Friday, March 1, 2013

3/1/13 Anacacho Shamrock X Flirtation Walk

3/2/13  Instead of moving to the D’s, I’ve decided to sidestep to a famous family.  I was looking through an old magazine from 1942 which had an ad for Anacacho Shamrock at stud.  He was owned by Dodge Stables of Rochester Michigan and his stud fee was $100.  This was years before Dodge Stables moved to Lexington Kentucky, and the year before Wing Commander foaled.  Of course the most famous cross of Anacacho Shamrock was to Flirtation Walk.  She was never bred to another stallion.   She produced four breeding stallions, including the iconic Wing Commander.  Several of her daughters were both  great show mares and great producers.  She produced eleven foals in eleven years and all but two reproduced.  Not all of them were famous show horses or producers, but for the most part they were.  

Anacacho Shamrock
Flirtation Walk

 According to ASHA, this is her production record.

1942  CH Lover’s Lane

1943  CH Wing Commander

1944 Embraceable

1945  Flirtation Flight

1946  Wing Emblem

1947  Private Contract

1948  Command Decision

1949  Earl’s Princess Martha

1950  CH Dream Waltz (BHF)

1951  Gay Sadie

 1952  CH Primrose Path

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