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3/26/13 September 1933 issue of The Kentucky Horseman

3/26/13   The September 1933 issue of The Kentucky Horseman is my oldest magazine.  It is labeled Volume 1, issue 3 indicating this was the first year it was published.  The magazine no longer exists, so I’m not sure if it folded due to the Depression or perhaps it changed its name.   There weren't a lot of photos, but I’m including two in this post.  The cover photo was King’s Sport and I've already posted that picture.  The main reason I bought the magazine off Ebay was for a picture of Sensation Firefly.  She was the 4th dam of a mare I owned for 16 years, so more about her later.  The two pictures I am including were for a couple of 3-gaited mares and their junior exhibitor riders.  I’m also giving the write-ups verbatim since I could never come up with anything quite so flowery!


Senorita Bonita and Miss Elsie Caldwell

“Senorita Bonita, champion mare, is owned and successfully shown by Miss Elsie Caldwell, of Nashville, Tenn.  Miss Caldwell has won many prizes for horsemanship.  She formerly owned Gladys Lee Rose and other good ones and is very young to have had the outstanding success with real horses that she has.”

According to the ASHA info on Senorita Bonita, she was only a two year when this photo was published.  She was by Mercer Rex and out of a Jean Val Jean mare, and both of these stallions were by Rex Peavine.   Later in her career she showed at Louisville with a different Jr. Exhibitor.


Jimmie Weber and Helen Hart

“ Jimmie is one of the most popular junior riders in Kentucky.  He is the young son of Mr.  & Mrs.  James K. Weber of Cherokee Road, Louisville, and the grandson of Mr. & Mrs. Franklin P Weber also of Louisville.  He is shown here with his beautiful three-gaited under 15.2 mare, Helen Hart by American Born, and whenever Jimmie and Helen Hart appear in the ring, they are greeted with swirls of applause.  The most wonderful thing about Jimmie is that he is as entirely unspoiled by his popularity as is his beautiful mare, both participating earnestly and capably in their classes-the mare in the three-gaited classes and Jimmie in horsemanship classes, one desire only seemingly being manifested by each and the desire being to do their very best, leaving without concern the decision with the judges and accepting what the judges give with a smile.  His modest pleasure and dignified mien make it a pleasure to see him win, which he most consistently does.”

So how’s that for a run-on sentence?!

The ASHA website did have another photo of Helen Hart with a different rider which I've also included.  I wasn't able to make out the year on the photo.

 Helen Hart

 I've been to Louisville a few times, but haven't driven around the city very much like I do when I go to Lexington.  However, I have heard of Cherokee Park, which is on Cherokee Road, where little Jimmie Weber lived back in the 1930's.  There is a statue of General John B. Castleman in Cherokee Park riding his American Saddlebred mare, Carolina.  He helped found the American Saddle-Horse Breeders’ Association in 1891 and served as its first President.  The ASHBA later changed its name to ASHA, the American Saddlebred Horse Association.

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