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7/19/14 Glorious Grays Part 3, Stallions

7/19/14  For the final installment on grays, here are some gray stallions born after 1950.  Some are still standing at stud today, so if gray is your pleasure, check them out.  This time they are in chronological order.  Scroll down towards the bottom to see who is available.

Frosty Highland
f. 1952, Highland Born by American Born X King's Oddity by King's Genius
2nd dam by Silver Mac who was pictured in part 1
Frosty Highland stood on the West Coast and sired a large percentage of
gray offspring including his daughter Bobbi's Victory Empress (BHF)

CH Lucky Cuss
f. 1954, Silver's Choice X Senorita San Pedro by San Pedro
He was a talented 5-gaited show stallion who earned his CHampion status
and sired a couple of  CHampions himself.

Society's King Again
f. 1957, Artistic King by Nawbeek's Highland King X Society Ann by Society Rex
His gray dam was pictured in part 2 of Glorious Grays

Blue Fortune
f. 1973, Beau Ander Commander by Beau Fortune x Passing Romance
His dam, Passing Romance, was the gray daughter and granddaughter of
Indian Penny by Kalarama Colonel. 

The Silver Lining
f. 1977, CH Yorktown X Frosty Fawn by Faustiana's Top Brass
He was renamed for one of his owners, Silver Lining Stable
and he sired a number of good show horses.

Our Grey Dawn
f. 1983, Hell Cat's Reveille by Broadland's Kilarney X Chocolate Kiss by Noble Kalarama
He is pictured above at age 15 and as an aged stallion directly below. 
He had two crosses to Kalarama Rex on his papers and passed away last year at age 30.
His dam was grey and got her coloring from the Grey Eagle - Lee Rose McDonald line.
Hope to have a picture of her soon.  Our Grey Dawn was the beginning of a
long line of gray studs for his owner, The Long Grey Line Farm.
The farm name is purely coincidental to the color of the horses!

General Withers
f. 1990, Our Grey Dawn X Glorious Twigg by Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
His dam gave him another cross to Kalarama Rex.

Winsdown Hi Octane
f. 1992, Pride of Ridgefield X Jammin' the Blues by Admiral's Windjammer
His 1st through 4th dams, all gray, were all pictured in last week's post.
Sadly, he is no longer with us, but he is represented by a lot of gray offspring in the show ring.
He is also represented by his non-gray son, Winsdown Westinghouse.
His owner has a good article about the gray gene on her website with many more pictures .

Pacific Mist
f. 1993, Out Grey Dawn X Konda Gale by Misty Assignment
Here is another stallion with three close up crosses to Kalarama Rex.

Scotland's Silver Fox
f. 1997, The Kentucky Count X Scotland's Gralynn tracing to Nancy Highland's Chief.
Silver was a racking horse before retiring to stud in Missouri.  His grand-dam was born at
Ottawa Creek Farm just a mile south of my home, and she was sired by the same
sire as my Buddy.  Here are two pictures of Silver, whose coloring traces back to his
great grandsire, Frosty Highland, who is pictured at the top of this post.

Noble Heritage Praetorian
f. 2002, Periaptor X Moet by Attache
His dam Moet was pictured in last week's post.  This picture was snapped at
the 2009 All American Cup Stallion Summer Tour, so he probably isn't this color anymore.
This is a gorgeous shade of dapple gray!

Extreme Sport
f. 2002, Gift of Magic tracing to CH Rick Rack X Angel's Delight S.L. by Starheart Victory
This handsome stallion gets his gray coloring from his dam, who was a full sister to
CH The Connoisseur.  That horse was pictured in last week's post, part 2 in the series on grays. 

f. 2004, General Withers X Carolina Waltz tracing to The Genius
Caisson also has three close crosses to Kalarama Rex.
Both his sire and dam were gray, and both could trace their
gray coloring to Grey Eagle by Lee Rose McDonald.

A Sterling Design
f. 2007, Wild Sterling X Silver Lining's Singing in the Rain by The Silver Lining
This handsome silver stallion gets his gray from both sides.  His dam's sire The Silver Lining 
is pictured in this post and his sire's side gets the gray from Shamrock's Misty Flyte, just like 
Absolutely Fabulous and A Magic Surprise pictured in last week's post. 

The Grey Prince
f. 2008, General Withers X Carolina Waltz
He was a full brother to Caisson pictured above, but sadly has passed away.
Caisson is still available at stud.

f. 2009, How Fortunate X Yarbrough's Strawberry Delight by Town Square by Yorktown
This handsome devil is the youngest of all our grays, so is still displaying much of his dark coat.
His dam produced another gray colt, making Eidolon a half brother to the 3 gaited & Park winner,
Paranormal.  His father, How Fortunate, sired the handsome black fine harness
winner, Follow the Sun.  Eidolon is bred and owned by Robb Warsing and available at stud.

Next week will look at that broodmare from 1943 that got me started searching the grays.
It has been fun and I know I missed a lot of gorgeous, glamorous, glorious grays.

Below, I pasted the very eloquent words of Martha Utley Aitken, owner of
Our Grey Dawn, upon losing him last year.  No one could have told a more heart felt story on the passing of her wonderful stallion:

"Our Grey Dawn is dead, just shy of his thirty-first year. You know, when it comes to horses, only someone who has walked the path before can understand the loss of a friend. I closed Grey Dawn’s eyes for the last time when I found him, but this morning I have to deal with removing him from the stall and getting him buried. We had fog last night, which froze on everything.  Now it is a winter fairyland, which is very unusual for us. Our Grey Dawn was orphaned at three days of age. When we carried Chocolate Kiss by Royal Kalarama, to the burial site, it was a beautiful sunny day.  From out of nowhere, a rain cloud appeared and it showered on us for maybe 30 seconds. I always felt like it was the Heavens crying with us over the loss of the magnificent mare. It would follow that the farm would be covered with frozen tears this morning over the loss of her son."

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