Monday, January 7, 2013

1/7/13 More of the A list

I'm going to finish the "A" horses since that's where I'm starting in the alphabet.  They are an awesome, amazing, all-American bunch of horses!

 American Born
Guided by Love x Lena Jemison BHF
He produced several Hall of Fame Broodmares, included 
World Grand Champions Belle Le Rose & Moreland Maid

American Masterpiece
American Born x Edna May's Delight BHF
He produced two Hall of Fame Broodmares

 Anacacho Empire
Anacacho Denmark x Anacacho Serana
He sired Empire's Lady Genius, the dam of Night Prowler.
Love those Parade Horse Saddlebreds!

 Anacacho Denmark
Edna May's King x Jane Black BHF
This is his "classic" photo, so I decided to use it.  He sired so many good horses,
including BHF's Kate Shriver & Melody O'Lee and 
sires Oman's Desdemona Denmark & Broadland's Captain Denmark

 Annie C. 
She was the dam of Bourbon King & Montgomery Chief, 
so someone took the initiative to take her photo.

 Arie's Golden Gift (BHF)
Genius Bourbon King x Saucy Eve
She was the dam of Sky Watch.

Anacacho Shamrock
Edna May's King x Sally Cameron BHF
He sired Chocolate Parfait BHF, the grand-dam of the first mare I leased.
Of course, he sired Wing Commander,  so if he never 
sired another horse, he'd still be famous.

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