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8/29/15 American Horseman from 1940, July thru December

8/29/15  Continuing with the bound volume of American Horseman magazines from 1940, here are the issues from July through December.  This post takes a look at these magazine issues and lists some random thoughts pulled from its pages.   For those that missed last week, this is January thru June.

July 1950

Five Minutes to Midnight on the cover,

Five Minutes to Midnight was owned by Mrs. JR Sharp of Tulsa, OK. She owned many great horses like CH Denmark's Daydream and Wing's Fleet Admiral.

Mahogany Finish was sold by George Gwinn of Danville, KY to Mrs W. P Roth of Redwood City, California.  Mahogany Finish was owned for the rest of her life by Mrs. Roth’s Whyworry Farm.  She not only became a Champion, she produced BHF Whyworry Mountain Mahogany.

Buffalo Girl was shown in 5 gaited classes at Greenville, SC.

 Buffalo Girl later went on to produce  Christmas Greetings, a mare that showed in the Parade Class at the 1954 KSF and herself produced CH Albelarm Christmas Carol. 

Polly Phelps was pictured before her name change to Ch Love Affair.

Miss Mary Jane Pidgeon was pictured aboard Springtime.
In the section on "Stars of 1940" are Mrs. James Johnson (aka Frances Dodge of Dodge Stables), Mrs. Victor Weil, the owner and exhibitor of WGC Vanity, Mary Fisher of Dixiana Farms, and Miss Pat O’Brien, a 16 year old equitation star. 

   Mary Fisher of Dixiana                         Frances Dodge Johnson

Mrs. Victor Weil
There was an obituary for Doug Chenault of Cumberland Farm.

the 41 year old Doug Chenault managed the breeding career of King’s Genius.
August 1940,Front Page Fancy on the cover

  Front Page Fancy was sired by Dodge Stables Barrymore's Fancy
A Sensation pictured with Earl Teater up.

   A Sensation appeared in nearly every issue in 1940.

Tattersalls had results of their sale which included Lupton Veazey Rainwater’s horses.

   Lupton Veazey Rainwater advertised monthly until his sale.
Miss Pat Obrien’s obituary appeared.  She was 16 and succumbed to diabetes.  She was listed as a winner in equitation in the same magazine. 
September 1940, Jacqueline McDonald on the cover for the 3rd time that year
Special Agent, a 5 gaited stallion is advertised. Is that George Gwinn up?
Ak-Sar-Ben horse show was advertised.  That’s Nebraska spelled backwards.
W. D. Mountjoy & son of Lawrenceville, Ky ran an ad.  The Mountjoy’s have bred, raised, trained and shown Saddlebreds for decades.
A Sensation was pictured again.  Owned by Mrs. Reed Albee, she was shown by Earl Teater. 

Abie’s Black Rose was by King’s Genius X Abie’s Irish Rose BHF, making her a full sister to Rose Genius BHF and CH Ridgefield’s Genius.
October 1940, Hackney champion King’s Creation on the cover

    King's Creation graced the Hackney issue

There were horse shows at such places as Dallas, Cincinnati , The National at Madison Square Gardens    All of them advertised November horse shows. 
A Sensation was WGC at the KSF

America Beautiful was 3 G WGC
Greyhound and Frances Dodge Johnson set a new record for trotting a mile under saddle.  It broke the previous record by 4 seconds. 
Rhythm Step from Glad Acres in Texas was a 5Gaited standout headed for Dallas
Born To Treasure was bred by Minton Hickory Farms and owned by Nawbeek Farm. She was yearling champion at the Kentucky State Fair.

Polly Phelps sold to Rockwold Farms in Greenville,SC. 
November 1940, Walking Horse Champion Strolling Jim on the cover

    Strolling Jim was featured on the Walking Horse issue's cover.

Harry McNair’s Chicago sale included the dispersal of Pinetree Farm and Edgemorr Farms
Mat S Cohen who showed Edna May now is selling insurance and had several ads.
John R. Horst was on the wrong side of the camera. He is noted for his equine photos.

Polly Phelps sold from Rockwold Farms to Dodge Stables and was renamed Love Affair.
Ware’s Sensation was photographed at age 21, she is owned by Jerry Coe who also owns Rex Firefly.  Coe’s horses are kept at Minton Hickory.  She's dam of A Sensation and Polly Phelps.

    Genius of Stonyridge was undefeated in 2 year old fine harness classes.

Belle of Spindletop tops the Pendleton St. Louis Sale for $5500.
Bourbon Star had a nice article by Susanne, mentioning that he was an exceptional trotting horse.  He sired WGC Midnight Star and Easter Star.  He is best known as a sire of good broodmares.
Ann McAfee, 7 years old, rode her pony Dixie at the Knoxville TN show.  Did she really show with bare legs?
Dec 1940, A Sensation on the cover in color

  WGC A Sensation on the cover, in color, but the same photo as before.

Gift of Roses and Miss Helen Meaher of Mobile AL.  I like this photo since it reminds me of Buddy, Best Saddlebred Ever. 
Smoke Rings and Mrs. Frances Dodge Johnson

Grasslands Farm, Danville Ky had an article which featured several of their colts.
Grasslands Belle with Frank Bradshaw was a WC in 3yo FH in 1940
Kalarama Heiress was WC 2yo FH mare w/Miss Lloyd Lanier & ended up in BHF

Kalarama Colonel at a 2yo was WC in 2yo FH driven by Frank Bradshaw
Veiled Prophet, owned by Winganeek Farm & sired by Capt Courageous won the weanling stake
Moreland Maid was retired from showing.  Her owner was Mrs. Victor Weil

  Sweet Campernelle was related to Jonquil, and also had unusual coloring.

Rex Firefly sells to Leatherwood Farms.

Oklahoma Peavine was advertised at stud.
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8/22/15 American Horseman from 1940, January thru June

The 1940 editions of American Horseman magazine are now 75 years old.  This post looks at highlights from January through the June issues.  Thanks to Cheri Newberry for sharing her bound volume, we get to look back 75 years at the entire year of American Horseman magazine.  There is so much to choose from: great ads, stories, photos, history!  This post will contain random horses plucked from the pages.  I only wish there was space to be more complete because a lot of noteworthy horses and topics are being missed.  Three things of interest were the sheer number of horse shows, horse sales and the number of deaths.

January 1940  features Jacqueline McDonald on the cover

    Jacqueline McDonald placed 3rd in the 1939 KSF World's 5-gaited Grand Championship
Stallion ads for Winganeek Farms featuring Captain Courageous, King’s Sport and Reveler, all at a stud fee of $75.  
Stallions Golden Genius and Glad Acres Sun Beau were both from Texas. 
Sun Beau was the sire of Beau Fortune and Beau Gallant

Golden Genius

An ad for Lexington’s Finest Hotel, the Hotel Lafayette featured rooms at $4 and Suites at $10. 

February 1940  Captain King was on the cover
   Captain King was sired by Bourbon King

Sun Beau again had an ad

Sensation Rex, was standing at Leatherwood Farms in Bluefield, WV for a stud fee of $100
    Sensation Rex sired Vanity's Sensation
Dixiana Farm had an ad for Bourbon Genius$100, but no picture.
Winganeek had an another ad.
Gallant Knight again has an ad.

Senator Crawford, the great roadster retires

March 1940, American Born was on the cover
    Top sire American Born

Sun Beau & Glad Acres had ads for 3 straight months
BP Eddie’s View Point Stock Farm of Shelbyville, KY stood Kingston’s Choice.  He traced to Denmark FS on both  his sire & dam line. 
  Kington's Choice was noted as a "Denmark" sire.

Dodge Stables advertised Barrymore Fancy at stud.  Later that year, they bought Anacacho Shamrock and Barrymore Fancy was out.
Rex Firefly was advertised in the March Tattersalls sale
  Rex Firefly sired Sensation Rex

Michigan’s Oklahoma Peavine and Dazzling McDonald were both advertised.
  Dazzling McDonald
     Oklahoma Peavine stood in Lansing, Michigan

Rolling Meadows Farm  in Cincinnati Ohio advertised Meadow Majesty.
Stonewall King of Stephens, MO was advertised by owner D. M Cason
San Juan was advertised by owner James Marker of Columbus Ohio for $50.
Noble Kalarama was advertised by owner Jack Thompson of Hodgenville, KY.  This was just before he went off to WWII.  See more on this great duo.

    Noble Kalarama driven by his owner Jack Thompson

King’s Genius had an ad featuring this painting.  Owned by Roger Selby, he was standing at Doug Chenault’s Cumberland View Farm in Richmond, KY.  More on that later.
   King's Genius had an ad featuring the artwork of George Ford Morris

King Barrymore stood at A.G. Jones’ farm in North Middletown, KY
    King Barrymore was sired by Bourbon King

Chester Dare had a nice historical article mentioning that he could walk up to a wall and his chest would touch before his muzzle.  Now that's an upright head carriage!

    Although Chester Dare was a noted sire from the early 1900's, there are not more stallions that      trace directly to him on the sire line.

Moonbeam of Hodgenville, Ky was advertised and mentioned in 3 different articles.
     Moonbeam was a good sire of broodmares.

Anacacho Denmark was advertised in the stallion Parade for owner Anacacho Ranch.

 Anacacho Denmark was a young stallion in this photo.

 April 1940, American Fairy on the cover

American Fairy was a RWC as a yearling

The Bettydot Stables of Dayton Ohio had a dispersal sale ad which featured my favorite broodmare.
Sensation Rex, advertised for owner Letherwood Farms in the last two issues, has a new owner.  He now stands at Nawbeek Farm in Paoli, Pennsylvania and will stand alongside American Born.

  Sensation Rex sold to Nawbeek Farm which owned him for the rest of his life.

Kalarama King stands at Red Top Farm in Libertyville, ILL for owner Irving Florsheim.  Chester Caldwell was manager.

Little Bo Peep was an excellent 3 gaited mare who went on to be in the Broodmare Hall of Fame.  And I can't resist a Bopeep (my alias).  

   Little Bo Peep's sire Mountain Peavine was a grandson of Chester Dare.

May 1940 had Jacqueline McDonald on the cover, again.
Another ad for Winganeek Farm, King’s Genius, and Minton Hickory Farm.
Rex Firefly has sold to H. O Coe of Cleveland, Ohio and will stand at Minton Hickory Farm

  Rex Firefly's son King Coe was named for his new owner Jerry Coe.

American Model won the 3Gaited stake at Houston, Tx.

American Model was one of many showring stars sired by American Born.

Joanna Jones, full sister to RWGC Rex Lee Bourbon, both were by Bourbon King and she is still showing at age 17.

 Joanna Jones showed into her late teens, but never produced a colt.

Golden  Stonewall, son of Stonewall King, is for sale.   Many years later, he sired Sandalwood Stonewall, dam of New Yorker.

Golden Stonewall had two daughters in the BHF, Marlene's Pride and Sandalwood Stonewall.

Results were given for the Tattersalls sale, Edgemorr Farm Sale and Pendleton sale.

 June 1950 had Milady Betty on the cover

Kalarama King is advertised again

Kalarama King was out of Spelling Bee, making him a half brother to Meadow Majesty and Flirtation Walk.  
Horse show ads included Lexington Jr. League, Germantown Fair, Columbia Ky Fair, Shelbyville Horse Show, Rock Creek, the Illinois, Wisconsin and Missouri Statee Fairs,
The results of the Bettydot sale are listed. 
Mighty Sensation was advertised at stud.

Mighty Sensation was sired by Sensation Rex and owned by Leatherwood Farms.  Leatherwood Farms is alive and well 75 years later.

Great Chance is advertised.  He is by My Major Dare and out of the great Katherine Grigsby.
Great Chance also showed in Five gaited classes. 

Lupton Veazey Rainwater was having a complete dispersal sale including American Maytime, Sally of Vztop, Born to Treasure, Mountain Dawn, Veazey of Vztop at Minton Hickory Farm.

Lupton Veazey Rainwater was a colorful character who was into Saddlebreds in a large way until he went on to his next passion, which was automobile racing.  I believe that was his last hobby.

Next time will look at the rest of 1940, July through December.  thanks again to Cheri for letting me borrow her bound volume.  It's not often we have the full year to review this many years back.

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