Tuesday, March 12, 2013

3/12/13 More Callaway Hills

3/12/13  Look what I came across looking through some old magazines!  From 1980, here is a photo of Will Shriver and two of his 2 year old sons, Caramac and Show Me Too.  All three were owned for their entire lives by Callaway Hills and all three were used as breeding stallions.  Obviously, Mrs. Weldon saw something special in these two early on.  Caramac is on the left, Will Shriver in the middle, and Show Me Too on the right.  What a cool photo!

Caramac being shown by Tom Moore
Of course I'm partial to Caramac and Will Shriver
since they are the grandsire & great grandsire of my filly.
Caramac has made a significant impact on the American Saddlebred
breed through his many, many progeny.  Two of his
daughters are in the Broodmare Hall of Fame.
Callaway's Carousel (BHF) is the dam of Callaway's Bluesman who
is by Callaway's Blue Norther and is a next generation Callaway's stud.
Caramac's daughter Callaway's Zerelda (BHF) is the dam of Callaway's Twice the Spice (BHF),
so Caramac even has a granddaughter in the Hall of Fame.
His sons Undulata's Nutcracker and Designed ranked first and second
on the 2013 Saddle & Bridle Stallion rating. 
Will Shriver being shown by Redd Crabtree
Just look at all the stallions tracing back to Will on their top line. 
And how many Louisville champions have Will in their pedigree?
He's awewome.  No wonder Mrs. Weldon adored him so much.

Show Me Too just looking gorgeous

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