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12/21/14 Vanity's Sensation of Crebilly

12/21/14  Vanity's Sensation of Crebilly

This week looks at the noted sire Vanity's Sensation of Crebilly, what he produced during his career at stud, and how he is represented in today's Saddlebreds. He was another "Denmark" sire tracing back on his sire line directly to Rex McDonald and back to Denmark F.S.  Here is a stallion so well known, so exceptional, at the top of the sire rating in his day, and yet barely represented on the top side of modern pedigrees.  He is, however, very well represented in pedigrees on the bottom side.  He's always been a favorite of mine since he was Buddy's (Best Saddlebred Ever) Grandsire.  Even on Buddy's registration papers, he showed up on the bottom side. 

Vanity's Sensation's dam was the phenomenal Fine Harness mare CH Meadow Vanity (BHF), shown simply as Vanity, who won five World Grand Champion titles.  On several occasions, she was shown to these victories by her amateur owner, Mrs. Victor Weil.  She probably could have won a sixth title, but the World Championship Horse Show wasn't held in 1942 due to World War II.  After Mrs. Weil's death in 1943, she was retired and bred.  She changed hands a few times until she was purchased by James K. Robinson, the owner of Crebilly Farm in Pennsylvania.  When she was bred to Crebilly Farm's sire Sensation Rex, she produced a colt in 1947.  Originally named Crebilly's Frankie after Frank Conner, Vanity's trainer during her show career, the colt's name was changed to Vanity's Sensation of Crebilly when it became apparent that he showed promise in the show arena as a five gaited horse.  He was trained at Minton Hickory Farm by Robert A McCray, who showed him as a 3- and 4-year old. 

Vanity's Sensation began his career at stud, and although still owned by Crebilly Farm, he stood at Minton Hickory Farm for a couple of years before going home to Crebilly Farm in 1954.  At that time, Beau Fortune was the lead sire at the farm, and Sensation Rex was euthanized and buried on the farm the same year his son returned. While at Crebilly, Vanity's Sensation sired Crebilly's Sweet Sensation, CH Vanity's Gift, Lady Aflame and Sprucehaven's Wild Fashion.  Elliott Bonnie of Glen Grove FArm in Urbana Ohio bought Vanity's Sensation and promoted him at stud.  He was noted for a kind disposition and was ridden around the farm by Mrs. Bonnie.  While at Glen Grove Farm he sired Glen Grove's Lord Vanity, Vanity's Vanguard and Vanity's Virginia.

In 1960, Vanity's Sensation was sold to Dodge Stables and moved to Lexington Kentucky.  He was a stable mate to CH Wing Commander and was used with great success when crossed with Wing's daughters and full sisters.  He sired two WGCs, 3gaited CH Lover's Sensation and fine harness horse CH Melody's Winged Sensation.  Vanity's Sensation was ranked as a top sire for much of the time he was at Dodge Stables, and lead the sire rating in 1970.  He was ranked second on the sire rating in 1969 and 1971.  Vanity's Sensation died in 1972. 

Vanity's Sensation is represented through the stallion sons of some of his daughters, including Family Jewels though Priceless Gem, Santana's Charm though Vanity's Belle, Caramac through Stonehedge Vanity, and A Grand Affair  and Merchant Prince through granddaughters. Modern stallions available today that will put Vanity's Sensation on your colt's pedigree include the Caramac sons Undulata's Nutcracker and Designed, and Santana's Charm's sons Sir William Robert and Marc of Charm,  He had a fairly large number of sons that became successful breeding sires, but none matched his overall success.  Stallion sons included Vanity's Vanguard, Glen Grove's Lord Vanity, Clear View Vanity's Choice, Vanity's Vision, Pinetree's Bourbon Vanity, Baron de Bastrop, Prim Style, Vanity's Invasion, Primrose Trail, Meadow Romeo, Rare Sensation, Last Sensation, All is Vanity, Vanity's Blue Flame and Melody's Mr. Sensation.  His son Vanity's Scandal was sold to South Africa, and the good news is that through that stallion there is still a direct sire line to Vanity's Sensation available to breeders.  These representatives are (SA) Calif First Night Out, Tango's Parting Kiss, (SA) Tomcat and Jon Bugatti.  Lets keep these lines alive!

Vanity's Sensation of Crebilly
Sensation RexRex FireflyRex Peavine
Golden Firefly (BHF)
Ware's Sensation (BHF)King Phelps
Rexie Madison
CH Meadow Vanity (BHF)Meadow MajestyKalarama Rex
Spelling Bee (BHF)
Live Wire Beauty  White Cloud  
La Grand

Vanity's Sensation 
from an ad while standing at Dodge Stables in the 1960's.
Vanity's Sensation
Vanity's Sensation
being shown by Robert McCray

His stallion sons
Baron De Bastrop out of CH Primrose Path
Glen Grove's Lord Vanity out of Stonewall's Emerald Queen
Meadow Romeo out of Meadow Blossom
Pinetree's Bourbon Vanity out of Brynfam Susie K
Primrose Trail out of CH Primrose Path
Vanity's Blue Flame out of Sweet Confusion
Vanity's Golden Heir out of Brynfan Dresdan Lady
Vanity's Vanguard out of Precious Miss (BHF)
Vanity's Vision out of CH Dream Waltz (BHF)
Last Sensation out of Fredmar's Sweet Sue

Some of Vanity's Sensation's show ring stars: 
CH Clover Mist out of Clover Princess (BHF) 
CH Jewel Sensation out of Priceless Jewel
Ch Lover's Sensation out of CH Lover's Lane
CH Melody's Winged Sensation out of Melody Elaine 
CH Vanity's Gift out of Daneshall's Gift of Roses (BHF)
First Captain  out of Really Mine
Glen Grove's Lord Vanity  out of Stonewall's Emerald Queen
Lady Aflame out of Lady Coventry
a half sister to CH Kourageous Kalu 

Representing Vanity's Sensation through his daughters:
Caramac out of Stonehedge Vanity
Caramac still has a number of breeding sons including Designed & Undulata's Nutcracker
Santana's Charm out of Vanity's Belle
His breeding sons include Sir William Robert and Marc of Charm
Family Jewels out of Priceless Gem

Modern day descendants
Tango's Parting Kiss
f. 2001 His sire is (SA) Arborlane Tangos Wee Pee  who is a great grandson of Vanity's Sensation
out of  One Parting Kiss (BHF) by Radiant Sultan
(SA) Calif First Night Out
f 2000  His grandsire is (SA) Arborlane Tangos Wee Pee
 out of (SA) Majel's Autumn Love tracing to Cameo's Farewell
(SA) Tomcat
f. 2004  His sire line traces to Vanity's Scandal by Vanity's Sensation
and he is out of (SA) SJ Tango's Dream Girl by (SA) Francona Scandal's Last Tango
This handsome stallion is line bred to Vanity's Sensation
on both his sire and dam's sire lines.  

Jon Bugatti
f. 1999  His sire is (SA) Arborlane Tangos Wee Pee  who is a great grandson of Vanity's Sensation
and his dam is My Bugatti Royale (BHF) by Local Hero.  She was also the dam 
of WGC 3 Gaited champion CH Our Charming Lady.  

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