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3/10/13 Dixie Duchess

3/10/13  Since we just touched on Dixie Duchess, I thought I’d give some further details.  She was in the Broodmare Hall of Fame, and produced a number of good show horses and also some breeding stallions.  Unlike Flirtation Walk, she was bred to one other stallion, but unquestionably, her best cross was to Oman’s Desdemona Denmark.  He was the product of yet another golden cross, but I don’t want to digress too far since we’re talking about Dixie Duchess. 

Dixie Duchess (BHF)
Stonewall Supreme X Dixie Sure Enough

Here is her production record:

1963  Beallgroves Dixie by Captain Benny

All the rest were by Oman’s Desdemona Denmark

1964  CH Glenview Radiance  (renamed from Reata’s Radiation)

CH Glenview Radiance shown in Fine Harness by Katherine Sinclair

1966  Valley’s Desdemona Denmark  (renamed from Reata’s Patient Prince, then Ledgeview’s Desdemona Denmark)

I bought this magazine from the ASB Museum gift shop set up at Louisville
one year while attending the Kentucky State Fair.  After I bought it, I noticed that
this magazine had belonged to Lynn Weatherman.  He had been the editor of 
Saddle & Bridle for many years, and later was the editor for ASHA's bimonthly magazine 
(back when they did one).  He wrote fantastic historical articles. 

1968  CH Belle Elegant (renamed from Radiant Dixie, then Peppermint Valley Elegance)

WGC CH Belle Elegant
She was World's 5-gaited Grand Champion in 1975 & 1977
and Reserve WGC in 1976 & 1978
Evidently, she was extremely tempermental. as was
her full brother, Valley's Desdemona Denmark.

1970  CH Summer Melody (renamed from Peppermint Valley’s Melody)

Summer Melody and Randi Stuart Wightman
She was another gaited World's Champion from this cross.

1971  All Hail Columbia
I looked high & low for his picture, but couldn't find one.  He was used as a breeding stallion and was owned his entire life by his breeder.  She had also owned his sire, Oman's Desdemona Denmark for many years.  

12/28/13  Note: finally found All Hail Columbia

1972  CH Denmark’s Grand Duchess

Yet another World's Champion 5-gaited horse from this cross.

1974  Denmark 74

The sire of most of Dixie Duchess' colts was Oman's Desdemona Denmark.
This was his obituary from the February 1979 issue of Saddle & Bridle. 


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