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4/28/15 Edna May's King

Edna May's King was a son of Bourbon King and Edna May, the great show mare, Hall of Fame Broodmare and daughter of Rex Peavine.  With parents like that, he was bred to be a great show horse and sire, both of which came true.  While Bourbon King sired many good stallions including Astral King, Bourbon Star, King's Sport, King Barrymore, Richlieu King and Rex Lee Bourbon, his two greatest son's were CH King's Genius and Edna May's King.  King's Genius has already been covered in this blog, so it is time to review Edna May's King.  Edna May's King appeared on the registration papers of my first three saddlebreds, Starheart Secret, Buddy (Best Ever Saddlebred) and Buddy's half sister. Buddy's half sister actually had EMK appear twice, as her great great grand sire on her sire's side, and also as her great grand sire on her dam's side through Anacacho Shamrock.

Foaled in 1918, he was purchased as a yearling by A.G. Jones, the owner of Bourbon King.  He wasn't shown until he was a five year old since the Jones' took time bringing the big, somewhat coarse looking colt along.  Revel English of Chino California saw him show at the 1923 Kentucky State Fair and ended up buying him for $12,000.   The following year, 1924, Edna May's King was the winner of the World's 5-gaited Grand Championship at the Kentucky State Fair.  He repeated in 1926 with Mr. English aboard.  Revel English was the first amateur rider to win the WGC.  In 1930, Edna May's King sold to R. W. Morrison of Anacacho Ranch in Spofford, Texas. He sired a fair amount of colts, but although he had some good offspring, none matched his show record. His only CHampion offspring was Anacacho Shamrock.  EMK's lasting contribution was through his breeding sons and daughters.  He died at Anacacho Ranch in 1943 at the age of 25. 

While not known as a sire of show horses, here are three of his  colts with show records.  Flamme Rouge, a gelded full brother to Anacacho Denmark, Anacacho Revel, star of Gone With The Wind,  and Edna Anne, a good fine harness mare. Anacacho Revel has his own post on this blog.  None of these individuals reproduced.

Edna Anne                                             Flamme Rouge

This is a partial listing of major sons and daughters of Edna May's King and their descendants.
Edna May's King had two daughters in the Broodmare Hall of Fame and several others who made important contributions. 

Anacacho Princess (BHF)  dam of full brothers Beau Fortune and Beau Gallant, and breeding stallion Gay Defender. Beau Fortune sired CH My My and Beau Gallant sired CH Gallant Guy O'Goshen.
Beau Fortune                                                           Beau Gallant

Gay Defender

Edna May's Delight (BHF) was the dam of American Masterpiece.

Edna May's Delight (BHF)                  American Masterpiece

Anacacho Trail produced breeding stallions Bourbon Genius King and State Street. 

Anacacho Trail

Anacacho Del Oro produced show and breeding stallion Sunset Commander.

Sunset Commander

Anacacho Serana produced the show and breeding stallion Anacacho Empire.

Anacacho Empire

Edna May's King had several nice breeding stallion sons and two were outstanding. 
Nawbeek's Highland King sired CH The Replica and CH the Encore, both geldings.  He also sired Mountain Highland Dawn (BHF).  She in turn produced Genius Mountain Bourbon. 

Nawbeek's Highland King

CH The Encore                                     CH The Replica

Cameo Kirby sired the full brothers, CH The Lemon Drop Kid and CH High Button Shoes, geldings who were both WGC's in Fine Harness.  Cameo Kirby, a full brother to Anacacho Denmark, also sired the breeding stallion Ensign Kirby.  Ensign Kirby sired CH (Ensign's) Sashay who was a World Champion Ladies 3 gaited mare.  Ensign's Storm Warning was another horse sired by Ensign Kirby.  Ensign's Storm Warning's daughter Tropical Gale (dam of Chubasco) traced to Edna May's King on both her sire and dam lines.

Cameo Kirby

Anacacho Denmark sired eight mares who entered the BHF, numerous breeding stallions and a bunch of great show stars including five CHampions. He was grandsire to Supreme Sultan through his BHF daughter Melody O'Lee.  We'll look at him more in depth in a future post. 

Anacacho Denmark

CH Anacacho Shamrock sired CH Wing Commander, which pretty much says it all.  However, in addition, CH Anacacho Shamrock sired six mares who would enter the BHF and many other breeding stallions and show horses including seven CHampions.  Again, he will be looked at in depth in the near future. 

CH Anacacho Shamrock
Now for pictures of EMK and his parents.
Bourbon King, sire of Edna May's King
Edna May (BHF), dam of Edna May's King

Edna May's King with Revel English, up
Edna May's King

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