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3/16/14 Bugle Ann

Many excellent mares never make it to the Broodmare Hall of Fame, for example, see the posts on Carolina and Croft's Star.  While paging through the February 1950 issue of Saddle & Bridle, I came across a two page ad from Maryland Farm in Brentwood, Tennessee. They were touting "America's Number One Equine Family" while advertising their breeder stallion, The Supreme Ace.  It included a picture of his sire, American Ace, dam Bugle Ann, full sister Edith Fable, and first offspring Chrystie Storm.  The caption on his dam read, "The fact that when bred to American Ace she first produced Edith Fable and then The Supreme Ace, gives her a place in America's brood mare Hall of Fame."  What's interesting is that there was no Broodmare Hall of Fame at that time.  In fact, it wasn't conceived until the 1970's and not implemented the 1980's.  It just goes to show that the large breeding farms did hold their mares in high esteem.  Bugle Ann never made it to ASHA's Broodmare Hall of Fame, but she did make important contributions.

Bugle Ann
Nobly Born X Laura Saunders by a grandson of Chester Dare.
She produced 3 colts and 6 fillies.  She is usually referred to as Bugle Ann,
however she was registered as Bugle Anne.  

American Ace sired 6 of her 9 offspring. 
He was the head sire of Maryland Farm for over a decade.\
While at Maryland Farm, he sired BHF's Ace's Beauty Box, Ace's Dark Jewel, 
Ace's Refreshing Moment and Lucy Kilmer.

The Supreme Ace
American Ace X Bugle Ann
Purchased by Maryland Farms as a 5 year old, he was bred to many great mares, 
including Ace's Dark Jewel, Ace's Refreshing Moment, Dona San Juan, Maryland's Bird,
Reverie's Desdemona.  All of them were in the Broodmare Hall of Fame.

CH Edith Fable
A full sister to The Supreme Ace, she was a 2 time World's 3-gaited Champion.
She produced 5 offspring, but nothing that matched her results. 

Chrystie Storm
She was sired by the Supreme Ace under his original name,
Reveille Ace.  Her dam, Adella, was sired by Edna May's King. 

Gen. Bullard
Bugle Anne's great grand sire, General Bullard, was Reserve 5-gaited World's Grand Champion in 1922.
Gen. Bullard's sire Richlieu King was a 2 time Reserve WGC 5 gaited horse and a son of Bourbon King.

21 Guns
Sired by The Supreme Ace, he was the only offspring of CH Denmark's Daydream.
I believe he was gelded before his dam became 5 gaited WGC 
and she died before she produced more colts.

Bugle Ann produced Reverie's Poinciana (BHF), sired by Anacacho Denmark.
I have no picture of her, but she produced Pamela Gray, pictured below.

Pamela Gray
Marine Ace X Reverie's Poinciana (BHF) by Anacacho Denmark.
2nd dam was Bugle Ann

Reverie's Thunderhead
Bourbon Genius X Bugle Ann
He stood in Illinois.

Bugle Ann produced another full sister to Edith Fable, Jane Fable.
She was also shown as a 3 gaited horse and she produced one colt, Donalene Supreme. 

Donalene Supreme
Stonewall Supreme x Jane Fable by American Ace
2nd dam Bugle Anne. He was owned by Roy Pavey and sired some good horses around Ohio.

CH Ann Gray
Marine Ace by American Ace X Bugle Ann
She was shown by Isabel Robson, who kept her and later raised some colts from her.


Nobly Born
Bullard Artist
Gen. Bullard 
 Maude Brown 

Lena Oldson
Fanny Oldson 

Lora Saunders

Benton Dare  
 Edward Dare  
 Squirrel McDonald  

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