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4/10/15 The Bottom Line

Finally, I received my 2015 edition of the Journal of American Saddlebred.  Great ads, great stats, great records, great lists, but perhaps best of all is the register of advertised stallions.  There are ads for 98 available stallions, even a couple of dead ones still made possible through the technology of frozen semen.  Each ad features the stallion, his pedigree, offspring, male and female lines, fees and contact information.  Lots of information to help choose the perfect possible mate for your lovely mare.  What criteria do you use to select the best?  Ask ten people and you'll probably get ten different answers.  I am certainly no expert, but my eyes fall to the bottom line of the pedigrees. 

When I was in college, my favorite class was statistics.  I can make a spread sheet out of just about any topic that includes some data, and stallions are no exception.  What's the criteria for this week's analysis?  Hall of Fame Broodmares on the tail female line of each stallion.  The closer up the BHF mare, the more points scored, and of course, more BHF on the bottom line mean more points.  About half of the total number of stallions, 48, had at least one BHF in the first four generations of the female line.

I would never say a bad word on any stallion contained in this volume, nor am I suggesting that this is the way to choose a stallion.  Many excellent stallions don't have a BHF on their dam line, and merely having a lot of BHF doesn't guarantee a great stallion or a show horse.  Case in point, Buddy, Best Ever Saddlebred.  It was just a way to compare the stallions based on one particular criteria and a fun way to look at the advertised stallions.  Also, it points out some of the impressive female lines that we have available in our breed.  So, here we go, BHF for a 4th dam awards 1 point, 3rd dam gives 2 points, 2nd dam is 3 points and dam scores 4 points. 

Those earning one point:
Sire                                      4th dam
At Night                               Herschella's Happy Birthday
Born Contender                    Grand View's Majorette
CF First Night Out                Missy Squirrel
Gothic Revival                      Fashion Model
Pentagon                               Penny Co-Ed
Sir William Robert               Black Cherry
Thundergun                           Carol Trigg
Undulata's Heir Apparent     Bobbi's Victory Empress

          At Night                                            Born contender

           CF First Night Out                               Gothic Revival
                       Pentagon                                                     Sir WilliamRobert

            Thundergun                                  Undulata's Heir Apparent
Those earning two points:            3rd dam
A Special Man                      Oak Hill's Dear One WGC
Born Select                            A New Face
Callaway's Main Man            Helen High Water
Charmed & Bewitched          Dixie Duchess
Kalarama Cabernet                Ridgefield's Flora
MBA's Manhattan's Shooting Star    Half Penny Manor Calamity Jane
Mont Bleu                               Carol Lynn

          A Special Man                                  Born Select

     Callaway's Main Man                      Charmed & Bewitched

     Kalarama Cabernet                  MBA's Manhattan's Shooting Star

   Mont Bleu

Those earning three points:              2nd dam
A Rare Temper                        Garland's Dream  WGC
Brookhill's Apollon                  Bewitched Goddess
I'm First                                    A New Face
Royal Crest's Rockin on Air     Sixpence Star Princess
Royal Revival                           Gay Nora
                                                           3rd dam                         4th dam

First Watch                              Grand View's Majorette  America Beautiful  WGC
Our Axel Rose                         Ann O'Lee                       Judy O'Lee
Red Hawk Red Hawk              Lady Trigg                       Carol Trigg
The Knight's Reflection           Lifetime Affair                 Marie Bosace
Wing A Prayer                     Buck Creek's Precious Princess   Precious Miss

      A Rare Temper                               Brookhill's Apollon

     I'm First    

             Royal Crest's Rockin' On Heir

      Royal Revival                       

              First Watch                                Our Axel Rose

        Red Hawk Red Hawk                      The Knight's Reflection

          Wing A Prayer

Those earning 4 points:                 1st dam
Attache's Liquid Assets          Mona Denmark
A Whole Different Story       That's My Story
Callaway's The Gipper           Patty's Dream
Carl Lynn                                Carol Lynn
Crystal's Caravaggio                Crystal Illusion
My Royale Charm                   My Bugatti Royale
Tango's Parting Kiss                One Parting Kiss
The Mystery Writer                 Callaway's Agatha Christie
                                                              2nd dam                         4th dam
First Night In                           Jasper Lou                                 Judy O'lee
Memories Bourbon                  Columbia's Cherry Blossom      Black Cherry
      Attache's Liquid Asset                              A Whole Different Story
            Callaway's The Gipper

                  Carl Lynn

      Crystal's Carravaggio                       My Royale Charm
       Tango's Parting Kiss                          The Mystery Writer
     First Night In                                        Memories' Bourbon

Those earning 5 points:                1st dam                                  4th dam
Callaway's Bluesman             Callaway's Carousel                  Clover Princess
Harlem's Go To Man              Co-ed's Leading Lady               Penny Co-Ed
Sultan's Great Day                   Supreme's Casindra                  Jean Bohemian
                                                       2nd dam                                  3rd dam
Stonecroft My Treat               Denmark's Radiant Society      Denmark's Society Sue
Simbara's Rio Bravo              Denmark's Radiant Society        Denmark's Society Sue
 (not full brothers)

         Callaway's Bluesman                     Harlem's Go To Man

      Sultan's Great Day                         Stonecroft My Treat

       Simbara's Rio Bravo

With 6 points:                               2nd dam               3rd dam                 4th dam
Marc Of Charm                   Yorkshire Pudding     Putting on Airs         Supreme Airs
Cedar View W. D. York      Yorkshire Pudding     Putting on Airs        Supreme Airs
      Marc of Charm                                            Cedar View W. D. York

With 7 points:                               1st dam                       2nd dam
Callaway's Cranston                Sweet Sachet                Town Flower
Callaway's Guy Park                Sweet Sachet                Town Flower
(full brothers)

      Callaway's Cranston

            Callaway's Guy Park
With 8 points:                            1st dam                      2nd dam                   4th dam
Designed                           Sultan's Diana                Society's Dianna     Dona San Juan
HS Castle Vision              A Daydream Believer    Dream A Dream     Dream Waltz WGC
Daydream's Dignity         A Daydream Believer    Dream A Dream      Dream Waltz WGC
(not full brothers)


       HS Castle Vision                          HS Daydream's Dignity

And with a PERFECT score of 10:

                               1st dam                 2nd dam              3red dam              4th dam
Deep Blue       Yorkshire Pudding  Putting on Airs  Supreme Airs Crebilly's Plumb Beautiful

Deep Blue
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