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4/18/13 Carolina

4/18/13  Blogspot allows me to see which posts are being visited most often.  When I looked at it today, for some reason, the 2/19/13 post was being viewed a lot.  Since I usually can't remember what happened yesterday, I sure didn't remember what was posted two months ago, so I checked it out.  Scrolling down, I came across the picture of Chester Dare that mentioned he was the sire of Carolina, General John Castleman's beautiful mare.  There is a statue of the two of them in Cherokee Park in Louisville pictured in the 3/26/13 post.  So why not give Carolina further mention?  Not a champion, not in the Broodmare Hall of Fame, but as I found out, a very impressive mare. 
    Carolina parading with General Castleman            Carolina and General Castleman racking on!

Carolina only had three registered foals and two were by Bourbon King.  Her stallion son, Torpedo, was foaled in 1915 when Carolina was 16 years old.  He sired quite a few horses, including Magnolia's Ann Rutledge.  Shown as just plain Ann Rutledge, she was the 1949 World's 3-Gaited Grand Champion.

Ann Rutledge and Art Simmons
She was sired by Carolina's son Torpedo.

Mountain Raven (BHF)
She was sired by Carolina's son Torpedo

Torpedo's daughter Mountain Raven was in the ASB Broodmare Hall of Fame.  Mountain Raven was the dam of 3 geldings and two mares, one of which was CH Lady Carrigan.  Mountain Raven's other daughter was Zinka Raven.  She was good enough to show at Louisville, but no where near the caliber of her older sister.  But then, who was?  Zinka Raven also went on to become a broodmare, and one of her daughters lived right down the road from me at Ottawa Creek Farm.  Royal Wave, AKA Penny, was a nice 3-gaited mare.  Since Dr. Elrod and Garland Bradshaw were good friends, I have no doubt that Penny came to the farm through Mr.Bradshaw, who showed both Lady Carrigan and Zinka Raven. 

Royal Wave             Ottawa's Miss Vanity
In 1981, I got to accompany these two lovely ladies to Lakeview Farm in 
Washington Pennsylvania to be bred to Penny's Superior Stonewall. 
Buddy's sister Miss Vanity and I both produced in 1982.  
Penny however, didn't catch, and she made a return trip to Lakeview
and had her colt in 1983.  That's me in the middle wearing my sun-goggles!

WGC CH Lady Carrigan
She was sired by Society Rex and out of Mountain Raven (BHF)

 CH Lady Carrigan was a 9 times World's Champion, including winner of the Junior 5-Gaited Stake in 1952, 5-Gaited Mare and World's Grand Champion 5-Gaited Horse in 1954, 1955, 1957 and 1958.  CH Lady Carrigan  was the first WGC after CH Wing Commander ended his amazing 6 year streak as WGC 5-Gaited horse from 1948 to 1953.  It is fitting that CH Lady Carrigan's only foal resulted from her breeding to CH Wing Commander. 

Raven Wing, unlike her mother, had quite a few colts, including show and breeding stallion Harlem Spats Waller (love the name) and her CH status daughter, CH Carrigan's Gift.  After a successful show career in both 3-Gaited and Fine Harness, CH Carrigan's Gift retired to the broodmare ranks and raised a number of babies.  She had a daughter named Mia Carrissima by CH Foxfire's Prophet.  Mia Carrissima is the dam of current two times World's Champion Wild Carrissima.  Seven generations removed from our subject, Carolina, but nonetheless under her influence.

           Wild Carrissima with Melinda Moore                Wild Carrissima with Bret Day

There was a reason Carolina was beloved by her owner, General Castleman.  She was far more than just a pretty face, and she lives on in the pedigrees of great horses today.

6/3/13  Here's an update.  I found a couple more pictures
of Carolina's descendants.

Status Symbol X Raven Wing
Raven Wing was the daughter of CH Wing Commander
and out of CH Lady Carrigan.
Harlem Spats Waller
Harlem Globetrotter X Raven Wing 

Both of these handsome breeding stallions were black,
just like Carolina.

1/9/14 Located another photo of one of Carolina's descendants.  This is a picture of Lady Carrigan and her only foal, Raven Wing.  Raven Wing was by CH Wing Commander and foaled in 1963.  
Lady Carrigan died the same year at age 15. 


  1. I really like the photo of you and the two ladies, Penny and Miss Vanity. I owned Miss Vanity's daughter, Charmer, (b 1982) from when she was 3 until her passing a few years ago. Dr. Elrod had beautiful horses!

  2. Garland Bradshaw on Lady Carrigan