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5/5/15 Anacacho Denmark

5/5/15  One of the best sons of Edna May's King was Anacacho Denmark.  Bred by Revel English of Chino, California, he was foaled in 1930 and subsequently sold to RW Morrison of Anacacho Ranch in Spofford, Texas who had also purchased his sire from Revel English.  Morrison also purchased Anacacho Denmark's dam, Jane Black, who was sired by San Vicente by RexPeavine.  This gave Anacacho Denmark the brilliant cross of Bourbon King and Rex Peavine, and Rex Peavine also appeared in the pedigree of his sire Edna May's King.  He was a handsome chestnut stallion with a white stripe and right hind stocking.  His dam gave him a more refined look than that of Edna May's King, but he was still a very masculine looking horse with a good deal of bone and substance. 

    Anacacho Denmark

Anacacho Denmark was purchased as a two year old by W. G. Shropshire, who changed his name to Ivan The Terrible.   He was shown in 5-gaited classes with great success and was then sold as a 5 year old to Audrey's Choice Stables.  Thankfully, she changed his name back to Anacacho Denmark.  Shortly after his sale, he foundered and never regained his success in the show ring.  He was bred lightly during this period, and then sold back to RW Morrison in 1938.  Anacacho Denmark sired many good horses while in Texas, but in 1942, an offer came from Freeman Keyes, the owner of  Reverie Knoll Farm in Danville, Kentucky.  Anacacho Denmark changed hands yet again, and continued to sire many good colts.  Reverie's Countess Mara was born during this time.  She went on to have a name change to CH Kate Shriver (BHF)
CH Kate Shriver (BHF)

Anacacho Denmark changed hands three more time, first to Frank Bradshaw, then to Oscar Smith's Carolanne Farm, and finally to John Oman.  Regardless of his ownership, he continued to produce tremendous sons and daughters over a two decade period.  A few of his get sired while at Anacacho Ranch were Anacacho Empire and Anacacho Shower (BHF).  Reverie Knoll contributions included Reverie's Poinciana (BHF), Ridgefields Denmark, Daneshall's Gift of Roses (BHF), and Golden Thunderbolt.  Two of Carolanne's offspring sired by Anacacho Denmark were the full brothers America's Denmark and Americus Denmark.  Hi lived out his life owned by Oman Stables and sired Oman's Blanchita Blossom (BHF), Oman's Anacacho Maytime (BHF) and Oman's Desdemona Denmark while he was there.  His last colt was born in 1957. 

 America's Denmark

                             Americus Denmark
Both were out of the mare CH America Beautiful (BHF), foaled 1951 & 1949

Among his show ring stars, CH Denmark's Mokanna (shown as Regal Aire) was a World's Grand Champion in Fine Harness, as was CH Kate Shriver.  CH Denmark's Daydream was a WGC 5-gaited horse.  Champions Broadland's Captain Denmark and Afire were both Reserve WGC 5-gaited horses.

CH Denmark's Mokanna                    
shown as Regal Aire
f. 1943 out of Corinna Cook              

Ch Denmark's Daydream
 f. 1953, out of Queen's Genius of Belemar BHF

Broadland's Captain Denmark
f. 1955, out of Aflame (BHF)

Eight of his daughters were in the Broodmare Hall of Fame.  There were Lady Emily, Anacacho Shower, Daneshall's Gift of Roses, Reverie's Poinciana, Kate Shriver, Oman's Blanchita Blossom, Melody O'Lee and Oman's Anacacho Maytime. 

Shoreacres Anacacho Genius was a son of Anacacho Shower (BHF)

Daneshall's Gift of Roses (BHF)

Oman's Blanchita Blossom (BHF), dam of Princess Blanchita

Melody O'Lee BHF, dam of Supreme Sultan

CH Yorktown was a son of Oman's Anacacho Maytime (BHF)

Anacacho Denmark had many breeding sons including full brothers Ridgefields Denmark, Golden Thunderbolt, Oman's Desdemona Denmark, Clarma, and Spirit of Denmark.  Others were Broadland's Captain Denmark, Anacacho Emprie, Clear Creek Prince, Warioto Denmark, Anacacho Denmark's King, Denmark's Bourbon Genius and Oman's Anacacho Rhythm.  What an outstanding legacy they have provided.   

Ridgefields Denmark
 Golden Thunderbolt

Oman's Desdemona Denmark
All were out of Reverie's Desdemona (BHF)
Read more about her and more offspring

Other well known stallion sons were:
Anacacho Denmark's King
f. 1946 out of Adorable
sire of Whyworry Faraway (BHF)
Anacacho Denmark's Legacy
f. 1956 out of Belle Brent
Anacacho Empire
f. 1940 out of Anacacho Serana

Denmark's Bourbon Genius
 f. 1950 out of Reverie's Bourbon Princess (BHF)
sire of CH Chantilly Rose (BHF), CH Oak Hill's Dear One (BHF)
CH Lib Sharp & CH Monti Scott
Denmark's Golden Sun
f. 1949 out of Bright Wine
sire of WGC CH Val-Dale's Surefire
(Surefire's papers were probably incorrect,
his real sire was Night of Folly)
Oman's Anacacho Rhythm
f. 1953 out of Belle of Boyle (BHF)
sire of CH Gold Treat & CH Latin Rhythm
Warioto Denmark
f. 1947 out of Sadie M.

Next time will look at Anacacho Shamrock.

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