Saturday, January 5, 2013

1/5/13 Sharing photos


As I said at the beginning of my blog, one of the things I wanted to do was post some pictures. Since I enjoy tracing bloodlines and reading about some of the old timers of the breed, I also try to collect their photos. That's what I will try to share on this blog, in between my stories of some of my experiences with my horses.

I will start with the A's to keep it alphabetical. If anyone has any thoughts they want to share, please don't hesitate to make a comment or contact me. I am new to blogging, so this is all a learning experience for me.

Abie's Irish Rose BHF
American Born X Kathryn Haines BHF
She was the dam of CH Ridgefield's Genius and the 
BHF mares Rose Genius & Abie's Baby

Ace O'Goshen
American Ace X Kalabara O'Goshen BHF
He sired Faustiana's Top Brass and 
Katie Boone who was the dam of 
Stonewall's Main Event

CH Albelarm Supremacy
He was bred by Mrs. Isabel Robson, the same lady that 
bred the first mare I leased as a teenager.  

 CH Alluring Lady
She was 2nd dam of Albelarm Supremacy and is 
shown here being driven by Mrs. Robson

American Ace
American Born x Kathryn Haines BHF
so he's a full brother to Abie's Irish Rose.
He sired Indiana Ace and several BHF mares
including Lucy Kilmer.

CH America Beautiful BHF
Desert Song x Judy O'Grady
She was the dam of Grand View's Majorette BHF and 
2nd dam of Sultan's Santana

American Bourbon
American Born x Marjorie Ann
He stood in Michigan about 65 years ago
and produced a few horses at Dama Farm.

Well, I'm only part way thru the A's, but I thought I'd stop for the time being.  

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