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11/17/13 Queen for a day

11/17/13  Today's post is all about the Queens!  There are 3290 registered saddlebreds with Queen as some part of their name.  Queen, Queen's Genius of Belemar and Queen of Glory were BHF's, but none had pictures.  Queen was foaled in 1852 and dam of Latham's Denmark, King William and Diamond Denmark.  Queen's Genius of Belemar was foaled in 1942, by King's Genius and dam of CH Denmark's Daydream.  Queen of Glory foaled in 1950 and was by Heart of Glory by Green Valley Fox.

Now for the Queen's with their pictures, we have 14 lovely mares dating from the 1890's through the 1980's.
CH Commander's Chestnut Queen
foaled in 1966, she was sired by CH The Contract's Commander

Commander's Teenage Queen
Foaled in 1967 she is a full sister to Chestnut Queen pictured above.
Their dam was Stonewall's Chestnut Queen by Stonewall King. 
Is that Kim Skipton riding her?

Contract's Queen
foaled in 1958 she was sired by Private Contract out of an Anacacho Denmark mare

Edna's Courageous Queen
Foaled in 1961, she was sired by Courageous Peavine. 
Art Simmons is riding her in this photo and she had four
colts by his stallion Colonel Boyle.

Egypt's Enchanting Queen
Foaled in 1928, she was sired by Bourbon Knight by Bourbon Chief.

Ellie's Queen Bee
foaled in 1989, she was sired by State of the Art by Longview's Supreme. 
Her sire was pictured in the post from 11/3/13

Gypsy Queen 2D
foaled in1897, she was sired by Chester Dare. 
Her daughter Margaret O'Neill was dam of Oklahoma Peavine. 
 She was already pictured in the 4/6/13 post and her grandson
was pictured in the post on O.......klahoma.

More than Queen
foaled in 1898, she was sired by Red Eagle.
What a nice picture showing the styles of that era;
docked tail, side saddle and the lovely riding hat.

Peavine's Genius' Queen
foaled in 1944, sired by Peavine's Genius,
she has been mentioned in the 10/19/13 and 7/28/13 posts.
She was shown as Genius Queen.

Queen of Bourbon
foaled in 1929, she was sired by Bourbon King and
out of none other than Kate Haines (BHF). (see 7/13/13 post)
Not sure her name is completely appropriate since her dam was totally Denmark breeding.

Queen of Strutter
foaled in 1947, she was sired by Strutter by Stonewall King.
Queen of the Denmarks
foaled in 1905, she was sired by Mark Dillard who traced to Washington Denmark.
Her dam was by Chester Dare, so she really was totally Denmark breeding.

Sunny Ridge Queen
foaled in 1939, she was sired by American Ace.

CH Windsor Queen
foaled in 1953, she was sired by Royal Star of Windsor by Stonewall King.
With a name like that, you knew she'd have Stonewall King breeding.

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