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11/24/13 More on the Breeders Guide

11/24/13  Another installment of the 1990 Breeder's Guide, with one more to go.  So far we've covered the advertised stallions in the magazine that traced back to Wing Commander, and Valley View Supreme mainly through his son Supreme Sultan.  Of course, Wing Commander and Valley View Supreme both trace back to Bourbon King.  This week we'll look at some other lines still tracing back to Bourbon King, but through different routes. 

foaled 1981, by CH Greenway Commander out of Felicity by Oman's Desdemona Denmark
His great grandsire was Genius Better Bourbon by Genius Bourbon King.
He sired CH Dr. Deker.

Blackberry Winter
foaled in 1976, he was sired by Oman's Desdemona Denmark out of a Stonewall Supreme daughter.
He sired CH Blackberry Delight, who earned 134 champion points
while showing in multiple divisions. 

Blaise O'Callen
foaled in 1977, his grandsire was Genius Bourbon King
CH Buck Rogers
foaled in 1976, sired by Storm's Fury out of Rhythm's Jewel by Rhythm Command.
He was a World's Grand Champion in Fine Harness. 
His daughter CH Eleanor Rigby was also a World's Champion fine harness horse, and mother of another WC fine harness horse, CH Call Me Ringo.


Hurricane Country
foaled in 1983, sired by Hide-a-way's Wild Country by Denmark's Bourbon Genius,
his dam was sired by Hide-a-way's Firefly Supreme.

Lord O'Shea
foaled in 1974, his sire was Oman's Desdemona Denmark by Anacacho Denmark
and out of a Stonewall Supreme mare. 
He sired CH The Phoenix.

Mac's Genius Bourbon
foaled in 1975, he was sired by Bourbon Genius King out of a Secret Society mare.

Prosperity Profit
foaled in 1976, he was also sired by Oman's Desdemona Denmark
out of a Wing's Fleet Admiral mare.

Rhythm's Ragtime
foaled in 1976 by Oman's Anacacho Rhythm by Anacacho Denmark,
his dam was Wild Ginger by Wild Genius.
This colorful stallion was bred by Garland Bradshaw, who owned his sire
from the time he was a yearling until he died.

Ridgefields' Supreme Commander
foaled in 1971, he was a grandson of CH Ridgefields' Genius out of a Kalarama Colonel mare.

CH Sir Talmage
foaleld in 1981, he was sired by All Hail Columbia by Oman's Desdemona Denmark
and out of Lady Talmage by CH Wing Commander.
He was a World' Champion 5 gaited stallion.

Standing Room Only
foaled in 1981, he was sired by Stonewall's Magnificent Genius and traced back to Genius Bourbon King thru Genius Better Bourbon.  His dam was Georgia Supreme, by Supreme Sultan
and out of Lady Talmage.  So he was bred like CH Sir Talmage on his bottom side
 and like Andeker on his top side.

The Commander's Image
foaled in 1974, by was sired by The Contract's Commander by Private Contract
and out of a daughter of The Contract's Commander. 

Wild Romance
foaled in 1984, he was another stallion sired by
Hide-a-way's Wild Country. 

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