apollon   f. 2004  out of This is Good by Periaptor
§  He’s New in Town   f. 2012 out of Why Do I Love You by The Silver Lining
o   Harlem Spats Waller   f.  1986 out of Raven Wing by CH Wing  Commander
§  Blackie’s Rising Star   f. 2000 out of Harlem’s Star Gazer by Harlem Time
o   Slam Dunk HG  f. 1987  out of Buck’s Ingenue by Buck and Wing
o   Kabuki   f.  1991  out of Marth! Martha! By Oman’s Desdemona Denmark
o   Harlem’s Black Diamond   f. 1992 out of CH Diamond Minx by Stonewall’s Beau Peavine
o   Harlem Superior   f. 1998  out of Superior’s Faire Lady by CH superior Odds
o   Harlem’s Go To Man   f. 1999 out of Co-Ed’s Leading Lady BHF by Spring Valley’s Deliverance
o   Pine Canyon   f. 2005  out of CH Flight’s Truly Supreme by Longview’s Supreme
o   Eyes of the World   f.  2010 out of Bayou Tornaado by SA Tornaado
A Superb Manhattan 
Belle Reve's Renaissance Man 
Belle Reve's Renaissance Man's Medici 
Brookhill's Apollon 
Cedar View W.D. York
El Dorado's Stonewall Jackson 
Eyes of the World 
Forty Second Street ERB 
Harlem Globemaster 
Harlem Spats Waller 
Harlem Town 
Harlem's Black Diamond 
Harlem's Friendly Conversation 
Harlem's Go To Man 
Harlem's Hot Dice 
He's New In Town 
Joe Fabulous 
Manhattan Design 
MBA's Manhattan's Shooting Star
Mi Liberty Flame 
My Kinda Lovin' 
New York Magician 
New York Royal 
New York State

Our Axel Rose
Slam Dunk HG 
Time Out For Lovin' 
Wild Eyed Warrior

Next week will look at the rest of the CH Wing Commander sons, and the lines they established.

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