Thursday, February 14, 2013

2/14/13 Valentine's Day


Yes, I met my husband on Valentine’s Day.  Yes, it was the last romantic thing he’s done, and it was strictly unintentional.  However, Buddy was involved, so I do have my horse to thank for meeting my husband.  As I mentioned in my first entry, I bought my first saddlebred, Buddy, on 1/1/74.  A few weeks later, on Valentine's Day, I happened to be out at the barn and my car wouldn’t start.  My friend Laurie who had her ASB gelding at the same barn said she’d run me home.  But first, we wanted to go over to pay this guy for some equipment we’d bought from him.  Laurie already knew him, and since he’d sold his horses a few years earlier, he had some stuff for sale.  We went over to his home which was a mile north of our barn to drop off the cash, but he wasn’t home and we left it with his Mom.  On the way back down the road, he was coming in the opposite direction and recognized Laurie’s car.  He stopped and we chatted, and that was it.  I had a boyfriend at the time and wasn’t interested, so I figured I’d never see him again. 

Fate intervened again a few months later when the local hooligans who lived next door to the barn we rented thought it would be funny to turn our horses lose.  They were about 9 or 10 years old, so evidently they didn’t weigh the potential consequences of opening stall doors.  So with that, Buddy & Playboy decided to make a break for it and were out galloping down the road towards Berkey.  Someone called Laurie and she called Charlie since he lived close.  The two of them got the horses corralled, none the worse for wear.  However, it made us really nervous that the same two little brats still lived closer to our horses than we did.  Next time they pulled a stunt like that, the results could be much worse than just having to chase down a couple horses.  Anyway, long story short, Charlie had an empty barn, and we had a couple horses to fill it. 

 The American Playboy
King of Harmony x The American Maid  by American Masterpiece
pictured with my friend Laurie.  She owned him from
age five until he died.  He was wonderfully versatile and could show in 
5-gaited pleasure and western pleasure.  Laurie worked him herself, so 
she was a true amateur-owner-trainer.  

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