Saturday, November 30, 2013

11/30/13 1990 Breeder's Guide part 78

11/30/13 Seems like this Breeders Guide has gone on forever!  But with this posting, we've gone thru all of the stallions listed.  I saved this group for last because this is the group of fading stallion lines.  Obviously the lines to Bourbon King through Wing Commander and Supreme Sultan are going strong.  But what about the lines tracing back to Rex Peavine and Stonewall King.  Not a lot to offer in 1990 and still not much left today.  Even the Long Grey Line Farm has ceased breeding operations after 30+ years, so there goes another group of stallions tracing through Kalarama Rex.   The influx of South African stallions has actually helped since several of them trace back to Stonewall King through Stonewall Starfire, and to Rex Peavine through Vanity's Scandal. 

Hayfield's Last Guy
foaled in 1974, by WC CH Gallant Guy O'Goshen X Hayfield's Star Lite by Bobby Sea
Appropriately named, he was in the last foal crop of his sire.  He lived to age 30 and was
an intensely bred Denmark stallion.  His sire line traced back through grandsire Beau Gallant to
Montrose.  Can't think of any modern sires left bred like him.

Hell Cat's Reveille
foaled in 1975, sired by Broadland's Kilarney by Kalarama Colonel.
His sire was a full brother to CH Colonel Boyle.
He was the start of Martha Utley Aitken's Long Grey Line stallions.
He sired several of her other stallions, Merrill's Marauder, Wingate's Chindit,
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy and  her 30 year old Our Grey Dawn. 

Spring Valley's Deliverance
foaled in 1972, sired by Night of Folly by Society Rex by Kalarama Rex by Rex Peavine
He sired WGC 5 gaited horse, CH Our Golden Duchess who won in 1987 and was twice
Reserve World's Grand Champion 5 gaited horse with Merrill Murray showing.
Spring Valley's Deliverance sired a number of good show horses with their CH
designations.  One of his daughters made the BHF and he had a nice breeding stallion son
in the very handsome Supreme Delivery.

Eventful Flight
foaled in 1975,sired by Stonewall's Main Event out of a Flight Time mare

Southern Renegade
foaled in 1980, his grandsire was Stonewall Premier by Stonewall King.
He only sired 6 colts.

Stonewall's Diamond Jackpot
foaled in 1982, he was sired by Stonewall's Copper Sea by Copper Stonewall by Stonewall King.
This guy was the ultimate Stonewall King bred stallion.  Stonewall King appeared 4 times on his pedigree and twice more in his fifth generation.  I just notice that his 5th dam was Buddy's 4th dam, so of course that's a plus in my book. 

Stonewall's Main Event
foaled in 1963, he was sired by Starheart Stonewall by Stonewall King.
His dam was by Ace O'Goshen and 2nd dam was Rachael's Genius (BHF)
Main Event, his sire and grandsire were all #1 sires on the Saddle & Bridle
Sire Rating.  He sired a lot of CH horses, including Main Glitter, Main Dame,
Stonewall's Crimson & Clover, La La Success (BHF)*.  His name appears
in lots of show horse pedigrees today, mainly thru his daughters.
*See a picture of La La Success in the 5/20'/13 post on Double Duty Mares.


  1. Reading this blog makes me realize how rare my mom's stallion's breeding is. Its nice to know that others appreciate those lines as much as she does. His sire is line-bred Society Rex and dam is by Gallant Guy O'Goshen and out of a Colonel Sport mare. "Old school" lines for sure.

  2. Anna, Not only was he rare on his top side, but his dam's top line as well. These horses are still out there, but unfortunately they just don't get the attention they deserve and are often owned by smaller breeders. I've always been a big fan of Colonel Sport since Buddy (best saddlebred ever) had Colonel Sport's full sister Easter Promenade as his 2nd dam. Your Mom's stallion was very handsome, thanks for sharing his link.