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3/20/15 Dixiana's Spring Cheer (BHF)

3/2/0/15  Spring has finally arrived!  Nothing could be more welcome after the frigid winter we've had, so this week is dedicated to Spring.  In looking at the horses with a spring theme in their name, the pickings were very slim.  However, I do have a nice picture of a very well-known mare who was not only a good show mare, but also a great broodmare.  In fact, she was good enough to make it to the Broodmare Hall of Fame.  This post will look at Dixiana’s Spring Cheer (BHF) and her contributions to the American Saddlebred. 
Dixiana Farms has been in existence near Lexington Kentucky since Civil War times, but in 1928, it was purchased by Charles Fisher of Fisher Body and General Motors’ fame.  He started a Saddlebred nursery and show stable on his 900 acre farm.  One of the horses he owned was Bourbon Genius who was used in a dual purpose in their show string, and also as a breeding stallion.  From his first colt crop in 1939 came a filly named Dixiana’s Spring Cheer.  As a five gaited mare, she had a long and successful career.    She was shown in five-gaited classes as an open horse, and later in ladies, amateur and juvenile exhibitor classes.  She won the ladies' five gaited championship at Lexington in 1944 and 1945, and also won at the Chicago show and Illinois State Fair.  At Louisville, she was a World’s Champion and Reserve World’s Champion as a Junior Exhibitor five gaited horse.  She came in 3rd place in the 5 Gaited Grand Championship class in 1947.  She was still showing at Louisville at age 11, and didn't become a mother until she was 18 years old.  

Bred by Dixiana Farms, she was also owned and shown by Wildwood Farm of Germantown, Tennessee.  Her next owner was J L. Younghusband of Valley View Farm in Barrington, Illinois.  When Valley View Farm held its dispersal sale, Dixiana's Spring Cheer sold for $18,000 to J. Paul Jones of Wichita, Kansas.  Another owner, Joan Callner showed her and later bred her to Cameo's Farewell.  Most of her foals were produced under the ownership of Jim Aikman's Hide-A-Way Farm in Acton, Indiana.  Here is her pedigree, then we can look at her produce. 

1st generation parents:
Bourbon Genius, her sire
Princess Firefly, her dam
2nd generation grandparents:
King's Genius, grandsire
Kate Haines, sire's dam
Bourbon King, dam's sire
Golden Firefly, 2nd dam
3rd generation great grandparents:
Bourbon King, great grandsire
Princess Eugenia, dam of King's Genius

Sunflower, sire of Kate Haines
Kathryn Haines, dam of Kate Haines
Bourbon Chief, sire of Bourbon King
Annie C, dam of Bourbon King
Guided By Love, sire of 2nd dam.
no picture of 3rd dam, Princess Irene

 Now for some of Dixiana's Spring Cheer's descendants and how they trace back to this mare.
Spring Cheer produced five offspring, two colts and three fillies.  Her stallion son was Hide-a-way's Firefly Supreme, the beautiful stallion owned by Jim Aikman who sired some nice futurity colts.
Hide-A-Way's Firefly Supreme
sired by Valley View Supreme
Blazing Fire, sired by Hide-A-Way's Firefly Supreme
The Last Don, sired by Blazing Fire
For The Win, sired by The Last Don

Here is another nice futurity colt by Firefly Supreme
Whatta Fire, sired by Firefly Supreme
It is interesting that her dam was a twin, 
Hide-A-Way's Double Exposure

Dixiana's Spring Cheer also had good producing daughter in her last foal, born when she was 24 years old.  Hide-A-Way's Curtain Call was sired by Genius Bourbon King.  
Hide-A-Way's Rave Reviews
sired by Supreme Sultan out of Hide-A-Way's Curtain Call
Hide-A-Way's Wild Country
sired by Denmark's Bourbon Genius out of Hide-A-Way's Curtain Call
Bourbon Genius was his great grandsire 3 times.
Noble Viking
sired by Hide-A-Way's Wild Country
Callaway's Forecaster
This five gaited WGC was out of a mare by Hide-A-Way's Wild Country

Hurricane Country
sired by Hide-A-Way's Wild Country out of a Firefly Supreme daughter,
he had a double shot of Dixiana's Spring Cheer

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  1. by any chance do you have a picture of Hide A Ways Curtain Call I am doing a picture pedigree on the new horse I bought and she is one or the horses in his pedigree that I do not have a picture of