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7/5/14 Glorious Grays Part 1

7/5/14  Last weekend I had the good fortune of receiving some old photo albums.  All the pictures were exciting, but the biggest thrill came with spotting a picture of a chestnut broodmare and her foal.  It was carefully labeled with both their names and dated 1943. I will discuss the mare and her foal more in depth at a later date.   So what does she have to do with gray horses?  She was bred several times to a gray stallion, and she is in the pedigree of another modern day gray stallion.  Since gray horses seem to be turning up everywhere, that's going to be the topic for the next couple of weeks.  Lots and lots of beautiful, glorious gray horses.  In order to produce a gray, one of the parents must be gray.  My saddlebreds share the barn with a gray pony, so that sealed the deal.  There were too many grays to include in one post, so this week will feature those born prior to 1950 and next week will look at more modern grays.
Squirrel King
Black Squirrel X Artist Eagle by Artist
foaled in 1882, he is the great grandsire of Stonewall King, 
and Sally Cameron (BHF), the dam of Anacacho Shamrock.

Old Santa
foaled in 1872, he was Morgan bred on his top side
and trotter and thoroughbred on his dam's side.

Lee Rose McDonald
McDonald Chief X Dorothy Drew by King Lee Rose
foaled in 1915, he was a grandson of Rex McDonald
He sired many gray colts including four pictured in this post.
Prom Trotter
Lee Rose McDonald X Mattie Bourbon by Bourbon Star
foaled in 1938, this mare was three gaited.
Sweetheart on Parade
Lee Rose McDonald X Lucy, a trotting bred mare
Known as "The Gray Ghost", she was foaled in 1924 and 
she was World's Grand Champion five gaited horse in 1931 & 1932.
Grey Eagle
Lee Rose McDonald X Liberty Queen by Bourbon King
He was foaled in 1932 and sired quite a few colts.
Silver Mac
McDonald's Majesty X Dapple by Rex Bernard by Rex McDonald
foaled in 1923, he is best known as the sire of Blessed Event (BHF)

Blessed Event (BHF) 
Silver Mac X Fair Promise by Jack Twigg by Rex Peavine
She was the dam of Genius Bourbon King and was foaled in 1929.
Sylvia McDonald
Silver Mac X Barbara Harrison by Bugger Boo by Rex Peavine
foaled in 1931, she was dam of Highland Sylvia (BHF) who was dam of The Rambler

Delano Dare by Independence Chief X The Silver Spray by Silver Mac
foaled in 1947
Princess Eugenia (BHF)
Chester Peavine by Rex Peavine X Queen of Lincoln by Woods' Eagle Bird
foaled in 1909, she was the dam of CH King's Genius

Spray of the Sea
Chief White Eagle X Harriet by Jim Dandy
She was foaled in 1928.

CH Beloved Belinda
Pinehurst Star X Glorious Flash by Silver Flash
foaled in 1948, she was a wonderful 5gaited amateur mare for Joan Robinson.
Silver Flash
Jack Twigg by Rex Peavine X Patricia Monarch by Monarch by Highland Denmark
foaled in 1923, he was grandsire of Beloved Belinda
Powder Puff
Silver Flash X Althark by Astral King
this pretty mare was foaled in 1928

Jack Barrymore
McDonald Chief X Ruby Bell, untraced,
foaled in 1909

Reverie's Grey Pearl 
Lucky Jean X Dixiana Queen by Peavine's Highland Chief
foaled in 1944, she was shown at the Kentucky State Fair in 1948 by Frank Bradshaw
Society Ann
Society Rex X Hi Dixie (BHF) by Peavine's Highland Chief
foaled in 1942, she was shown here by Art Simmons

Grey Mac
Lee Rose McDonald X Sybil Burns by Rexall Prince by Rex Peavine
foaled in 1932, he was owned by Ottawa Creek Farm
He was shown in 5-gaited events, placing 3rd at Lexington in 1943.

Noble Miss
Grey Mac X Desdemona by The Nobleman by Bourbon King
foaled in 1937
This photo catches the essence of a rack as her left rear has just lifted off the ground,
 her left front shows a puff of dirt flying up as it strikes the ground,
and her right rear is poised to touch down momentarily.
Stonewall McDonald
Grey Mac X unknown
This is Jim Walls' father riding another 5gaited son of Grey Mac.
Royal Grey
Grey Mac X Jersey Girl by San Juan
foaled in 1938, he stood alongside his sire at stud.

Ottawa Commander
Grey Mac X Korena Juan by San Juan
foaled in 1943, he is ridden here by Dr. Robert Elrod Sr of Ottawa Creek Farm

Ottawa's Sweetheart
Grey Mac X Korena Juan by San Juan
foaled in 1946, she was a full sister to Ottawa Commander and was one of six 
full siblings.  See a picture of another sibling on the post from June 8th.

Next week will look at more gorgeous grays from 1950 onward.

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