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7/12/14 Glorious Grays Part 2

7/12/14  Last week featured beautiful gray horses which were foaled prior to 1950.  I had such a good time looking for gray horses, that this topic is going to be stretched out into 3 weeks.  There were just too many gray horses from 1950 to the present to include all in one post.  I sent a few requests to some nice folks about using including current horses and luckily I received an overwhelming positive response, so next week will feature grand gray stallions, some that are currently available at stud. For right now, let's take a look at some mares and show horses.  They are sorted alphabetically rather than by age or family.   
CH A Magic Surprise
f. 1995, Belle Reve's Voodoo Magic X A Special Surprise by Stonewall's Genius Beau
This special gelding has been showing in western pleasure for over a decade
and is still showing at age 19.

CH Absolutely Fabulous
f. 1991, CH Summertime Colors X A Summer Surprise by Shamrock's Misty Flyte
An absolutely perfect name for this gorgeous fine harness world's champion.
Absolutely Fabulous and A Magic Surprise both inherited the gray coloring from 
Shamrock's Misty Flyte.

CH Callaway's Chandelle
f. 1980, CH Will Shriver X Callaway's Cardinal by Kate's Scoop
This Callaway Hills' bred champion traced her gray gene back to Grey Eagle.
He was pictured in last week's post.

Camilla Fox
f. 1982, Grape Tree's Fox x Supreme's Silver Mist by Stonewall Supreme
This mare gave her coloring to several offspring and grandcolts thru
her daughters Moet and Attache's Galatea.

Denmark Courageous
f. 1955, Ridgefields Denmark X Blue Seas by Captain Courageous

CH Divine Asset
Attache's Royal Assets X Step-N-Time Venus by Steppin' Stuff
His 2nd dam was gray CH Venus in Gray and his gray ancestry
travels straight down his tail female line.

Duke's Wild Honey
f. 1952, Duke of Stonewall X Lady Gracious by the Passing Show
She was the dam of Classic Stonewall.

Flashdance P/H
f. 1983 The Golden Parader X Snow Spangle by Denmark's Bourbon Genius
Her gray daughter and dam are also pictured in this post.

Gay Feudist
f. 1957, Gay Kalarama X Adrienne Feudist by Brilliant Recovery
Both his sire and dam's sire were by Kalarama Rex,
and his gray coloring traces back to Lee Rose McDonald pictured last week.

Grey Flare 
f. 1951, Kalarama Flare by Kalarama Rex x My Charm by Chester Style

Heirrison Ford
f. 2001, Supreme Heir x Chandellay by Captain Conestoga,
2nd dam CH Callaway's Chandelle pictured above.
He's pictured here being shown at Devon by a hunter/jumper rider.

Jammin' the Blues
f. 1986, Admiral's Windjammer x Flashdance P/H by The Golden Parader
She was the dam of the beautiful Winsdown Hi Octane

CH Jessie Cole
f. 2004, The Gallant Confederate x Make Believe SLS by The Silver Lining
His grandsire The Silver Lining will be pictured next week.

Leland's Blaze of Glory
f. 1956, Leland Stonewall X Priscilla Tucker by Rex Shannon
No one in his pedigree is confessing to be a gray,
but his granddam was named Snowball McDonald.

f. 2005, Deep Blue X Yarbrough's Strawberry Delight by Town Square by Yorktown
He has a half brother who is a gray stallion in next week's post.

CH Revolver
f. 2000, Sultan's Great Day X Attache's Galatea by Attache
His 2nd dam is Camilla Fox pictured above.

Rose of Windhaven
f. 1998, Winsdown Hi Octane X Rullah Highland Dawn by Supreme Rullah
This pleasure mare often shows in the saddlebred hunter division.

CH Shellcrest's Top Secret
f. 1968, Ridgefields' Secret X Miss Lucille by Night of Folly
His 2nd dam, Hi Dixie (BHF) was gray and also produced the gray mare Society Ann.
Society Ann was pictured in last week's post.

Snow Job
f. 1977, Supreme Sultan X Frosty Donna by Frosty Highland
One of the original Shatner Western Pleasure horses, his gray coloring traces back to Silver Mac, shown in last week's post, thru his grandsire shown in next week's post.

Snow Spangle
f. 1966, Denmark's Bourbon Genius x Sunshine Society Sue by Society Rex
Her daughter Wild and Lovely PH was dam of Phi Slama Jama.
Her daughter Flashdance P/H is pictured above.

CH Sterling Performance
f. 1969, Civil Rights X Lizanda by Conowingo's Dark King
Lizanda was 2nd dam of Supreme Hi Lite. 

Sunshine Society Sue
f. 1950, Society Rex x Katherine Grey by Douglas Chief
Her daughter, granddaughter & great granddaughter are all pictured here.

CH The Connoisseur
f. 1977, Starheart Victory X Tallahanna Angel by London Masterpiece
His gray coloring traces directly down his tail female line to an unregistered mare.
Three years of French in high school and I still can't spell this word!

Wild Rose Gray
f. 2003, Winsdown Hi Octane x Special Moments by Now and Forever by Flight Time
Another pretty gray by Winsdown Hi Octane, she's shown here side saddle.

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